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  1. What an awesome talent. I listened to Sam's album for the first time tonight, having ordered it after reading an article about him and his admiration for Bruce. As I head through my 60s, think I'm allowed to be late to the party when I finally find it. The album is fantastic for the melodies, production and words. Don't agree with some of his angry-young-man opinions, but that's irrelevant. He's got intensity and sincerity by the shed-load. His lyrics and narratives derive an amount from Bruce, but his voice is so often like Brandon Flowers. Sure he's not copying, that's the way it is. He's reached parts already lyrically and musically that Ed Sheeran must dream of. Sam's even got Clarence in the band for some numbers. Hope his North Shields fires burn bright and powerful for years.
  2. I feel compelled to retract an earlier email expressing my anxiety about the appearance. Bruce sailed through and got treated with due respect by Graham Norton. James Blunt was enthusiastically self-deprecatory talking of his surfing misadventures. Bruce eventually smiled. Talk of very different artistic worlds colliding.
  3. I only just read this was happening - late as usual. In the big scheme of things, it doesn't matter if Bruce appears on whatever entertainment show. But who convinced him? Landau? Is Jessica competing in Europe? Is it worth trying to get a couple of thousand more bums on seats to see Western Stars at limited showings? Is he truanting from where I'd love him to be: the recording studio? Back in May he said he'd be recording a newly-composed studio album with the band in autumn. I watch Norton once in a while and quite enjoy it, but ... Springsteen, Norton ... this does not compute. Fallon is at least a fan and musical . Please may Bruce's opening words to the first question not be a pre-rehearsed: "Are you talking to me?"