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  1. I droped an email to Tony, who was extremely responsive and very helpful. He confirmed tickets were only canceld before a sale was complete on ebay. Presuming the ticket was already in the sellers hands, they would just re-list it, ensuring the unique ticket identifier is no longer visible. That is what i thought, i am nojust keeping my fingers crossed. Overall I feel that of the ‘touting sites’ ebay should be the least targets because at least it is democratic. Yes people are paying crazy prices but at least they are setting them themselves!
  2. I droped an email to Tony, who was extremely responsive and very helpful. He confirmed tickets were only canceld before a sale was complete on ebay.
  3. risky,considering that the arena manager has already posted on here that any tickets he found for sale on ebay with identifiable locations have been cancelled He did not say they had been cancelled only that eBay tickets originally purchased through Eventim were the only ones he had the ability to cancel: http://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/topic/114664-leeds-and-wrecking-the-touts-letter-to-jon-landau-management/?p=2283135I beg to differ "I hate touts. Wholeheartedly. I can confirm however that the real issue here was demand, not conspiracy. On the morning of the on-sale, my website received 125,022 unique visitors between 0850 and 0910. I can also confirm that I've taken repeated action against people selling tickets above face value on auction sites, including the cancellation and re-listing of tickets." ^^ that's a direct quote from the arena manager Quite frankly what the FUCK is this! How does this help genuine fans like myself who have bought GA tickets from ebay? Yes I HATE touts too (although the guy I bought them off was a fan and I, felt given the demand for the show, the price i paid was fiar) but cancelling the tickets does not impact the seller, who now has thier money, it impacts the fan being turned away at the door!!
  4. So to confirm, will there be a pit at leeds? If so what will be the approximate capacity and what time do people think you will have to queue from to get into the pit (just in, not to the front)? Thanks in advance
  5. Sipping on a Tribute and watching the sun slowly set over the camel estuary... ahhh feels like a little bit of heaven HERE ON EARTH
  6. Exactly. There will not be a bad view. Out of say 3,000 floor spaces, how many people will know about roll calls etc? The majority don't spend time on these boards. How long would i have to turn up before the gig for the roll call? And how exactly does the process work?
  7. I have 3 GA’s, going with my GF and mum. What kind of view (i.e. to the sides or center and back) do you think we will get if we just turn up an hour before the show? I have queued for hours on end in the past but figured with so few standing surely there will not be a bad place to stand?
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