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  1. Many thanks for this, just downloading the files, will let you know what I think when I have listened to the download. My second Bruce show, superb sound, had great seats in the stands, LHS facing stage about the best there were, got in early
  2. Any chance of an answer to this question please ?
  3. Great recordings of both Wembley shows, thanks for sharing, any idea roughly when the 4 July show will be available, hoping it's better than what's already out there. That was the only night of the stand I went to
  4. Looking at the posts regarding age and queuing for hours etc etc. I have done pit queues for the last few tours, Cardiff 08 and 13, Coventry 13 and 16, Wembley 13 and Manchester 12 and Glasgow 09. I will be turning 65 in June dont think I will be doing it again. It's about time especially with Covid and Bruce's aging audience that he played Arenas or if he has to do Stadiums how about seating on the floor ?. Even with the Vaccine I dont think I would feel sfe in an 80,000 or so crowd with no social distancing etc etc
  5. Here's a Few pictures from Glasgow 93 that I took(apart from pictures of me and Bruce and Roy), day before the show at SECC and day after at hotel. Managed to get centre page of River tour book signed day before the show and the picture of Bruce signing thast the day after the show.
  6. A mate of mine was at a Dublin show a few years ago, he managed to get into the bar at the Hotel where Bruce and the band were staying after the show. Max came in and joined my mate and others at a table for a few drinks. My mate asked him about the signs and he said there were no plants and that the band had no idea in advance what would be played by sign request at any show.
  7. Sorry I need Cardiff 23 July 2013 Essexboy, got dates mixed up with the 2008 show.............
  8. Seem to have mislaid my copy of Cardiff 14/6/2013, one of the best shows I have been to, think the best version is the Essexboy recording ? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  9. Thanks for the Birmingham and Earls Court shows from 99
  10. Thanks for the Sheffield and London shows, much appreciated
  11. After a few more favours I am afraid, need the following please Lucky London Town 6/7/1992 18 Years Later He's Still Quite Good, Bham 16/5/99 Court Action. London 23/5/99 Any help appreciated
  12. Looking for Manchester 1/5/99 and 2/5/99, both on Doberman, any help would be greatly appreciated
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