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  1. It's interesting to note that the reports say "Bruce Springsteen AND THE E STREET BAND". It confirms what many already thought would be the case but it's good news. I'm hoping for Europe 2014! A 15-night-stand at the (not brand new anymore) Leeds Arena
  2. It just so happens that I will have a field trip to either California or Singapore next March/April and I'm hoping there will be some shows around the place I go to at the same time. The trouble is that I have to decide which one to pick in late August; really hoping for some more solid rumours on either USA or Australia/NZ/Asia so that the prospect of going to more shows can be considered.
  3. You're fooking joking ? I'm afraid not, we've been there since Friday!
  4. At the front of the building. You can't miss us!
  5. Will get a pic of the queue tonight, roll calls at 6pm and 9pm. There were 8 there at 10am this morn, I'm 7!! Only putting this as people have already the queue has started. Seems to be running well.
  6. Wait, so he's played real world twice? or am I missing something really obvious here?
  7. Did you create that pic & text? I just looked for a feature on the Leeds arena website to put in your tkt no & see the view but I couldn't find it. Yes I know they say all views good from any seat, I'm just curious. You need to send a tweet to Tony from the arena with your seat number.
  8. Seriously, what is everyone's issue? People are going to the concert and want into - it happens with every concert Bruce plays. Yes, there are more questions than other concerts but people seem to be more excited about this one and want it to all go perfectly. What's the problem? - Let it be.
  9. Obviously, anyone could get mugged anywhere but you're unlikely to get mugged round that area - loads of restaurants round there and couple of nightclubs so you'll be fine. 5-10 mins away from the arena on foot. I think Mark Wright's show is at Tiger Tiger? If that's the case, it's 2 mins away. Turn left out of the arena doors, left the traffic lights and walk down the road on the far side until you get to Tiger Tiger.
  10. I think parking wil be VERY difficult. CIty centre parks are expensive too.
  11. Whether you're in the pit or not at Leeds should hopefully be an irrelevance (except for the first few rows).
  12. There would still need to be a 'back stage' area for guitar technicians and the like.what about those two doors right behind tho? if the stage was right against the wall,the crew could be operating in whatevers behind them? just a theory I think that's the back wall of the whole building. You can see a large door to the left of those which is where vehicles can drive in and deliver stages etc. Springsteen's stage will be deeper than this so it'll be less extra room than we think I would have thought. I always thought that a barrier through the middle of GA was primarily created for safety and the idea of a pit with hardcore fans came later. Unsure why a barrier and therefore a pit would be necessary.
  13. I anticipate arriving on the saturday or sunday, not because I feel it will be a greater show than most, but because I think that I need to get to the very front at least once in my life and this is the opportunity to do so.
  14. Not quite I think. I had a standing ticket for today but walked up to have a look and take some pics. I can see why you thought it was your seat though, every seat is very close to all other seats!
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjlj6YvUrjs&feature=youtu.be
  16. So he is guessing and doesn't really know? Not one venue in the US has an oval type GA area. It will be interesting how they build one in for sure if it happens. Look how a pit normally is built and think how it would work in that configuration? If there is one, I will be very happy indeed. i asked two people, one was fairly high up. The first said potentially yes so wasn't too clear and the second was fairly certain - it was the way he said it.
  17. Did he mean by pit - a separate standing area from the rest of the GA area? I just cannot see for one minute a separate area, once Bruce has his indoor stage, the floor is very small as is. Then they are going to barrier it into two? I first asked how big the GA floor was, to which he replied 3000. I then asked whether there would be a barrier separating the GA floor into two and he said that he thinks there probably will be one. So I'm 90% sure there will be one. There is still a chance that I wasn't clear with my questions but I definitely didn't mention the word pit to him to stop confusion. They have pits in all the USA arenas, many of which have similar GA floor sizes. Happy to share them As am I. You can pay me in the form of letting me have your place in line if you end up ahead of me!
  18. Video of the band playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZSNdd6kwYM&feature=youtu.be
  19. Just back from the open day. There will be a pit. Camping is allowed. GA is 3000. No free beer unfortunately! They're going to put some FAQs on the site next week. I felt the sound was good although the bands were too loud and it was difficult to make out what the lyrics etc. I suppose this is due to the quality of the bands and Springsteen's crew will be able to fix this. Pictures to follow.
  20. This issue with asking this far in advance is that people don't know. I remember phoning the Stadium of LIght at leats twice last year and asked on both occasions, both times the answer was no.
  21. I'll be there - got 4 tickets for myself, parents and sister.
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