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  1. People don't seem able to distinguish between the artist and the art. Writing and performing a song about slavery doesn't imply approval of it. And many songs, such as Money For Nothing (and many of Bruce's songs) are dramatisations, portraits, little stories. Again, they aren't necessarily justifying the actions or attitudes of the characters depicted in them. Lots of things are unpleasant or offensive, that's no reason why they shouldn't be depicted in art, whether that be in a play, a film, a painting, a sculpture, a song ..... I happened upon an old discussion about Brown Sugar and it was overwhelmingly denounced as "racist". What?! It's only derogatory about the white people in it! But it mentions black people, therefore it must be racist, apparently.
  2. Seems to me it's mostly "the kids". Well, people a fair bit younger than me, I mean.
  3. No it isn't, it's just flirting. The woman is teasing him, she wants to stay but also wants to be persuaded. It's a seduction but she's enjoying being seduced.
  4. I thought they said the song was being rested rather than retired? or words to that effect. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2021-10-07/rolling-stones-charlie-watts-no-filter-tour
  5. Not music, but I'm going to see Jonathan Pie on Friday. (I realise most of you won't know who the hell that is )
  6. I've got some pyjamas like that. I bought them in Primark. True story.
  7. Not a good comparison. Bruce has built up years and years of "legacy" (including recordings of live shows). Not to mention all the unreleased material.
  8. You can see it right now. Find the book on Amazon See the picture of the book? Click on the "Look inside" (on the website, not here!) You can then read the first few pages by scrolling down.
  9. I've "looked inside" on Amazon. My heart sank immediately on seeing that this book is written in the present tense. I HATE THAT. Nearly every new novel I've picked up in recent years makes use of this affectation. WHY? I want to be told a story, I don't want to be made to feel that I'm standing in the corner watching the characters like a film extra. Hope this is just a fad and it goes out of fashion soon.
  10. I don't agree with the premise of this, but to answer the question I couldn't care less if Bruce never made another album. I would much prefer the opportunity to go and see him and the band live, as there are so many songs that I haven't witnessed played live.
  11. I disagree. There are hundreds of "old" films that I've never seen, and I won't be the only one. Not everybody watches every film soon after they come out. That doesn't mean they will never want to watch it. Netflix etc are full of old films, why would they be there if nobody was watching them?
  12. How strange. This is what I see at the top of the Reply box. The spoiler icon is next to the emoji icon. Could it be a browser issue? I'm using Firefox on a laptop.
  13. I'm fine with gory when I know it's not real.
  14. If I was posting a spoiler, I would highlight and click on the icon that looks like an eye. Hope that helps. Thanks!
  15. I've reported the post to ask for the spoiler to be hidden.
  16. It's a Korean series in the tradition of The Long Walk, Battle Royale, Hunger Games ..... Quite gory.
  17. Thanks, Eileen. That's just it, we didn't like that line because while we didn't actively want others to suffer, we couldn't help being grateful that it wasn't us. It made us uncomfortable about feeling that way. When people who weren't even born at the time are "offended" by that line, I find that offensive. It really comes back to what I said earlier about people being superficial and not paying attention to the deeper meaning. That line isn't an instruction. It's an invitation to examine our own thoughts and conscience.
  18. Squid Game, anyone? I've watched it as everyone seems to be talking about it (except here, it seems!) Not a masterpiece and not particularly original, but it kept my interest and the visuals and design are terrific. Now watching Alice In Borderland as many recommend as a similar type of show.
  19. That's not how you do spoilers ! Luckily I've seen the film, but there may be someone who hasn't.
  20. Really? It shouldn't be. It was the most powerful line in the song, and Bono's delivery of it, a bitter, accusing tone, was perfect. It's what made people empty their wallets. We felt guilty. Because it was the truth - everybody was thankful it wasn't happening to them, and that line struck home.
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