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  1. Glad you found it. Give it time to bed in, it's really good once it hits its stride.
  2. Black Sails is a prequel to 'Treasure Island' with characters like Captain Flint & Long John Silver, but also real historical pirates like Charles Vane, Blackbeard, Jack Rackham. Four seasons. Filmed in South Africa, very high production values and good cast. It was on Amazon when I watched it, so you may find it on Starz.
  3. OK. I enjoyed 'Vikings' up to S4, but it went on too long and lacked the humour of TLK. Of the others you listed, I either haven't watched them or didn't like them so not sure what else I can recommend. What about 'Black Sails', have you done that?
  4. You've taken what Jim said out of context. He said, "I think it is refreshing for Bruce and Patti that in the horse show world they are actually overshadowed by many, many others." You don't seem to have read the rest of his post at all. He said nothing about anyone being or not being present at the Games. He was making a general point about equestrian sport and the people involved in it.
  5. If you liked 'Game Of Thrones', you might like 'The Last Kingdom'. Really good series based on Bernard Cornwell's Saxon novels. It's not fantasy (although there is a bit of witchcraft and the like), but it has all the political intrigue of GoT. The first season was BBC and rather under-funded, but stick with it as it improved with Netflix money. Four seasons with the fifth coming soon, which will be the final one.
  6. From what JimCT has told us, being an "international rock star" doesn't have anything to do with it.
  7. Then why say they should call it a day, which is what your thread title implies? They should carry on as long as they want to and people want to see them.
  8. Yes, "Fire" is all about teenagers courting, it doesn't work for an old married couple!
  9. I would go and see them again in a heartbeat.
  10. No comparison at all between a live show and a video/album! The atmosphere, the people, the not quite knowing what will come next. But the performers jumping around? that doesn't really add anything for me.
  11. I'd rather have shorter songs and more of them I go to see Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band for the music. I don't need acrobatics. If that's what I wanted to see I'd go to a circus.
  12. Yes, there's no escaping that as it's a very distinctive surname. I've never encountered it anywhere but Bruce and his family. It would be different it she was, say, George Harrison's daughter, or Ronnie Wood's. It simply wouldn't occur to people unless they were told.
  13. As to that, I don't think it's either. They have picked out ten competitors who may be of particular interest to viewers - not necessarily because they are the best or most recognisable, but for various reasons. Just read the article and you can decide for yourself. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/57836107
  14. Best place is the back of the pit. Decent view and room to move around.
  15. There are some absolute gems on the 1992 albums, including one which is close to being my favourite song by Bruce. But I probably don't like the songs that you like.
  16. @JimCT is probably the best person to answer your question.
  17. Still not getting your "joke". But since you hadn't bothered to look at the article, it's no wonder it made no sense. But I am indeed tired of people sniping at the Springsteens over Jessica's chosen career. She has worked very hard to reach the level she has achieved. You cannot buy that with money. It takes a lot of practice, hard work and, yes, talent. It doesn't matter how much you spend on a horse, success isn't guaranteed and nor is the perfect partnership with the rider. It does tend to be a sport for the more well-off, but talent can still find sponsorship and the top riders don't always own the horses they ride. The sneering, sniping and unfunny jokes are rooted in envy and ignorance. It's a blessing that we have JimCT around on this forum to share his experience of equestrian sport and educate us.
  18. But he also questions their right to be described as stars "the other nine (supposed) “stars” " when the list includes people like Novak Djokovic Just comes over to me as all-round sneering.
  19. Explain your "joke" then. You seemed to be sneering at somebody.
  20. Why not read about them for yourself. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/57836107
  21. Perhaps not more popular, but I think he could have had several more hits with non-album singles.
  22. Of course it's "sways". It rhymes with "plays".
  23. I've only been once - saw Robert Plant. I knew the tickets would go like wildfire, and as usual it was frustrating not to know the prices until they went on sale. So I emailed the RAH and after an initial unhelpful reply I got a full breakdown of all the possible seating areas and their respective prices. I was pleased to see that there were bargain seats to be had in the "choir" area behind the stage. I don't think these are always made available. I went for one of these as soon as bookings opened and got what was probably the last one! It was actually a great perch, so close to the stage and I didn't mind it mostly being a back view. I've got a ticket to see OMD in February, this time at the opposite end.
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