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  1. A caricature is my father apparently... .my mother would always say he had become a caricature of himself
  2. Completely agree with this and from what i have heard so far the new album feels like a caricature album, which is a shame after the beautifully crafted (and It was clear that it was really crafted) western stars album. If it is a signing off ESB album it would have been nice if it was a well crafted one. I also agree on the new music front. We are constantly hearing that Springsteen is in the studio. Just release the damn stuff like other artists do as EPs on spotify. Be experimental, create and release what you like. I always thought that Springsteen had one last masterpiece in him. It may have been western stars but I have always felt it would be a stripped back acoustic album (similar to Cash's final releases). Lord knows there is plenty in the world for him to observe and critique at the moment. In fact, this new album feels like it could be contextually misplaced like working on a dream... which was then followed up with Wrecking ball which was more context appropriate but probably too late.
  3. I think a lot of western stars songs are sequels. The one that stands out the most is Chasing Wild horses being a sequel to highway patrolman; following frankies brother after he slipped away from him on that fateful night. Guess it was somethin' I shouldn't have done Guess I regret it now Ever since I was a kid Tryin' to keep my temper down is like Chasin' wild horses, chasin' wild horses Chasin' wild horses Left my home, left my friends I didn't say goodbye I contract out to the BLM Up on the Montana line Chasin' wild horses, chasin' wild horses
  4. It was quite awkward last time. I don't know why he would bother I bet it has negligible impact on sales. Also, play a damn song.
  5. I fought with thinking the same. I thought it was a little lazy but equally, like a lot of his art, it is multi layered (I often think that this is why he is a misunderstood artist). On the face of it, it looks like a lazy cash-in and a tired and basic metaphor. But the book described in great detail the darkness and disquiet in his character. Regardless of whether he has moved much physically, he has a restlessness of the soul that is constantly born to run.
  6. I would say that my most regularly listened to albums are: lucky town, Tunnel of love, GOTG and Devils and Dust. I have probably listened to Darkness to death but still appreciate its greatness.
  7. Agree pretty much with your last two points, although I would say that western stars (the song) is the best thing he has released in 25 years. Agree on New York City Serenade..... this should be considered one of his greatest hits. To think that a 23 year old (perhaps younger) wrote and composed this is insane.
  8. No particular order; Racing in the street Gave it a name Dry Lightening New York City Serenade Lucky Town Tougher than the rest Western Stars Backstreets Murder Inc Downbound Train Pshhh, so many more
  9. There are at least 4 songs on the new Fallon album (and the previous one) that are infinitely better; try Vincent for one.
  10. Sounds about right. By comparison Western Stars was one of radio 6's albums of the year.
  11. There should always be a place to appreciate it amongst his top 4-5 albums.
  12. Western stars sounds glorious and it says a heck of a lot . We'll have to agree to disagree
  13. It just a pure nostalgia track, which has its place. The emphasised count in. The piano interlude. The sax. But it says nothing, it isn't powerful. It is fairly generic dad rock-pop.... but I did enjoy it more than Letters.
  14. Agree re. Western Stars, its why my preference would be for him to work on honed solo albums. For example we have been told that he has been prolific during lockdown... at this stage of his career/life he shouldnt be afraid to release experimental stuff as an EP, straight to spotify... plenty of other artists do it.
  15. I beg to disagree. Western Stars was a masterpiece (and I mean that literally), it was the first time we have heard 'Springsteen' songs (depth, lyricism, philosophy) for about a decade. I like this Ghosts but I hope the whole album does not come off as rushed in comparison to WS. One observation for me, and it seems to be happening more and more, is the clunky way in which lyrics are delivered, the often feel forced, disjointed.
  16. My biggest regret was drawing Broadway tickets (the show would have been on my birthday) but not buying them. Context; In the lottery they came up super quick and were an expensive ticket, given how quickly they came I thought I could refresh and likely be given more choices. Wrong! Worst of all I was going to be in the US on business around that time so I would not even have had to pay for the flights. Dohh!
  17. Western stars is an absolute masterpiece, up there with his top albums. didnt they say there was around 40 songs for Western Stars?... hope so
  18. 'Poison snake bites you, your poison too'? The whole D&D album (which I love), draws heavily from Cormac McCarthys boarder trilogy (beautiful books)
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