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  1. Gaslight Anthem - The Diamond Church Street Choir. One of the songs they played tonight during a great gig in Manchester!
  2. Frankie Fell In Love from High Hopes. This is already my favourite song of 2014.
  3. Wrecking Ball World Tour has been phenomenal ... 129 shows, 240+ different songs played, over 3 million fans have seen this magic being created in person. Even at 63 years of age Bruce Springsteen and his heartstopping, hard rocking, pants dropping, booty shaking, love making, viagra taking, legendary E Street Band provides greater entertainment and value for money than anyone else ever has or perhaps ever will. We've laughed, we've cried, we've met some great people along the way ... every show has something special for someone, every show packed with excitement. Wrecking Ball 2012/13 has been, quite simply, a life-changing, defining experience for me and countless others. Every time I worry it's going to be the last show, even though the band are showing no signs of slowing down you can't ever take anything for granted. I know we all like to complain at times but I hope you've all enjoyed every minute of the shows you've been to this year. "Now when all the steel and these stories, they drift away to rust. And all our youth and beauty has been given to the dust. Your game has been decided, and you're burning down the clock - And all our little victories and glories have turned into parking lots. When your best hopes and desires are scattered to the wind. And hard times come, and hard times go, just to come again ... BRING ON YOUR WRECKING BALL."
  4. I hope that's a joke. Waiting all summer for him to dump this cheesy song. Yeah I was being facetious. We're still waiting on a Waiting on a Sunny Day!
  5. Tonight? Really? Bruce will have nowt left.Gave his Harmonica and thingy away other night!He gave his thingy away? I bet plenty of women in the pit were clamouring to the stage.
  6. Next year he's going to have the kids singing Racing in the Street '78.
  7. So we've finished the main set without a sunny day! This hopefully could be the night the singing kid gimmick gets retired so it doesn't have to be done on the next tour. How hilarious would it be if he finished the whole encore without that damn song, did twist and shout and all that then walked off to get the acoustic at the end. Stands on his own in the middle of the stage ... "it's raining .... but there ain't a cloud in the sky...". The pit would probably have a rage induced seizure.
  8. We could always get Cadillac Ranch or Ramrod in the encores, I forgot about that. Since it's the end of the tour I'd like to see an acoustic Long Walk Home at the end but I can't see it!!
  9. Predictions: Shackled Waiting on a Sunny Day Lonesome Day or The Rising LOHAD or Light of Day We Are Alive Pay Me My Money Down Bobby Jean or Glory Days DITD American Land
  10. I'm surprised he hasn't done "ain't good enough for you" if Jimmy Iovine is there ... since he is mentioned in the lyrics!
  11. Matamoros Banks, from Devils and Dust. Hardly ever seems to get mentioned ... it needs more attention!
  12. I'm surprised Bruce hasn't been Casino Nancied for playing BITUSA again.
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