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  1. Oh dear. Mine (the one stating success in donating!) is gone as well. But I assume the contribution is ok as it hit the card. Can you confirm @CosmicKid?!
  2. That’s quite possible! Rocky Mountain High
  3. Green Onions -Booker T and the MGs (Ha! I thought you wanted out of NY, DJ! I often have that reaction (we’ve gotta get out of this place!!) when stuck in traffic as we’re trying to cross the river to the Jersey side!) ** I know we’ve lost a lot of posts, but I couldn’t remember who/what was posted after It’s Not Easy Being Green...)
  4. Same here my twin. Same here!
  5. Same here. Darkness on the (edge of the) donation page!! I’ll try again in the morning...
  6. LOVE the Rhinestone Cowboy cover!!!!! Thankfully so does Mr RJM!
  7. A Song For You (lots of folks. I personally like Willie Nelson’s best)