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  1. What an awesome talent. I listened to Sam's album for the first time tonight, having ordered it after reading an article about him and his admiration for Bruce. As I head through my 60s, think I'm allowed to be late to the party when I finally find it. The album is fantastic for the melodies, production and words. Don't agree with some of his angry-young-man opinions, but that's irrelevant. He's got intensity and sincerity by the shed-load. His lyrics and narratives derive an amount from Bruce, but his voice is so often like Brandon Flowers. Sure he's not copying, that's the way it is. He's reached parts already lyrically and musically that Ed Sheeran must dream of. Sam's even got Clarence in the band for some numbers. Hope his North Shields fires burn bright and powerful for years.
  2. I feel compelled to retract an earlier email expressing my anxiety about the appearance. Bruce sailed through and got treated with due respect by Graham Norton. James Blunt was enthusiastically self-deprecatory talking of his surfing misadventures. Bruce eventually smiled. Talk of very different artistic worlds colliding.
  3. I only just read this was happening - late as usual. In the big scheme of things, it doesn't matter if Bruce appears on whatever entertainment show. But who convinced him? Landau? Is Jessica competing in Europe? Is it worth trying to get a couple of thousand more bums on seats to see Western Stars at limited showings? Is he truanting from where I'd love him to be: the recording studio? Back in May he said he'd be recording a newly-composed studio album with the band in autumn. I watch Norton once in a while and quite enjoy it, but ... Springsteen, Norton ... this does not compute. Fallon is at least a fan and musical . Please may Bruce's opening words to the first question not be a pre-rehearsed: "Are you talking to me?"
  4. It would be great to see Bruce score another US number one. I think he should arguably be number two in the all-time list after The Beatles for number ones IF he hits number one again. Jay-Z (officially 14) has been bolstered by three collaborative albums. So 11 for real therefore? Bruce on 11 at present. Twelve beckons maybe.
  5. Posting on other relevant thread thanks to advice from Born to Walk.
  6. Three Jewels ... Buddhist faith. It's equivalent jewel box.
  7. Looking back some pages, someone is "a fickle bastard", but an endearing fickle bastard. He has finally seen the light and been semi-cured about Miracle ... and the rest. As an aging fan, Miracle had me in two minds with its sugary strings etc. Hated that type of sound until I hit ... over 60 at least. The fickle person is Paolo of course. He's been left behind now though - someone else has started a poll on which is the best track on WS..
  8. I'm average height thank you! I'll be a top buddha - a bodhisattva.
  9. In an immature way I hope Springsteen somehow gets Western Stars to number one ahead of Madonna's album released today as well. There's an article in the LA Times which compares the two and remembers that Like A Virgin toppled Born in The U.S.A. from number one back in 85. Bruce previously knocked Purple Rain off the top. The Big Four then: Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Bruce. I can appreciate today's listening euphoria, but won't indulge in listening yet. Not until my daughter has finally finished her last A-level paper (Buddhism) on Monday - I'm helping her prepare a bit. Then a time to relax.
  10. Posted old news of interview for Italian paper. Deleted!
  11. Do I detect sarcasm! I was going to put a certain DITD high, high up on points. Now you'll have to send a transfer of $5 to my account at Greasy Lake Incorporated to ensure your success.
  12. Does any other rock music fan site have this type of contest - and high level of talent on that contest?
  13. The first review of a gig by a daily British title? Might just have been online. David Pollock enthused about the Glasgow show in The Scotsman and gave it 4 stars. IT’S a measure of the star power emanated by Bruce Springsteen that a person as uniquely magnetic as “Little” Steven Van Zandt should achieve fame largely through being his sideman. The famously expressive guitarist with Springsteen’s E-Street Band throughout their career together, Van Zandt appeared here with his own backing group the Disciples of Soul – an expansive ensemble featuring a five-piece horn section and a trio of energetic backing singers and dancers – and took on the role of frontperson all by himself. While this wasn’t quite the arena spectacle Van Zandt’s used to in his other job, the still-dynamic 68-year-old – his bandana and flowing silk scarf a stylistic diversion from the look favoured by Silvio Dante, the mobster he played in The Sopranos – delivered a night which was still amongst the first order of old-school rock ‘n’ roll shows you’re likely to see these days. Focusing on Summer of Sorcery, his first album of new music since 1999’s Born Again Savage, Van Zandt ventured into both his own more extensive back catalogue from the 1980s and a short tribute selection to fellow Springsteen-affiliate New Jerseyites Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, including his own co-composition with Springsteen, Love on the Wrong Side of Town. The unexpected versatility on display was impressive, from the flute solo which permeated Vortex, to the Caribbean-percussion tribute to West Side Story Bitter Fruit and the joyous main set finale Forever. There was also a sense that Van Zandt and Springsteen’s own political songwriting is in perfect alignment, with his I Am a Patriot dwelling on “the difference between true patriotism and blind nationalism,” and more than one moment of thrilling excitement as his familiar guitar style wound its way around a song.
  14. His delivery of St Valentine's Day is a bit like Dylan 1966 in the verses - think "Won't you come see me Queen Jane". Loud E Street Band chorus with sax and horns. Great number. Wish he had performed it. But it's great too that at his age he's touring with the centrepiece a genuine new album.
  15. Confess I don't know the single well. Just listened - great delivery. Not on Friday. The set is very constant. About 22 numbers - one variation at most?