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  1. Well said. Miserable bunch in here on the whole.
  2. "Johnson" is also a slang term for penis and pimp. His first given name is Alexander, and I have it on good authority that this is what he's called by his family. Source: a friend who was not only at school with Boris, but whose aunt happens to live next door to them (or used to, not sure if she's still around).
  3. No! A lot of people will think it was a load of old tosh , but it made a nice change for me to be surprised
  4. Behind Her Eyes is only 6 episodes, so I would recommend sticking with it to the end.
  5. Watched 'Behind Her Eyes' on Netflix. I enjoyed it, but can't say too much about it as it took an unexpected turn which led to a very surprising conclusion. One of the leads was Eve Hewson, who is Bono's daughter. I hadn't seen her before - thought she was excellent in what must have been a very challenging role. Now started S1 of Unforgotten, which I have never seen. It's very good. Fantastic cast of top-class actors, although it's sobering to see how OLD some of them are now I just don't understand why people rate Nicola Walker though. She's always the same, at least in eve
  6. I very much doubt the small amount of alcohol he drank affected his ability to drive safely. And clearly the judge thought the same.
  7. All right then. American Beauty Code Of Silence The Fever Land Of Hope And Dreams Rocky Ground
  8. I've watched 'The Tunnel' which is the British/French version of this. Is it worth watching this if it's basically the same story, do you think? Actually I only watched S1 of Tunnel.
  9. Abandoned? Seriously? This was a large extended family living close to each other. Most kids love spending time with their grandparents anyway. Bruce was a lot luckier than many children.
  10. Whatever, it was pretty stupid of him to take a drink in a place where it's apparently prohibited. He must have known about that.
  11. I wouldn't mind if he did a straightforward honest car ad that was about cars, after all they feature a lot in his oeuvre. That would be fine by me. But I dislike Bruce when he's in sanctimonious or preachy mode, and this "ad" was all preachy Bruce and his personal opinions. We get enough of that sort of thing from Bono, so I wish he'd desist. Both of them.
  12. Started "The Iron King", first in a series about the French kings starting with Philip the Fair, 1300s. Touted as "the real-life Game Of Thrones" by George RR Martin, and it should be the sort of thing I like, but it's a bit of a clunky read. I suspect it's down to the translation as the original is in French. I'll go on a bit further but it needs to improve if I'm to be drawn in.
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