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  1. Oh you must watch Motherland! The school secretary is a monster It's very funny. I've never been a school gates parent so didn't think it would be for me, but it's brilliant. Do watch from the beginning so you see the development of the characters. I think it's all still on iPlayer, and the first 2 series are on Netflix. Most people laugh at Sean Bean because he nearly always dies in everything he's in. I think he's survived a few now though. He's a better actor than some give him credit for, he's not the sort that disappears into a role but he can put on very nuanced perfo
  2. Oh, that's next on my list. I Sean Bean. Have you watched Motherland, L?
  3. It's not a favourite with me, and I dislike the strident brash tone of Bruce's voice on it. But this is the protagonist as a confident young man who has his life before him and everything is possible. It's the beginning of the story, so it has to come first.
  4. It's what judyg said - the prices are not justified for a one-man show with minimal expenses. So why charge so much?
  5. Sorry, I can't agree that it justifies ripping people off. And this is a desperately weak justification.
  6. Could someone direct me to a source link for the vaccine rules, please.
  7. They've gone as fast as they can. Supply is what has dictated the speed, you can't vaccinate people if you don't have the vaccine. It takes time to "grow" vaccines, and there have also been delays in getting the ingredients. We should have had the Novavax vaccine by now, but there have been some difficulties with that. I can.
  8. It's mentioned in Rod Stewart's song "The Killing Of Georgie". I think that's where I first heard it.
  9. I've just watched all three series of Motherland. Sitcom about North London parents with primary school kids. The sort of people who are on Mumsnet (not Netmums) It's very good, made me LOL a few times. You don't see much of the children, they are just background, and some of the parents are never seen at all. Very well-drawn characters. Cast includes Anna Maxwell Martin and Paul Ready. I am in awe at how versatile these actors are. All three series are on BBC iplayer (except the Christmas special which I can't find anywhere). Series 1 and 2 are also on Netflix. Episodes are
  10. I'm reading an old children's book too - The Box Of Delights by John Masefield. I never read it as a child, although I think I had the earlier one, The Midnight Folk, possibly from the library - but I couldn't get into it. They are just the sort of books I should have liked, but there was a big problem. The name of the main character was the same as my name - but he was a boy! I just couldn't get past that. It made me feel really uncomfortable. For those who don't know, it is the same name as the boy in The Snow Queen which I just about coped with because it was foreign and pronou
  11. It's also the voice of a parent comforting a child, and Harry Potter's parents were dead. It's all right for what it is, but I don't see anything that would make it relevant to a Harry Potter film.
  12. Oh, there are worse one, I don't dispute that. It's still not very good though.
  13. I agree. The song is satirical with a comic video as is appropriate. I don't know why people knock it. Back when we only had 3 or 4 TV channels in the UK, I can remember being told not to complain about the dearth of choice and warned about the wall-to-wall crap that was US TV. Now we have wall-to-wall crap too.
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