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  1. I could possibly pick a top 100 .... but I wouldn't rank them. An enjoyable read though. (Dead Man Walking ignored as usual.)
  2. I LOVED 'Dancing In The Dark' in spite of the video which is cringe. I still love DITD.
  3. I've been watching Jamestown (Sky Atlantic). It's about early settlers in Virginia. It's fairly bad. I'll watch the final episode of S1, but won't bother with the rest.
  4. Did they like it? I couldn't tell .... couldn't understand a word they said. I think they should just listen to a track without the video. BTW when that rap song came on at the start, my dog ran out of the room.
  5. Just the CD4 disc? I doubt it, only ever seen the complete box set for sale.
  6. I'd love the opportunity to buy the CD4 out-take disc. I'm not bothered about the rest of the package. It's been a while now, surely it would pay them to release it. We aren't all completists.
  7. Now that is the £64k question, isn't it. Very possibly it's a sore point and something he doesn't like to be reminded of, hence the song being out in the cold.
  8. I love it too. I do think people nowadays get far too hung up on what have always been stock phrases, clichés even, in romantic lyrics. Wanting to read something sinister into it. That needs to stop. As Eileen said, these are words of passion, and typically that brings with it hyperbole. It expresses strength of feelings. In the words "the way the rivers belong to the seas" I sense a suggestion of the lovers being "one flesh", a concept that's as old as Adam and Eve. We aren't meant to take any of it literally, any more than the words in 'Janey' (till every river runs dry, until the sun's torn from the sky). The part that's always quoted as being particularly contentious: And if I could, girl, though I know it'd be wrong I'd lock you deep inside till the last rains fall And hide you from the emptiness of it all To me that's just expressing a desire to protect her. It's "wrong" because he knows it's unrealistic, he can't protect her from all the ills of the world. Nobody can do that. I'd say it's almost parental, only somebody would be bound to take that the wrong way. Anyway it's a deeply romantic, passionate and moving song, and I am sorry that Bruce apparently doesn't like it. Perhaps it comes from a place he'd rather forget.
  9. Dead Man Walking. Simple. Haunting. Not a word wasted. There's a pale horse coming And I'm gonna ride it. I'll rise in the morning My fate decided. I'm a dead man walking I'm a dead man walking. In Saint James Parish I was born and christened, Now I've got my story Mister, ain't no need for you to listen. It's just a dead man talking. Once I had a job, I had a girl. Between our dreams and actions lies this world. In the deep forest Their blood and tears rushed over me, All I could feel was the drugs and the shotgun And my fear up inside me Like a dead man talking. 'Neath the summer sky my eyes went black, Sister, I won't ask for forgiveness: my sins are all I have. Now the clouds above my prison Move slowly across the sky. There's a new day coming And my dreams are full tonight.
  10. Bruce had to get out to open and close the gate.
  11. More likely she was indignant that Hattie McDaniel's Oscar is so often ignored.
  12. Check out your library's website. Mine (Oxfordshire) has a good search facility so you can see: if they have a particular book how many copies they have which branches have a copy whether those copies are out on loan or on the shelf You can reserve books online, and specify which branch you want to collect it from. There's more stuff as well, like reference you can access from home, eg the Oxford English Dictionary and newspaper archives.
  13. I am reading another Ben Aaronovitch police fantasy novel. Lies Sleeping It's from the library
  14. Being in between series, I thought I'd watch a film last night. I chose Gone Girl (haven't read the book). Fell asleep after half an hour. Is it worth going back to?
  15. She was born on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.
  16. I strongly suspect that most of the people who have been wearing masks where/when it wasn't compulsory were doing so primarily in the belief that they were protecting themselves.
  17. Did you watch the sequels? I've only done the first series for now.
  18. Thanks, I'll hang on till I get the first one then. I have it on library order.
  19. @Ninethumbs Since the charity shops have started opening up again (hurrah!) I've acquired one of these books. It's one of the later ones in the series though. Would you recommend reading them in the right order?
  20. I'm watching The Tunnel from a few years back. Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy in the English/French version of The Bridge. Tis good.
  21. My glass is half full, but I'll top it up anyway. If only those with half-empty glasses would do likewise.
  22. It's a while since I've watched it, so IMBW, but the bonus DVD that came with High Hopes .... (full album performance of BITUSA at the Olympic Park) Doesn't that have Shut Out The Light played over the credits? It wasn't played at the gig, so the decision to include it is quite significant.