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  1. I can hear it’s influence as well. Love this song.
  2. Nor am I that old!! And the answer is no... RJM will be taking Rachel to one of the the million diners that are in a 5 mile radius of her house! Will be in touch about said diner plans... we’ll be back up by me Sunday morning... perhaps you’ll be able to join us!!!
  3. Just saw this now, as I was coming over to post... Welcome @trombettist.vecchio! Thank you DJ for inviting, and letting us who didn’t already know about, know about our new member Listening to Wages of Sin at the moment.
  4. If JL wins, that’s fine. But if TR “always” wins, that’s probably an indication that it should win this too... LOVE JL, but I cannot live without TR. So no contest for me.
  5. IDK if it’s an unpopular opinion either, but I agree with you on both points.
  6. To all who celebrate... Happy Easter, And/or Happy Passover, And/or Happy Spring! (We’re still waiting for real spring to arrive, for more than two days in a row, here in north Jersey...)
  7. My fudge shop!!! Next to my ice cream store! Yes, I miss them to this day...