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  1. Same here. I still get a quick message that I have notifications, and if I stumble upon the thread I can see the notification on the post; but the symbol that used to be there at the top to see the listings is gone (on my phone...haven’t checked the computer).
  2. Hi Nicole, I wasn’t a member in the “early days.” Was a ‘lurker’ for a quite while before officially joining/posting in, I believe, 2012... Welcome back!
  3. Love Lucky Town, both the song and the entire album. Also love Human Touch. The song and most of the album (yes, I even really like Pony Boy...).
  4. Watching the Western Stars movie. Wayfarer on now. Love this album so, so, SOOOOOO much.
  5. I’m thinking we’re taking about two VERY different things... Look at the bolded text in the summary of the film. The word ‘grifter’ jumped out at me. Let’s just leave it at that.
  6. Don’t know if your comment was sarcasm, but in case it’s not; based on the premise of the movie, it appears that it actually most definitely is...
  7. Someone on Instagram said Bruce got the idea for the song based on the 1956 movie The Rainmaker. Based on the synopsis and after reading the lyrics, plus Bruce’s love for old movies, sounds feasible. The poster also added a comment about the movie made in vista-vision (are there tainted women in the movie???), as well as a political comment that cannot be repeated.... Synopsis of the movie for those (like myself) who are not familiar: Description During the Great Depression, a drought is wreaking havoc on a small, destitute Kansas town. Bill Starbuck (Burt Lancast
  8. ... my amazing, wonderful husband.
  9. You beat me to it! Absolutely LOVE both Be True and Loose Ends...
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