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  1. Ohh man... My reply was going to be that the video is ok but the song IS a masterpiece. To me its the best single he has released since Streets of Philadelphia
  2. Interesting; Wrecking ball was an album with so much promise that it never quite lived up to my expectation. The songs were instantly accessible but dont hold my attention for long. And at the time I was really annoyed that there were old songs rehashed on there.
  3. I just hope the new recording stands up to the greatness of Western Stars.... There is no need to rush Bruce, quality over quantity please
  4. In all seriousness, how is that even a debate... its clearly sways.
  5. Completely agree. My preference is generally for Bruce's solo work and this feels beautifully crafted with the same level of obsessive dedication as his early records (it is a perfect combination). I hope he does not feel compelled to make and ESB album but, like you, if he is going to make one I really hope he does it with the same level of care as Western Stars. Drop the overdubbed production (drum loops etc.) and get back to basics with a well crafted, honest hard working album.
  6. Beautiful song from an underappreciated album; 'for remember the soul of the universe, willed a world and it appeared'. And what more do we need to know? Black cowboy is another equally stunning story.
  7. I love Living Proof. Lyrically stunning.... 'like the missing words to some prayer, some prayer I could never make'. Just got goosebumps writing that. imagine coming up with it!
  8. My only hope is that he does not rush and ESB album out of a sense of duty/obligation. WS is incredible because it feels crafted and loved (like his old ESB albums), but I dont feel we have had that from an ESB album since The Rising. For me, his strongest work in the last few decades has been solo.
  9. Surprised to see the dislike for 'aint got you', I think it is one of his more accessible album openers. Draws you in right from the start.
  10. Didn't like the single. Love it on the album. it fits perfectly and I was actually moved the other day when I pondered the theme.
  11. Dont know why it posted twice.... Twice the backlash I guess.