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  1. I'm not so sure. If I'm reading it right, and Wikipedia is correct, he used his birth name while with the Drifters, which was Benjamin Earl Nelson. So he would have been Benny Nelson, not Benny King.
  2. I'm afraid I sussed out the main twist early on. I'll just say that it soon became very obvious to me that something was being consistently avoided, and it was easy to draw a conclusion from that. I have read a couple of other novels since that tried to do the same thing.
  3. Ears are probably the most distinctive feature, and they don't change. That fellow's ears seem to stick out more than Steve's do. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/the-sopranos-cast-where-are-they-now-photos/steven-van-zandt-2/ This REALLY made me laugh though: https://madhousemagazine.com/see-shocking-photos-of-steven-van-zandt-without-bandana/
  4. I never thought much of Hugh Grant's range, but 'A Very English Scandal' was an eyeopener. He was excellent in that. I'm not a fan of Kidman.
  5. I don't see that it matters. Why grumble about having too many songs? Most of the songs that aren't great are decent. You can skip any tracks that you don't like.
  6. Medici - 3 seasons on Netflix Highly recommended if you like historical drama with lots of politics, plotting and general skulduggery. I've said a bit more about it on the "What series are you watching" thread.
  7. Medici on Netflix. Nearly finished, 2 episodes to go. I've really enjoyed this, compelling storylines (probably not 100% historically accurate, but hey) wonderful scenery and costumes, great performances. First season, Medici Masters of Florence, centres on Cosimo de Medici, then S2 and S3 Medici The Magnificent feature his grandson Lorenzo. I struggled a bit at the beginning because there are quite a few 20-year flashbacks and as everybody looks pretty much the same I found it confusing. As with many shows these day, nobody seems to age at all*. Well worth sticking with though.
  8. "Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon", all the dirt from behind the scenes of Game Of Thrones I haven't got this yet. I reserved it from the library when I saw that they had a copy on order, and I was first in the queue. That was about a month ago, and there was no sign that they even had the book yet. Then we were locked down again, and the libraries are closed. But wait! An email arrived today to tell me that they are going to do a click-and-collect service at the library, although no browsing is allowed. And reserved books can be picked up. I looked at the status of my reservation
  9. May be worth saying that this function works fine for me on another forum that appears to use the same software.
  10. Venue availability will be an issue, as I would imagine most will be booked up with postponed 2020 gigs.
  11. That's the same experience I'm having. It looks like it's been resized, but when you post it, the image appears in the original size.
  12. One of them is supposed to be smaller than the other though - like in Karsten's post. I wouldn't know where to start using my phone. I like a nice big screen and lots of tabs
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