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  1. Songs that link

  2. That and Tupelo Honey. He’s got a ton of great ones to be sure, but those two are my personal faves.
  3. Songs that link

    Gimme Shelter (Stones)
  4. The Carousel in Asbury Park

    These are gorgeous (as usual), Cecilia!!!
  5. Songs that link

    Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks)
  6. We were in the pit as well; on Nils’ side. Too bad we didn’t “know” each other then! I cried at Jersey Girl.
  7. I was there that night! Oh, that was you...
  8. So excited for all the bears!! Have a FABULOUS time!!!
  9. We got that (full band) at Mohegan, followed by Talk to Me. HOS made me tear up for sure; and Talk to Me...well. No words. Outstanding! “Double shot of Southside...”
  10. An important and serious poll :P

    I love the shirtless one from Hunter...
  11. Name Game

    Barbara Walters
  12. Songs that link

    Pony Boy
  13. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Thinking about you Abbey. Hope all is going as well as can be expected. Lots of love sweet girl. XOXO