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  1. I finished it last night. Was hoping to watch the film, but seems it's not free to stream anywhere yet. It was enjoyable if a bit frustrating at times - some things didn't seem to make any sense And important and potentially dramatic scenes happening off-camera, while we were shown less interesting stuff. Does anybody know why they set it in Yorkshire? All that popping up and down to London would have been more believable if they'd set it down south where it was actually filmed. @Daisey Jeep You will love it! Hope it becomes available to you before long.
  2. No use to me without a wire along the top to seal the nose in. I need my specs on when out and about shopping, and they fog up without a wire.
  3. Then we are broadly in agreement. The two songs in question are known, welcomed and enjoyed by a large proportion of Bruce's audience. I have no interest in attempting to rank songs by general popularity.
  4. This doesn't make much sense. If the people didn't know the songs, how would they know they were going to be "fun songs"? And you think they wouldn't know any songs that weren't released as singles? Maybe, just maybe, they bought the album which is one of the biggest selling albums of all time. Or listened to their brother's/parent's/friend's copy. I think Bosstralian has answered this already.
  5. Oh, believe me, they are. They are literal floor-fillers. During the last tour I had a seat (unusually for me) which gave me a good view of the stadium floor. The show hadn't sold out and there was a fair bit of empty space. When Bruce struck up 'Darlington County' people came swarming on to the floor from all directions and started dancing. That's when I realised why he plays those songs so often.
  6. These songs are extremely popular with the general public. That's why he plays them, no "trolling". You need to remember that the vast majority of people at a Bruce gig only attend one.
  7. But my point really lay in the rest of the quote - where he seems to imply that we like his music because it's American. "We have our greatest audience overseas—I think two-thirds to more of our audience now is in Europe. People are still captured by and deeply interested in America, what’s going on here and the American myth. The American story is a worldwide story, and it continues to have tremendous power." Whereas I've liked his music despite it being American!
  8. A map is a good thing to have when you're writing about a real place. Dan Brown clearly had no access to a map of Paris when writing The Da Vinci Code.
  9. It seems more like the opposite to me. You may live in Barcelona, but you can feel you’re related to Asbury Park, some place you may never go. But if a songwriter is writing well and is writing about the human condition, you’ll take them there. They’ll get there. Us poor unfortunates living in shitty places like Barcelona can be mentally transported by Bruce's music to the heaven that is the USA. And I've been a fan of his music for years despite having no particular interest in American culture per se.
  10. Am I reading this wrong, or is Bruce saying that we're attracted to his music because we're interested in America? Certainly not true in my case.
  11. It was quite a page-turner (Spoilered in case someone else reads it)
  12. Ohhhh I read that a few years ago. I did get the impression that the young Australian author had researched the background and period by watching Upstairs, Downstairs. I recall there were some amusing anachronisms Have you finished it? I won't say any more until I know