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  1. You’re right, it sure doesn’t. But ‘older’ just sounds and feels better than ‘old.’ I honestly do not know where are the years have gone. It’s just so weird is all.
  2. That’s why God invented the ‘next’ button, or the IPod where you can either create your own playlists, or omit certain songs on an album. I love High Hopes. I don’t mind electric Joad, but MUCH prefer other full band versions or the acoustic version. However, there’s one I just do not like, so it’s not on the iPod. Easy peasy.
  3. Absolutely. I feel the same way. That’s one reason I never compare how much I like one album with or against another. I love them all, just differently, and for very different reasons.
  4. Welcome Declan!! Nice to meet you. Looking forward to getting to know you
  5. 100% This album, while so very different in many ways, is at the same time ‘quintessential’ Bruce.
  6. While I was walking with Bruce in my ears yesterday, I had so many of these same thoughts, it’s scary! The only pairings I hadn’t considered was Tucson Train with There Goes My Miracle and WS with MM. I’ve sort of got all 3 (TT, TGMM, and MM) all mushed in together. I think the woman gets off the 5:15, they work it out, build a life, have kids... kids grow up, the woman dies, and there goes his miracle. He’s reminiscing about all of it at the Moonlight Motel. But I’ll have to listen some more...
  7. That’s absolutely true (although I didn’t see that layer until now...big DUH for me!!); but I took his main sarcasm (flag, cavalry, sea to shining sea references) aimed at the government. As in they have a responsibility to take care of us in a myriad of ways/situations but (for various reasons, and to various degrees) don’t. But if and when they don’t, we do.
  8. That was beautiful @SteveJhb. Just beautiful. Sums up many, many of my own thoughts quite well. Thank you so much for sharing.