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  1. ...and speaking of a masterpiece again, most here are clear on the fact that his later albums are not included here, safe WS. The Rising is really good, could've been a masterpiece but imho the production is way too full. Kinda overproduced really, there's just too much music on it. Magic was really good, soundwise a slight return to the old days but, yeah....only slight. By the way, when I play side two, vinyl, of the Wild, Innocent, this is for me, I know I know, his best side ever. 3 totally different songs, moods, on it, by far his best album side, again imho i.e. Come to think of it, hardly came upon BITUSA, one of his weakest efforts, really, though commercially his most succesful, I know. But again, discussions on taste and personal favo's will never end.
  2. Whatever the choice of a masterpiece may be, it is so personal really. Looking at it between the Bruce output or looking at it in the overall output, from any artist at any given moment in time. What makes a real masterpiece really? Is it what the majority of people think, is it what critics say, what is the standard for a masterpiece? Difficult enough really. In any case, given my humble opinion, Bruce's real masterpiece, was, is and will be his breakthrough album. Born to Run yes. I think on that one he finally brought everything together what he was looking for on the albums before...the sound is truly wonderful, the lyrics and themes are just great and fit together. I mean, singing in Jungleland...from the churches to the jails...and the organ comes in, that's awesome really. This is vintage Springsteen yes and still after all these many years, such a relevant album which stood the test of time truly wonderful. And when an album does so, I think it is a masterpiece.. but of course if anyone doesn't like Bruce at all, he or she surely has other opinions on this one and what makes a masterpiece. Mentionable otherwise are for sure Darkness, River, Nebraska, Tom Joad and finally after so many years WS yeah. They all represent the Springsteen songbook the very most. To me i.e. They represent the essence of Bruce's music and the essence for me personally speaking.
  3. The clown insults the Boss! Well luckily I never took THE clown serious. Except the one in IT. Well Mr. P, crawl back under that stone of yours. Easily speaking, I'm not American but European, over here we mostly laugh at such great ignorance. And ignorant he sure is.
  4. Kinda boring I guess, but it is still WS as a whole album I'm listening to. No need to pick a particular song, just the whole thing yeah. It tastes better then some great meal, so there are enough vitamins and nutrition in it.
  5. Wow, it is so good to read all these reviews in favour of WS. The way it gets to people, the way it moves and touches them, the way it evokes all kinds of different emotions. The real strength of this truly wonderful album, I think, lies in the fact that it moves people so deep they cry over it. And yes, to be honest, it really is the same over here. In the title track I'm deeply moved around halfway when the instrumental part gets going and that particular part always brings out some tears in my eyes. It's kinda hard to explain really but as often before somehow his songs seem to push the right button for me. Through the songs he talks to me in some strange way, which is great yeah. Often the words are so damn recognisable for me. And I think it is the only album that brings forth such deep and clear emotions. So absolutely thrilled to read how people are touched by it in some sort of same way. Music can do that, it can bring people together, even from a distance, music can break down barriers, as long as you want it to do so. And of course, still, taking my WS vitamins. It surely is a strong medicine especially when life is not going the way you want it to go, it gives me comfort and offers great solace. Hail to all you out there, wherever you are or may roam.
  6. I can only agree, WS is a truly masterpiece. From a guy who did a lot of running but it would also be a masterpiece if it were from someone who'd just start running. If fits his age of course and also my age I guess. But the music is truly wonderful and I think there is more than enough quality in it to stand the test of time, i.e. time that yet has to come. When looking back at his songbook, which already stood the test of time, I do regard Wild Innocent, BtR, Doteot, River and Nebraska as true classics. Including WS in this list. Which I never expected really. WS is also one of the most enjoyable albums, for I'm still listening to that one, almost daily, when time is there to do so. Once again, or once more, another true masterpiece.
  7. The mix is absolute great, the overall sound just fine. His voice is really strong here so that's well done at 70. I like it even better already then the studio version. Really looking forward to this release. Though vinyl freaks have to wait untill December. But it will surely be worth the wait. Curious for the other songs yeah. It's very promising really.
  8. May come as no surprise but still playing WS, album as a whole, over and over. Just can't help it, it's some kinda addiction,.... but a nice and rewarding one.
  9. It's not yet evening over there, as it's here but have a drink, a laugh and at least one of those WS on me, compadres. As to the choice of Rhinestone Cowboy, really a great song, though sth might and could be said for The Linesman yeah. Or Gentle on my mind. Or...or...and even or..... May the music be with you and may the music of Bruce guide you through life itself, no matter, how tough. Always good to let that happen. Oh yeah...
  10. No campfires over here, that's not done in our small crowded country, unless it's where it's permitted, but not so many places, no. We lack the natural space other, larger, countries do have and the laws are pretty much strict there. Nevertheless, WS was, is and will stay very much playing over and over again, hell, as we speak, rather write right now, it's playing in the background. My daily WS vitamins these days. And though autumn is rearing it's ugly, well for some folks, head, it seems to fit any occasion I feel. Great. We are surely not running anymore but a nightly stroll under those WS is quite sth to do yeah, especially here, almost on the river where I live. Always fascinating really. And of course, ...counting my blessings and days untill the live record gets here and shortly after that the movie. Wrote it before, these are great times for all of us, Springsteen fans. And later this evening there will be another Jack out of a paper bag. Skåll to you all out there among the WS.
  11. No campfire here, no so easily done in the Netherlands, no coffee, don't drink that but an occasional whiskey, yeah, pulled out a bottle of Jack out of a paper bag, yep, that's what I do, mostly. And also, still playing WS over and over again. Seems to fit in nicely, whatever my feelings may be, happy, sad, thoughtful, lonely......somehow it fits everything. The one record I have been playing again and again, and supposingly will keep on playing and...and... And if the new one gets here then that one will do exactly the same. By the way, really looking forward to his rendition of Rhinestone Cowboy, a great song by the late Glenn Campbell. These are good times for Springsteen fans, surely. Got my ticket already for the WS movie, so that's another one to really look forward to.
  12. Mary's Place has a joyful feeling over it and the melancholy just drips from out, for sake of old good times. Drop the needle he sang somewhere, now, who did do that in those digital days and ways. It brings back the past and fond memories come to mind. Which is great.
  13. Great to read all these wonderful words what Springsteen meant in oh so many lives for them. A dazzling 70, where I myself am a dazzling, for myself really, 60 plus sth. Have been with his music since autumn 1975. BtR was on the Dutch, yes, Netherlands is where I reside, radio and that one just blew me away. A boy at 16, never heard of him before but that particular dj, just kept on playing that one, each and every evening at 18.30 hrs sharp. Then the BtR album came out, we, a friend and me, rushed out to our local record store and had a listen. Like that one song did do, the whole album blew us away. Who was this, hell, what was this, what's happening to us... So from that point, Bruce came into my life and he never left, no. Still part of daily nutrition, so the speak. So came 1987 upon us, Darkness arrived, and again, we were amazed at what we heard. And read, those lyrics. In between Greetings and Wild, Innocent were met with great enthusiasm, how could I have overlooked those two? Anyway, The River came, Nebraska, worldwide stardom came, for Bruce yes, not for me of course and somehow things changed at that point. His music was all over the radio, so, somehow, it was not MY Bruce anymore. Therefor perhaps Born Usa my least favo album. What would happen next?. So he came up with Tunnel and I was amazed again. That's the same man who faced hlobal stardom?. Yes, indeed. But for me, a great record. The followed the years not on E-street, Human and Lucky, though for me, not so lucky years. Human was overproduced, though had some great songs, title track e.g. Lucky was better but still, there was sth missing. Lost years, he himself said so, later. Then came the live album, Bruce back on E-street, yeah, that was what I was waiting for. The Rising into the 00 years and all the rest up to now, Western Stars, which, by the way is up here while writing, or rather, trying to write these lines. WS a perfect album for a guy who just turned 70 but also a perfect one for a guy who is in his 60s now, so the autumn of life is looking down on him, me i.e. I laughed with his music, I cried with his music, it brought me cheers and hoorays, it offered solace where it could and should. Can't really imagine a life without this singbook, hell, can't really imagine a life for myself if there hadn't been that restless boy from Jersey who changed lives in some degree. So, yes, happy happy birthday, you old(er)man, keep on doing what you have been doing, raise yer glasses and say cheers, prost or skåll, it all means the same. A toast to life itself and all that was in it. Has been a hell of a ride but worth every second so far. If that can be achieved, simply thru music then we have a mission accomplished really. The impossible made possible. So there you go, after all these years.
  14. Great times indeed, 2012-2014. But alas, the quote Those were the Days only can be used to the 1973-1981 era. Of course some melancholy gets in the way there. Frankly all times when some Bruce songs came out were, are, great, yeah, but yes, surely, the seventies, those were the days, truly. Records in the last years, great stuff indeed, just can't stand any comparison with those from that era. I mean, we're talking about Wild Innocent, Born to run, Darkness and River, Springsteen's most urgent songs in his great songbook. And the melancholy I'm referring to is about youth, being younger myself way back then and the way you look at the music, Bruce himself, hell the whole damn world. That was a totally different take on what was there. And after the running, I did that myself for quite some years, running from everything almost, you find your own little spot in this place and yer views change more and more. Being sure also that the sound of those albums really would't fit in today. But those really were the days yeah Or am I just experiencing al late midlife crisis, though I'm really too old for that.
  15. Human Touch, apart from the title track, by far is the worst album Bruce made. Which makes it harder to believe it outsold WS by far, though times surely have changed yeah. It is a too smooth production, it really is over-produced and it sounds as if it just rolled out of a computer. Songwise, it does have some nice tunes, HT being by far superior and thus it is an album which I haven't played in quite a while, i.e. years really. And no, really don't miss it in my collection. And Bruce himself looked back on this period as lost years, which should say enough. Twin brother Lucky Town is much better though it can't compete with the other stuff. But of course, this is merely an opinion, nothing more, nothing less.