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  1. Very true. Except, you know, he may just want to. For the simple reason that he's never done it before. We shall see.
  2. My random thought for today is that yesterday was New Jersey Day, @rachelharms, informed me. I had no idea that such a day even exsisted. Where have I been? So Happy Belated New Jersey Day to my fellow Jerseyite Lakers...
  3. Now that you mention it, I do remember you say this. I'm sorry that happened to you and your family. But I'm confused, and maybe this isn't the case, but wasn't a requirement of the ACA that businesses provide insurance for their employees? If your employer already was, do you know what the requirements were that made this not possible any longer? That's kind of crazy, no? Shouldn't understanding the facts guide the decision?
  4. Hot Legs
  5. You said you hate the ACA, and I know there are many people who do, and each have their own very legitimate reasons as to why. So I really am interested in knowing: 1) Why do you hate it? 2) How do you think those problems can best be solved.
  6. Of course she is, but what about this tax cut for the wealthy that increased premiums and deductibles masquerading as a "health care" bill did you like?
  7. It seems to me if you don't want a bill to become law, you vote no. Period. I must have missed the bullshit portion of schoolhouse rock.
  8. Legit question...why exactly? What are the main issues, and what do you think needs to be done to fix those issues?
  9. I'd never watched either, nor would I purposefully watch or listen to any show (TV or radio) he was on. But teasers and promos that popped out of nowhere were enough to let you know exactly what kind of man he was. Then the rumors circulating that he didn't pay his workers. And an anicdote from a good friend of mine who witnessed the firing of his friend simply because he said 'Good morning' to Ivana. I too always tried to ignore his existence, and was pretty successful. Until now. Ugh.
  10. I'm very relieved that McCain came through and voted the way he did. This is the first time in a long time that his actions matched his words. However, I still stand by being utterly disgusted over the past several months when he spoke out forcefully on a subject, and then voted straight party line. Lindsey Ghram said he would only vote for it if the house can promise it won't become law, or something like that. WTF is that?
  11. Every time he was on the radio, or on TV, or in the paper, I would have a strong visceral reaction. He's been in the spot light around here for decades, and he truly always made me sick.
  12. So....? She's always felt this way. Point being transgender folks are fit to serve, no matter when they transitioned.
  13. Me too! I often get in the mood to play it several times in a row VERY LOUD!