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  1. As has been shown, it's not just "Ireland and Britain". It refers to an archipelago of over 6,000 islands and the term has been in use for hundreds of years. I have zero interest in politics, I've always known it as the British Isles and I shall continue to use it as a geographical term.
  2. "Sex Education" is back today on Netflix! Third series. I am so looking forward to it but will try not to binge it too fast. I watched S2 again recently and it still had me laughing out loud and minutes later getting a fly in my eye. If you haven't seen this yet - start from the beginning as there are ongoing storylines and character development. Warning - in the same way that peanut brittle may contain peanuts, "Sex Education" may contain sexual scenes and references But nothing is gratuitous. It's all about the characters and what makes them tick.
  3. It's a geographical term and I was using it as such. It is a convenient phrase describing the islands of Great Britain, Ireland, and all of the many smaller islands around their coastlines. I think it would be a great shame if this useful term was banned for political reasons. From the OED: I do know where Croke Park is, I have been to gigs there.
  4. The weather in the British Isles is unpredictable and as likely to be hot in April and cold in June as the reverse.
  5. I watched the Downton Abbey film. It was OK, but a bit thin on storylines and implausible in places. I thought the portrayal of King George V and Queen Mary was way off what history tells us about them. They were far too jolly. George V is well known to have been a strict father, and both were distant and not very affectionate towards their children. More like the film's portrayal of the Earl of Harewood. QM was very hot on duty before all, and she would never have countenanced someone being let off a tour because his wife had just had a baby. Queen Mary had a reputation for complimenting her hosts on items that caught her eye - ornaments, furniture, pictures etc - and she expected to be offered them as a gift. They could have woven a story around this and I'm surprised they missed it. I was unconvinced by the secret gay night club. I would have accepted its existence in London, but in rural Yorkshire in 1927?
  6. I watched a series on Amazon Prime - Cruel Summer. American teen high-school drama, not usually my thing, but it was quite intriguing. Set in the 1990s, it kept switching between dates in consecutive years, 1993, 1994 and 1995, so you had to pay attention. But cleverly done so it wasn't too confusing. It's all about who is telling the truth out of two main protagonists. The story gradually unfolds with some twists and turns. The only thing that started to get irksome was the music. Too many bad covers of 90s hits.
  7. https://www.essentiallysports.com/olympics-news-who-is-lorenzo-de-luca-us-olympian-jessica-springsteen-boyfriend/ Oh! Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Bruce? See the link above as well.
  8. ^ Don't know why the sad face. I shall turn to it with relief after ditching a book I am not enjoying at all. I have read more than I normally would as it was given to me, but I have had enough now so have read spoilers in case she asks me about it.
  9. And yet the vast majority wouldn't be able to name many of his songs besides Born In The USA. Which is largely misunderstood and unfortunately remains the song which defines him for many.
  10. Topically, I've just found this in the village street library. Pen Farthing's "One Dog At A Time".
  11. Never seen 'Walkabout' either? Jenny Agutter has always been - how can I put this? ...... very much appreciated by men of a certain age.
  12. We've all seen it on Netflix. That's good enough for me to form an opinion of the content.
  13. Did they, though? When you look at the quality of some of the out-takes, it strikes me that Bruce could have had a lot more hit singles than he did. Which could have drawn more people in to listen to more of his music.
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