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  1. I've avaoided that film cos I just could never see the book translating to a USA setting. I adore High Fidelity... in truth I like the movie a whole lot better than the book. It helps that for me, almost everything John Cusack touches turns to gold. I love the music, I love his world-weary, repressed portrayal and his two sidekicks.... I loooove Lisa Bonet in it! Such a great film.
  2. I'm reading this at the moment and it's very enjoyable. A super quick read, don't expect it to occupy you for a week, but very engrossing.
  3. I have a few things on the go. Making myself angry reading Chavs by Owen Jones (it's about how the working class in Britain has been divided and demonized by political leaders and the media, and the resulting social and economic problems). Also reading The Prodigy by Herman Hesse, We Speak No Treason by Rosemary Hawley Jarman (such an underrated writer!) and Runaway Dream by Louis P. Masur
  4. synesthesiac

    Hyde Park, 14th July 2012

    Photos from front row in the catwalk (taken on phone so not great quality).
  5. Pink Cadillac But I have spent much of the day looking up live versions of Seeds... absolutely killer.
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