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  1. There's no "concern". Just that a post saying "There will be no GA line down Wembley Way" does not indicate that the poster is "in the know" about Bruce's touring plans.
  2. I just think of Alabama Song "Show me the way to the next whisky bar" .....
  3. Seriously, could the "twist" be more obvious? I figured it out just from the synopsis, and (crucially) the song used for the title. George deserves better.
  4. I've filled in a gap in my version. Like I originally said, they were teenage lovers. Both living at home with their families, so it was difficult to find opportunities to be alone because of parents or younger siblings being around all the time. I'm sure lots of people can relate to that He has a job which involves making deliveries, and one of his regular calls is the Moonlight Motel. (That's why he calls the parking bay "my old spot" and not "our old spot".) So he gets to know the deskman and at some point confides in him. The deskman is sympathetic, and lets the young couple use an unoccupied room now and then, for a reduced rate or perhaps even free.
  5. That's kind of what I meant, that it may have got to the point where Bruce realises that. He will have wanted to spend as much time as possible with his mum while she's able to recognise him and enjoy his company, but perhaps she no longer can.
  6. I would agree...i thought it was a one night only special when I saw on 28 Oct and therefore understood and accepted it being a expensive ticket than a regular movie. As far as I can see it is billed as an EVENT hence unique pricing. Our local cinema chains are only £4.99 for movies usually but not this film. It's not only that, it's that we've missed the opportunity to meet up and watch it with forum friends - because it wasn't originally advertised as showing in Oxford which is the most convenient venue for us all.
  7. Oh FFS. Now it's on in TWO more cinemas in Oxford, and a lot cheaper too. That has made me very cross indeed. Shitty way to treat people.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking of a more sustainable topic, to keep him in conversation
  9. At least it will solve that age-old quandary of what to say to Bruce if you should happen to meet him in a bar.
  10. Love the first half ...Second half not as much lol To be truthful, if we could only have one I'd much rather have the second !
  11. It's a lovely song, sweetly sad, and I just can't understand why some people are so eager to taint it.
  12. No, he was going back in time. Reliving memories. Revisiting their youth.
  13. So Eileen, what exactly is it in the song that makes you think otherwise?
  14. Of course, but isn't Bruce allowed to write a song about happily married people? They exist too.