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  1. The last concert I attended before Covid 19 shut down everything was a February Billy Joel show. Crystal was in great form. Her ability to play any instrument on stage, sing and dance with a vibrant personality has made her an on stage force for over 40 years. She is one of live rock's great supporting players. May she get well soon.
  2. My last show was the River Tour in Sunrise Feb 26th 2016. While it would not rank in my top ten as far as performance is concerned, it will always be special as it was the first and only time I was accompanied by my son to a Bruce show. It was a great road trip and night for us. However, my last time seeing Bruce in a live setting was on Broadway October 25th 2017. If that is the last time I see Bruce in a live setting, it's the perfect finish to a lifetime of fandom.
  3. Nils is such a rare individual in that his talent is so prodigious, yet he is more than happy to play a supporting role and let others take the spotlight despite his superior ability. To me the Born in the USA Tour will always rank near the top if for no other reason that Nils was given more to do with both his guitar and vocals which are just plain levels above what Steve is capable of. Although I must say that Steve's playing and singing were markedly better when he returned to the band. Part of it the improvement from fronting his own group and perhaps because Nils made him up his game
  4. Once upon a time many, many years ago, Ben was actually the producer of my radio show. Great guy, huge baseball and Bruce fan.
  5. Dylan is like Forest Gump's box of chocolates. You never quite know what you are going to get. On any given night he can be completely lethargic and unintelligible or enthralling and captivating.
  6. And they fit into the same clothes. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist)
  7. I think the reason he toured the River is that there are so many songs on the two album set that had not seen the light of day in many years as far as concert performances are concerned. Most of Born to Run and Darkness gets played every show with an occasional bonus track thrown in.
  8. I think for a moment I have to disagree with the concept of “winding down”. Since the conclusion of the last E Street Band Tour (Feb 2017). The man has: 1. Completed an almost 400 page autobiography 2. Written, stage and arranged a Broadway Show based on that book. 3. Performed that show 5 nights a week for a year. 4. Completed a project that had been on the shelf for some time which included hours of studio time. 5. Created, performed and released a stunning documentary and performance of that project. That is all in less than 2 years. That is a career for
  9. Anyone who has seen Bob Weir recently would marvel with how he is performing at his age and between Dead and a Company and his multiple solo projects, he is still out there a lot.
  10. It’s funny, but I still have not bothered to watch the Netflix version. Of SOB. I don’t want anything to conflict with my memory and the emotions created by that night I was there.
  11. I can’t think of trading my night of Springsteen on Broadway for anything else that he might do outside of a concert in my living room. To be up close for that level of intimacy with him after all these years was simply indescribable and I am guessing for most who were like me lucky enough to get to the Walter Kerr Theatre they would agree. Now here comes the sacrilegious part. I would take a Western Stars tour with that orchestra in a small theatre setting ( like much of the D&D tour) over a full band tour right now. I would never walk away from a full band tour and would welco
  12. Finally got a chance to see it yesterday. Only 5 people at the showing in an Atlanta theatre. But the five of us were quite lucky. I went to the movie with the expectation that I would enjoy the music, but be most moved by Bruce’s narrative mixing his rumination about life along with the home movies and stunning western vistas. The opposite was true. The parts between the songs were great, but the performance of the album was spectacular. You could truly feel the emotion he is trying to convey with these songs. If you have the chance to experience it on the big screen with a big D
  13. Having now seen a few Dead and Company shows and listened to many of their concert streams, I can not being to express how impressive he is as a guitar player. He has a rare combination of being both a top tier vocalist and instrumentalist. It's truly a shame his early persona and off stage love life have damaged his overall reputation and acceptance by a large portion of the music world and music loving public. The man is truly gifted.
  14. OK Rob, just wondering? I remember when I first started posting here, that you had said something about being in sports media here in St. Louis. Then I've notice since I looked at your profile contact methods KFNS. Which brings me to ask: Rob King? And there was another Rob there at that time, but can't remember the name, either one?

    I'm just asking because I find it fun to kind of put a face or in this case a voice with the messages?

    But then again I'm thrown off by the Tampa Bay location and joined in 2002. The Rob that was on KFNS very popular at the time moved to I think Memphis. Again you?

    Just asking your secret is good with me. If you like to answer.


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