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  1. Indeed a great point. Its certainly obscure enough that 95 percent of people don't know the '95 version. And i can say this with some authority since i am one of the 95 % ...and I own the EP. Apparently I need to go dig it out an listen. This proves the point doesn't it? To most folks out there, they will hear this and go "Wow, what a great new Springsteen track" And nothing wrong with that... If they followed this logic through, this could all end with 'Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips' being the next single. I hope you're ready for that! LOL! Still a long road to go until then... Maybe with a few milestones along....
  2. They officially announced it on my birthday, yay! I have high hopes now.... come what may!
  3. Alrite Kilkenny... it's up to you all there at Nowlan Park to stop Bruce from leaving Europe. Do your best and enjoy the show!!!
  4. Have fun at the show everyone and order a Kilkenny for me, too, please! I can't attend the SLV today as I'm going to see Danko Jones at a small Open-air festival in Hamburg tonight! Rock on, Lakers, and long live the music!
  5. This could be the first time that everyone was really waitin' on a sunny day... Congrats on the weather over there and a whole lotta fun at the show ! ! !
  6. A few of mine, too... Bruce, Stevie, Nils, Roy, Max, Garry, Horns, Choir... and so on...
  7. We went to the concert in Munich The weather at that one was unique We stood in the rain Freezing in pain No pre-show, tho, would be my critique ENJOY LUCKY LAKERS IN LIMERICK!!!!!!
  8. Ooops... :-) Me donk.... I kinda mixed it up. Just for fred-filling reasons, of course!