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  1. The Unicorn Song -The Irish Rovers
  2. Exactly JJ. It’s rare when Bruce calls in, and I do find it exciting when he does! I thought it was either going to be a chat like it was, or possibly either a new song, or a serenade of an oldie but goodie. 100%. The ‘epicenter’ (Teaneck) is where I taught for 24 years. I’m worried about friends, former students, etc.. The cousin of a friend is a nurse at Holy Name Hospital (in Teaneck) and what she’s described over the last few weeks is beyond the beyonds of horrifying. She’s in quarantine now awaiting test results. My oldest and dearest friend’s daughter is at nurse at Valley Hospital (Ridgewood). She’s been in quarantine for about a week now, and got her positive results yesterday. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not AT ALL saying people in other areas of the US (or anywhere) have it easy. Nobody does. Fully aware that there’s massive amounts of fear, anxiety, depression, pain, and suffering EVERYWHERE. In every country, world wide. Yes, it would’ve been nice to hear a new song or something. And yes, there are people who don’t care at all about hearing a conversation with Bruce. Personally, I loved just hearing his voice. Loved hearing him talk about his conversations with Jackson Browne; as well as the music he likes to listen to, the books he likes to read. After everything this man has contributed over the many decades; musically and otherwise... nope, not disappointed at all. If there’s another album in the works... great. If not, that’s ok too.
  3. Last night I heard your voice You were crying, crying, you were so alone You said your love had never died You were waiting for me at home Put on my jacket, I ran through the woods I ran till I thought my chest would explode There in the clearing, beyond the highway In the moonlight, our wedding house shone I rushed through the yard, I burst through the front door My head pounding hard, up the stairs I climbed The room was dark, our bed was empty Then I heard that long whistle whine And I dropped to my knees, hung my head and cried...
  4. Haha! Well... It’s true that the vast, VAST majority are either in the ‘Can’t live without; love, love, love; really love; or really like a lot’ category; and some are in the ‘it’s ok’ or ‘take or leave’ category; But yes, my friend... although there aren’t many AT ALL, there are a few I don’t care for. What can I tell ya? For me, (although there are many, MANY musicians and bands I absolutely adore) there’s Bruce, and then there’s everybody else.
  5. Jim Rotollo says we’re gonna get a ‘surprise, surprise, surprise...’.
  6. dream baby dream Come on baby you gotta keep those dreams burnin' Keep those dreams baby Dream baby dream Dream baby, dream baby, Dream baby, dream baby Forever...
  7. Hey, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you! He had me completely under his mater story teller spell... I was not only interested in everything he said and was moved by the songs; but he had us laughing hysterically one minute, and crying the next. The show made me think about my entire ‘Bruce journey’ (starting in 1974...) and how much this man and his amazing catalogue of music means to me. I left the theatre all three times completely captivated... Although it wasn’t exactly the same as being there, I also really enjoyed watching it a few times on Netflix. But seriously, if it’s not your cup of tea, stick with what you love!
  8. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it JJ. For me it was not only extremely entertaining and enlightening; but also comforting. Like a get together with a long time, trusted, beloved friend. Luckily there are tons of shows and vids from which to choose. You certainly don’t have to waste time on that which you don’t like.
  9. When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius Age of Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius
  10. Just for walks and sitting on the deck out back (weather permitting!!); and to the grocery store. Do you find most people in your area following the guidelines to stay as safe as possible?
  11. Yup. As of this AM: Was happy to see him in that PSA I posted (hope it opened!), just to see his cute self, and see that’s he’s (seemingly) ok.
  12. Yes. The biggest and most disappointing cancellation is that @rachelharms was supposed to come stay with me and then we were going to go to the Asbury Park Film Festival at the end of April; like we did last year. Hopefully it’ll be rescheduled and it’ll work out that she can still come, and we can still attend the film. How’re you holding up?
  13. Chain-link fence half-rusted away Got a sign says "Children be careful how you play" Your lipstick taste and your whispered secret I promised I'd never tell
  14. Under the boardwalk (and no, in case you’re wondering... I did not promise to unsnap my jeans!)