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    Your favourite you tube clip

    And this for me is Bruce at his purest
  2. I bet a good 99% of these Kids went through some heavy Pawlov inspired training by their parents to be wanting to be on stage with Bruce.... For me it´s realising their dream of coming close to Bruce through their kids... As a Sunny Day dad that's not the reality for me or my boy... my boy's favourite songs are 'Prove It', 'No Surrender' and 'Doctor Who' which he plays constantly, so knowing two lines from Sunny is pretty easy going for him... so no Pavlov (Pawlov? Who's he?) training for us... time tables and reading more like Like i said, there might be some kids who really dig his music but for most of them it seems that it´s more their parents wish than theirs Ivan Pavlov: See area on legacy and conditioned Reflex
  3. I bet a good 99% of these Kids went through some heavy Pawlov inspired training by their parents to be wanting to be on stage with Bruce.... For me it´s realising their dream of coming close to Bruce through their kids... That's it, spot on. That's what I don't like. I've witnessed parents thrashing their way through the crowd pushing their kid in front of them to get in place. I find it pretty distasteful, especially when it's a weekday and you realise the parents have kept their kids out of school to do it. I'm sure in some cases it's genuine- but every night's kid? No chance. Pretty good example was Cork. They (Family with 3 Kids) were in the queue behind me (Nr. 209-212), the Kids were bored and complaining most of the day and the eldest wanted to leave the whole day. When WOASD came on Bruce grabbed the Boy on stage and his middle sister who wore a shirt saying "3rd time at the Show -Bruce´s best friend". While the Boy sang (not really knowing the words and pretty wrongly) the girl was looking like a deer called in headlights close to crying and going back to their parents...
  4. I bet a good 99% of these Kids went through some heavy Pawlov inspired training by their parents to be wanting to be on stage with Bruce.... For me it´s realising their dream of coming close to Bruce through their kids...
  5. To cite 80`s Bruce " It was so close I could almost taste it..." Can´t we just get elderly people on the stage instead of kids? The crutch and the walking frame shouldn´t be a problem
  6. Re comparing last nights show to the last shows of last years tour: you were at Ullevi last year weren't you? I don't know what's your take on it, but I'm actually surprised quite a few thought the first show at Ullevi last year was a little so-and so. "Standard setlist, no big surprises, blah blah blah..." I thought that was a very well paced show with a strong opening, allright I admidt stopping the show for Something in the Night, and then kickstarting it again with My Love... seemed a little weird at the time, but that was thanks to a sign anyway. You had the epic Drive All Night after Sunny Day and a strong encore. My guess is that last nights show had a very similar feeling to the first show in Gothenburg last year, lacking that little extra, but maybe that actually had to do with people having skyhigh expectations? The voice of reason, as always! Also, I guess last nights show was by far better than no show at all like the US are getting, of course I'm guessing here, but you could always contact AMIW for confirmation. i think Gothenburg #1 was brilliant,its just overshadowed by the epicness of Night2.. Still Album,Shows for me seem like lazy move and i'm really surprised he pulled that out on the penultimate night...
  7. Well, first of all it´s still a pretty decent setlist after all and I´m sure the people there enjoyed the concert. But given the european tour finales on the 2009 tour and last year (Gothenburg double header and Helsinki) people were expecting something special tonight and that well didn´t happen... And i rememeber when the Kilkenny Shows were announced that a lot of folks from Italy,Germany,Spain and co sold their Cork/Limerick/Belfast tix and rebooked their flights to be at the tour conclusion. Matter of fact at the previous 3 Ireland Shows the Queue people (maybe except 50 people) weren´t the usual ones you find with the low numbers... And a lot of them skipped night 1 yesterday to queue for night two where they wanna be in front... But as Growin up said : It´s their risk. I personally had 2 times BitUSA (not exactly my favourite) and two times BTR on this tour and still sang on the top of my lungs during the BitUSA album.... But i know people who left (whoch i frankly don´t get) when he announced BitUSA Album because they already had it XXX times on this tour...
  8. I know a lot of people who are pretty down for having sold Limerick and Cork to be at this one only to get another BitUSA show... And i bet those hardcore folks already queuing for tomorrow will be praying for not yet another album (BTR my guess)
  9. Lucky peeps,maybe i should have done Belfast too and not only Limerick and Cork. But with this logic i would end up doing them all
  10. A bit late (just got back home to Austria) but here´s my versions of 2 of the Songs from the concert. Also recorded the whole pre-show but this is still uploading
  11. This was the last concert of my 2013 Wrecking ball tour and even if Limerick seemed a bit more lively to me (but maybe it was just the one month concert absence) this was a very good Show. Had a 200 number for the pit,queue was ordered and well managed. Preshow was fun and very early,a lot of People just had taken/secured their spots and were going for a pee or getting Food when he came out. I really liked wild Thing and how Bruce desperately tried to find someone to play the solo . Was really happy for Derek that he got his request played. Great versions of Adam,Frankie and Prove it 78. It´s just that Limerick seemed a bit more playful to me,a bit more off the reel... Anyhow finally a none Album Show... As for the exit of the Stadium: Can´t complain,got out well but we took our time saying goodbye to everyone we knew and taking pics... here´s two of the vids i made , others from Limerick (whole Pre-show + 41 shots and Ain't to proud to beg) are on my channel (or just being uploaded)
  12. Really nice pre-show: I'll work for your love,GitsC and real world (piano) He sounds great,was joking about the weather ("better than Jersey..")
  13. Limerick just wasn't that crowded,when he did the pre-show there was still plenty of space in the pit.I heard people getting in the pit after 6.30. Limerick was quite laid back.,, Last update from Cork: 850 people in list,gonna be moved in 20min.Weather warm,but cloudy.Sec is well organized,big props to them for handling and info policy..
  14. 10 o clock rollcall: 435 people in Line. Queue location: Monahan road crossing with Marrywill RCs Tomorrow: 9,11,1 p.m. After that they'll move us in a separate area where you can't get out anymore.No shade there,so bring something to protect yourself from sun and obviously food/drinks... That's all the info I got