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  1. That certainly seems like it could fit... Unless there are a few more clues?! What say you @100yrsOld?
  2. I hope so too, in that it’s always good to have more Bruce you love. But if you don’t... well then you don’t! I still listen to all or most of WS every single day.
  3. As a person who watched (from the Jersey side) the smoke billowing from ground zero; and know/know of people who died in the towers... I’d personally add The Rising to that list.
  4. I usual can’t tell one way or the other. Agree... who cares if she/they have. Really? I love the whole look, even the coat! She thanked whomever designed it on insta! Ah well... different strokes!!!
  5. Exactly. I’ve no idea if she’s had any work done or not (nor do I care one way or the other). This is by no means a dig on Patti AT ALL, as I truly think she’s gorgeous inside and out. But yeah, she’s seemed to have gained that dreaded post menopausal weight. Might indeed account for any changes. Jessica (gorgeous, radiant, vibrant girl!) IMO favors Patti, but definitely has some Bruce mixed in there. Talk about genetics!
  6. No problem...if those are your masterpieces (my brother would be right there with you with Rush! An ex from HS would agree with Jimi!) that’s great! Not sure what you mean JJ??
  7. I too might make a few minor ‘tweaks’ here and there. Forgot to add that for me, Wrecking Ball and BITUSA are also being pretty darn close!
  8. Not at all. Actually my response wasn’t about Bruce or the album. To answer your question, if you reread what I wrote, you’ll see that not only wasn’t I trying to convince you to feel differently; I did in fact say that even if I hated this record, and felt as you do, no, I would not have said that. Especially knowing how much this (or any) album meant to so many.
  9. We get it. You despise this album. That’s certainly your right. You can live out the rest of your days never ever having to listen to any of it. And yes, I understand that this comment is your opinion. However, even if I felt about WS as you do, I’d never think to categorize an album that I knew had touched so many, so very deeply as a ‘swing and a miss.’ You obviously don’t feel the same, but I am eternally grateful for this album.