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  1. Could it be A few last chance lovers slip into the nite And possibly "the Trattoria diner" - could be an Italian place. Shame Bruce's handwriting is so terrible
  2. Without a doubt this is the most disturbing song I know. You have been warned. The Specials with Rhoda Dakar - The Boiler
  3. Bruce is not Dylan, and it's a good thing that he soon gave up trying to write like him.
  4. It's a tree with a nasty bark Perfect explanation. Post of the year!
  5. "When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils" Been done before
  6. I don't think it's addressed to the fans. I hear it as a message to the band, and Patti as an individual.
  7. My impression is that the "letter" is addressed (principally) to the band so I think the video captures that.
  8. And in Detectorists as mother and daughter. She was of course a total show-stealer as Olenna in Game Of Thrones.
  9. i'd like your posts far better if they made no reference or allusions to High Hopes too. You didn't like it. We know. Enough now.
  10. Happy Birthday, Daisey !!!!
  11. You would think so, but in bell ringing - change ringing - the bells are rung in a different order every time and people are continually composing new arrangements that haven't been rung before. However, melody and musical qualities are not what's being sought, it's just mathematical patterns.
  12. And as I've said many times, The Fuse is a thrillingly sexy song, a real knee-trembler. That's in the music as well as (some of) the lyrics. But if you don't get that, well .....
  13. This is much too tasteful to be a genuine Bruce album cover.
  14. Not what I call "edgy" either. Unless setting my teeth on edge counts! It was excruciating. The emoting was so overdone it was almost comical.