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  1. That was an incredible night yesterday. Bruce came,saw and conquered Rome!
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    I just can´t stop laughing on how ridiculous this all is Now Trondheim on the 26th of July, Oslo on the 28th and Zurich on the 31st (tickets start at 175€!!!) First all the people wanted to go to Rome...Bruce announced Gö drop Rome,buy Göteborg. Now bruce announced Zurich....people will drop Göteborg and will buy Zurich That´s a f+++ing clever way to sell tickets
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    Honestly this tour just came out of nowhere....they maybe wanted to do US for the sake of playing. Then it turned out there was interest from Europe too, but they weren´t sure if the "old material" could hold up the momentum and excitement. Then we were at End of January and they were desperately trying to find venues...that´s ridiculously late to plan a tour if you´re an act of Bruce size. Other artists have their tours planned, Euro 2016 blocs France from June/Juli although it facilitates stadium availability after mid May as season closes earlier. For me they then fixed where they were almost sure to sell out, Italy and Dublin (with a huge pull on UK peeps) and then basically took what they could find and squeeze in... That´s a bit f+++ed up if you ask me, because it just leaves you in a state of helplessness as you don´t know what to aim for. But then again nobody forces you to go and see him. I have on ticket for BER and that will very likely be it. I would have loved to see him in NYC (as i´m there when he plays Barclay) but i fly home on the day of the concert and with rebooking, Hotel and ticket amounting to about 350€ extra that´s not gonna fly.
  4. European Tour Confirmed -

    I´ve been lucky to see the two 2012 Ullevi shows (with the first Jungleland on the 2nd night since Clarence passed away) and it was crazy. Every bar or Hotel in Gothenburg was playing Bruce music, several of his albums were back in the top 100, and his face was just everywhere in the city. I have never seen a whole town been so crazy about a music act that was performing there...
  5. European Tour Confirmed -

    Berlin Fos check
  6. European Tour Confirmed -

    Anybody in need of a spare kidney? ;D
  7. European Tour Confirmed -

    Trotta will go to court as 40.000 Springsteen Tickets for San Siro were gone in a few minutes and a lot finished on reseller sites which ask up to 670€ for a GA ticket (originally priced 97,5€ with presale fee). Tomorrow another 5000 tickets will go on sale through the classic vendors off-line, later (not specified when) 10.000 tickets (mostly on the sides of the stage) will go on sale as well.. Plus the artcle mentions more than rumors about a second San Siro date due to the huge demand and San Siro being free (which might be a very credible option, as you see the difficulties Bruce Inc. seems to be having to find suitable venues for the concerts) so for those of you who still want to be there....there is hope
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    True....this is only a portion of tickets on sale The rest goes on sale Thursday through the classic ticket hotlines and resell centers in the ticketone circuit
  9. European Tour Confirmed -

    Barley Arts (Italian concert organizer) announced that they want to take legal action against organized reselling of tickets on sites like Seatwave,Viagogo and co..
  10. European Tour Confirmed -

    More relaxed than germans. Vienna concert is usually full of people from Hungary,Czech Rep, Croatia and so on. Pretty good crow Jep, 2008 at 35 degrees with these nice metal floor that had heatet up the whole day and burned us all when we went inside. And 2013 when we got lucky at the GA lottery (got Nr. 460 something at 6.20 a.m and the drew 410 so i ended up front row). With Gothenburg the best place to see Bruce...
  11. Tour extended through August?

    Just announced officially:
  12. European Tour Confirmed -

    And these roll-calls get more ridiculous tour to tour....starting 3 days prior by someone who lives there with 2 calls a day so arranged that the people can go to work or post picture of them sightseeing in the city.....
  13. European Tour Confirmed -

    Nothing confirmed...but there is a eventim Ticket alarm for GER and AT...Vienna date rumored to be be the 7th July Germany can be anywhere, although Munich on the 5th might make sense if Vienna is true. anyhow....all just speculations. I believe it when i see it Jep, i remember FoS costing about 20€ more last time. Anyhow other acts do it regularly, selling Silver or Golden Circle Tix for 1 or even two pits for double the price of a GA (and even more)
  14. European Tour Confirmed -

    Front of Stage - direct pit access tix. They were sold at recent tours for concerts in Germany and Austria. People still queue, but you are sure to get into the pit with these
  15. European Tour Confirmed -

    Well....if Italy asks 85€ for GA, which has always been quite the cheapest country to see Bruce (Milan 2008 45€ GA, 2013 63€ GA) that was to be expected. Wonder what they will ask for Germany (guess might also be around 100€) and if they do FoS tIx then I´ll bet for a 120€