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  1. But i do think that Bruce had place to shine in the 80's he did solos on Born In The Usa,Cover Me ,Prove It All Night,Because The Night.I don't know but in the 80's Bruce played better solos than Nils
  2. can we talk about the subject please or should i change the title cause i think you know what i'm talking about .kickin some ass on guitar
  3. Guys i know that after E Street Reunin Bruce stopped practicing guitar so Nils looked like a beast but i was listening to a many live recordings from 1984,1985 and 1988 and i think Nils was not better than Bruce at all.Listen toi Prove It All Night live 1984 after Nils unimpressive short solo Bruce comes with the vengence with great melodical killer solos.in the 80s Bruce still practiced guitar. In the 1988 Bruce was in great guitar form check Cover Me Milano 1988.
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