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  1. It wouldn't be my choice, but provided the shows were the usual length, there would be plenty more to hold my interest.
  2. Yes, and his son is Duncan Jones, which is the name he was registered under. Not Zowie, as commonly believed, although that is one of his middle names.
  3. It probably will be, as many of us have already been at a full album BITUSA show, whereas none of us ....
  4. Then they should stop. It's ridiculous now. They should have kept to rock artists, and if there's nobody eligible in a given year, don't induct anyone. They've ruined the concept now, so they should just re-name it the Popular Music Hall Of Fame.
  5. I wouldn't mind - as long as we got plenty of variety in the rest of the show. We'd be guaranteed to hear at least 25% of the BITUSA album anyway. I'd also want more variety in the encore, which has become tediously static and predictable.
  6. I hoped so much they would do "Heroes" at Wembley last time round. It would have been a tribute to David Bowie in his home city, after his death earlier that year. And it could also have been a nod to the recently deceased Muhammed Ali. Instead they did "Tougher Than The Rest" and dedicated it Ali. I was really disappointed. Not the first time Bruce has missed a golden opportunity for a memorable cover.
  7. Yes! Some Abba songs are quite simple eg Money Money Money, but others have lines which have to be stressed exactly right to fit all the words in. An obvious example is The Day Before You Came. But others like Voulez Vous and SOS have some fairly long lines too.
  8. The cake on the sleeve of the Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed was made by Delia Smith. In the earliest days of Delia’s career, she was asked to make a cake for a photographic shoot. She didn’t know that it was to grace the cover of the new album, Let it Bleed, from the Rolling Stones who were, at the time, one of the world’s leading rock bands. All she was told was that it had to be ‘really gaudy’. Delia obliged, creating a cake that certainly owes nothing to minimalism with piped cream and as many glace cherries as possible, complete with figurines of the singers. She only found out what it was to be used for at the studio – which is how she came to contribute in some small way to the Sixties’ pop scene. As quoted in bassist Bill Wyman’s memoir, Rolling with the Stones, Delia recalled, “I was working then as a jobbing home economist with a food photographer who shot for commercials and magazines. I’d cook anything they needed. One day they said they wanted a cake for a Rolling Stones record cover, it was just another job at the time. They wanted it to be very over-the-top and as gaudy as I could make it.” As a thank you, Mick Jagger sent her a signed, framed copy of the album, which Delia still treasures today. https://www.deliaonline.com/features/2019/10/delia-and-the-rolling-stones
  9. Clever you . Even as a native English speaker I wouldn't be confident. Abba lyrics can be quite dense and intricate.
  10. It was a very good crowd. But even so, I’ve honestly been in equally enthusiastic crowds!!! BTW... the people standing around me were mostly watching, not singing. I was the only one in the immediate area, and one of the few in the entire section, singing (I tried to keep it down/mouth the lyrics so as not to bother anyone) and jumping around like lunatic! Mr RJM was standing behind, rather than next to me, so I wouldn’t bother anyone behind me. The guy next to me stood stone like at midnight. Didn’t move at all. I have a good friend who is the same. She’s as die hard as they come, but gets her joy from staring at Bruce and taking it all in. Different strokes... Of course that wasn’t the case for the majority of the stadium. Most people were singing and dancing their collective hearts out. As was I You're still missing the point. What I was getting at is that most Welsh people sing not only enthusiastically, but well. Welsh choirs are deservedly famous. The home crowd at Cardiff were well able to drown out the tone-deaf visitors, such as myself.
  11. Yeah, I do. I'm not especially hard of hearing but it's the mumbling, the whispering and the poor diction. That said, there are often lines in the subtitles that are completely inaudible. Currently watching 'Vikings' on Amazon and the subtitles are a bit overdone. We're constantly being told that there are "chickens clucking, goats bleating" - well, we can see the animals, we can imagine the background noise, thanks! We just need the dialogue. By the same token we don't need all the battle sound effects rendered in words ("axe chopping, sword slashing") and we don't really need the "AGH! UGH!" either and I think we can all fill in the "moaning, sighs of pleasure" in the sex scenes without having it spelled out on screen
  12. While I’ve seen many, many covers that were equal in the height reaching department; I absolutely agree that it was something very special!! Ah, but you need to factor in the crowd. Hard to better the Welsh at singing!
  13. Yes - Eric Burdon! I can't imagine any cover (as per that current thread) reaching the heights of "We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place" that night.
  14. I watched all three series of 'The Last Kingdom' and loved it! Can't fault it. Fourth series is imminent In the meantime I embarked upon 'Vikings', which is somewhat similar. Have just binged S2, which I thought was a bit better than S1. I'll continue with S3 but from what I read the quality began to decline after that. I have a problem in that I really dislike the main character, but am still enjoying it although not as much as 'The Last Kingdom'. Don't bother with either if you can't stand the sight of blood