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  1. I was lucky enough to be at that phenomenal show!!! I went with my college buds; where we saw our first Bruce show together at the then Rochester War Memorial on the ‘original’ River Tour (Dec 2, 1980). We had such a great time (at both!! )?
  2. Of course, you went to all the cool ones Well you know I think ANY AND EVERY Bruce show is ‘cool!’ ... Was just listening to Thunder Road from that night!!
  3. Meeee tooo! It was SOOOOO great to meet you, and you were not an “old man!!” You were full of post Bruce enthusiasm !
  4. Hey @Early North Jersey, wasn’t that the show when we met afterwards???
  5. I was lucky enough to be at that phenomenal show!!!
  6. Oh man!! I was at that show, as well as the one on the 26th. That guy by you was indeed rude, but the people in the sections we were in were great... Yes... it was, at the time the largest venue we had seen them in. Luckily our seats were decent! From Small Things and then Be True just finished; listening to Janey Don’t You Lose Heart on now...
  7. LOVE Trapped, love Chimes of Freedom; but Jersey Girl for me
  8. Yes it most certainly was!!! (I have a photo from that show of us with hotsteppinhemi in my ‘Bruce collage!’)
  9. Sorry... cannot choose! Love them all. They are all amazing musicians, and each has something special to add to the ESB...
  10. I was lucky enough to be at that (and the night before!) phenomenal show!!!
  11. I was at this fantastic show!!!! While I absolutely prefer The E Street Band, and consider them THE band... I did enjoy the “other” band quite a lot.
  12. I was at that phenomenal show! His playing The Weight was unbelievably fantastic Some guy behind us yelled out ‘this is Fing awesome!!’
  13. Yes it was... as ALL his shows are That would be great! Whenever it’s convenient...!! Sorry if I missed this info, but where do you live??
  14. September 30, 2009 then October 3rd, 8th, and 9th 2009 were my 4! So we were at one show ‘together’ Thank you!!! i only have a few ‘boots,’ but no, none from these shows...
  15. I was lucky enough to be at 4 of those fabulous shows, including 10/3...
  16. I was lucky enough to be at that fabulous show (as was @the-chickenman)!!! One of my all time favorites
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