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  1. I'll be there Sunday afternoon hope that's early enough for a decent number :/
  2. You look like you haven't got a worry in the world there next to Mr.Grohl (showed that to my colleague here who rather likes Dave!!) If you are only worried about food / loo breaks on the Tuesday you have NOTHING to be worrying about (and those around you in the queue will keep your spot etc)...........fear not!!! Thanks so much for the information itll literally be a quick toilet break and food!! Mr Grohl is super nice you dread that he is one of the nicest men in rock and he is! I was quite impressed I met him at a sound city film premiere and went to the gig after we hung round and he remembered me.
  3. Thanks for the info I'm arriving on Sunday so want to try for a decent spot. I plan on taking breaks on the Monday between rolls calls its more so on the day if I just need to pop to the loo or grab a quick bite. I'm such a worrier Can you tell?!
  4. One of the many joys of Cardiff over other stadium venues is the proximity of the stadium to all facilities to fulfil all your bodily functions. Thank you for the info I just read in another thread that o the day you can't leave the queue I don't intend on going top far on the day but food and toilet breaks will be needed! That's good to know I can pop off quickly
  5. Right I'm pretty new to the pit process' roll calls etc. I'm arriving on Sunday and planning on heading straight to the stadium...someone mentioned that food / toilets are near the gate for the pit queue in the day of the gig are people OK to pop off quickly between roll calls for food / toilet?!
  6. I signed your petition kudos to you...My local MP is Sarah Champion I've just emailed her and I'm awaiting a response from her and Louder Than War. I also contacted Leeds' Mayor but had no response.
  7. I will get a letter to them. I've just had a reply from Nick Clegg re the ticket situation but I have to contact my own MP which I have done. I was just thinking big...I have also been in touch with a site called Louder Than War - they maybe running something I've written on tickets and touts which is about Bruce but mentions other artists. I am just waiting to hear back
  8. I've written a few letters to live nation and a few MPs. I need to get in touch with some Leeds councillors just to try basically Hi, anybody doing anything on this? amyj606, you mentioned a PM to casino nancy in a previous post. I'd welcome an update, especially if there's anything I can do to help. Irrespective of the chances of a drop, I think it would be good not to take it on the chin and kick up a fuss, just for future reference. The worst that can happen is that we waste a bit of energy. PM me if you prefer. THANKS! I've just dropped you a pm with a few details in but I'm more than happy to run with it
  9. I've written a few letters to live nation and a few MPs. I need to get in touch with some Leeds councillors just to try basically
  10. I don't mind helping with anything that needs doing as I said in my previous posts.
  11. Any suggestions were to start? Im fully aware that it won't change the situation but do you know what surely its worth trying as so many fans missed out on this one.
  12. Found these articles: http://m.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/bruce-springsteen-leeds-arena-ticket-fury-1-5445806 http://theleedscitizen.wordpress.com/tag/springsteen/
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