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  1. You'll be all right on the bike, but my dog will chase it and bark at it because bikes are Dangerous Threatening Things and must be frightened off with every weapon a small terrier can muster But what I really meant is that on most of our tracks and bridleways (not the Ridgeway, that's plenty wide enough up there) there isn't enough room to pass someone with two metres clearance. And if you're running, you're going to be passing people who are walking.
  2. To be frank, I wish people wouldn't run. I go for a walk with my dog every day, but it's disconcerting to be passed by so many people running or jogging, some coming quite close to me. A cough or a sneeze at the wrong moment ..... Wish people would settle for a good brisk walk, it's much easier to stay clear of others that way.
  3. That's the thing - it was all in the book. And I found the book was very repetitive. He pulled off the magic trick very well though, did a brilliant job of faking the spontaneity But some of us have experience of trying to do that ourselves, so we see through it.
  4. You're in for a good read! I find the historical detail fascinating, but they are a bit long-winded - he could tell the story in far fewer pages. I do enjoy them, but always need a break in between, reading something completely different. Luckily I have a good varied selection of unread books on the shelves. I usually get lumbered with running the book stall at the village fete. This has the bonus of me getting first dibs at all the donated books and I do have some unread plunder from last year.
  5. Cheers Roy, and everyone else out there. This too shall pass.
  6. Something I am really going to miss is browsing in charity shops, as I buy a lot of books there, and find the occasional "treasure" as well. I used to be a regular library user, getting my full quota out every time, but I'm a slow reader these days and it suits me better to buy as it gives me more time to get through the longer books. Just started Revelation Good example as the Shardlake novels are very long and take me ages to get through!
  7. I've seen him! He was support act for Ultravox in Oxford almost 10 years ago (I looked it up). I hadn't heard of him, but my friend-next-door is South African and was quite impressed that I was getting to see him.
  8. Very belatedly I am watching The Tudors. I'm halfway through, just finished S2. It's currently on Amazon Prime, although I do have the complete series on DVD stashed in a drawer - a charity shop bargain Enjoying it in spite of a few snags. It's fictionalised, but I'm not bothered by the historical inaccuracies. A lot of noisy sex which is clearly there for titillation, but gets a bit tiresome after a while. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so not Henry VIII, crazy casting! The chap who played the Duke of Buckingham would have been much more convincing as Henry, but JRM is eye candy which is obviously what they were going for. Can't fault his performance, but he's just too handsome and nowhere near BIG enough. Some other characters are very well cast and acted, so all is not lost. The costumes and jewellery are to die for though. Sumptuous is barely the word.
  9. They were so obviously milking it for a sequel. Count me out.
  10. Maybe. I'm very hard to please though! I haven't liked a lot of very popular series. But I'll keep an eye on what's being chosen in case anything sounds up my street, or if it's something I've enjoyed.
  11. So did I, but I can't remember a thing about it. Marilyn French is name-checked in my favourite Abba song (The Day Before You Came).
  12. Yes! Don't rush to judgment on it, let it unfold and you will be hooked by episode 3 if not before.
  13. Yes, it prompts the occasional out-loud laugh from me. Their facial expressions crack me up, how they keep so deadpan is beyond me. The vicar is great too. So sad about Slugs. That first episode of the new series was very moving.