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  1. Some people are music snobs and turn their noses up at songs that are popular with the general public. They disapprove of hits, and prefer to sing the praises of obscure (and often inferior) outtakes. P.S. The above is probably an unpopular opinion.
  2. well its not like its a sports kind of loss so yours is the glass half full way of looking at it and getting nominated is an honour in itself Exactly, Daisey. If I enter a competition and don't win, I don't feel that I've lost anything.
  3. Yeah, I noticed and whispered "Anachronism!" to my friend in the cinema. But it doesn't matter, and neither does the inconsistency about The River. At least it gives us fans a chance to be smug smartarses.
  4. It's not a loss. Nothing was taken away from him - he just didn't win.
  5. I didn't know that! I assumed they were just random names used in the song. Thanks.
  6. I went to see China Crisis last night. Most enjoyable, they were very funny with some good banter. Nice to hear those old hits again.
  7. I've got Lady Gaga and both the Amy Winehouse albums. That's it. <shrugs>
  8. This is George (R.I.P.) with one of my favourite 80s choons, a collaboration with Mr Vanda. George's brothers started an band called AC/DC which you might have heard of Here's another one wot they wrote, performed by another favourite artist of mine.
  9. Well, personally I like early curfews, because it means I've got a better chance of getting home. If I lived in a country with good late-night public transport, I might feel differently.
  10. That rings a bell. It's the one where the contestants bring their own selection of ingredients (supposedly!) and are paired with a celebrity chef who does the best s/he can with said ingredients - in 20 minutes. It was hosted by Fern Britton. (It may still be on for all I know, it was a daily staple for years.) Things we learned included that they would shoot three programmes in one session. That the contestants did not actually bring their ingredients, but were given a list in advance from which they had to choose. Items were then bought by a studio gofer. And that while the chefs really did only have 20 minutes to do the cooking, they had ages in which to think up what they were going to make. The editing always made it look as though they came up with the ideas about one minute after seeing the ingredients.
  11. That's correct. It was a slightly different show back then, and one series was won by ..... concentrate now! ...... my cousin's wife's sister. Subsequently some bright spark at the BBC thought it would be jolly good fun to have the Masterchef winner and her sister go head-to-head on Ready Steady Cook. I think I still have the video recording somewhere! We learned some interesting truths about what really went on at Ready Steady Cook.
  12. I am quite content to wait until it comes to A Cinema Near Me, ie somewhere within 20 miles.
  13. Banana pancakes sound lovely, how do you make them, Daisey? Sad you didn't have a nice day. It's been rubbish here too, damp and chilly and we had no electricity from 9 to 5 as they were replacing poles and wires in our village. So I saved up some chores that would take me out - really exciting stuff like going to the tip and taking the dog to have his claws clipped (that was quite eventful as he gets stressed out). Is Gary on any medication? Sometimes that can make people flip out a bit.
  14. I just refreshed my memory of this. No, sorry, I can't stand that wailing and whining style of sound.