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  1. Agree and I even felt this way about Wrecking ball... there was no need for the three previously released songs to be on it. The antithesis of this for me was Western stars which was honed over nearly a decade.... and you know what? It REALLY shined through. It is without doubt a late career masterpiece which i consider one of his best ever records. I hope he doesn't water down those recent efforts with a rushed release. He's also, reputedly, been recording loads in lockdown but I doubt we will see any of that for 2-3 years!... if he wants to get loads out why not publish with his own record label, god knows he has enough money.
  2. Bruce song's at there best are poems to me, chocked full of wisdom and insight about the human condition. Love Big Muddy, I also love the sound.... there should be wayyyyy more slide guitar in music.
  3. That's interesting. Im strictly a lyrics man so that is an interesting perspective on both points. I find the lyrics on LT very wise and philosophical, its nice to learn that Bruce discovered, through trials and tribulations, what really mattered in life. But you can still tell that a rather cautious and scared man lies beneath that wisdom. He's and observer and will always be a bit of an outsider and his family, more than anything, try to draw him out for the better.
  4. Feet on gravel and crackling phone lines are evocative to him. He's mentioned it specifically in an interview before. Sounds like some interesting songs coming... just wish he'd not put the old ones on the record.
  5. It really is an excellent album, probably the one I am drawn back to most consistently. I appreciate it might not be his 'best' but I have perhaps listend to some of the classics to death. Lucky town feels effortlessly great and welcoming. Lyrically it is stunning (the laconic narrative of Lucky Town and the beauty of Living proof and book of dreams). If he had combined this with some of the best tunes from HT he would have created one of his best albums ever.
  6. Yeah, probably another three years until we hear what he is working on now. Irritating.
  7. Mostly agree with you here. This absolutely feels like generic elevator rock, although it is growing on me a little. What i find a shame is that this effort appears to be the complete antithesis of Western Stars which was a labour of love. I agree that the song is lyrically week but I interpret the meaning to be about his relationship with his fans overtime which makes it a more enjoyable listening experience (although someone did say that this feels like it could be a left over from WOAD, in which case it could be interpreted as a groveling letter to Patti during an era when he cheated don her). I also agree that the music and the lyrics feel clumsy. this would have been a lovely acoustic ditty (to be honest at this stage of his career, if he wants to produce quick albums, I wish they were acoustic). Also, musically, they missed the opportunity to make this more zippy; it has an interesting galloping beat behind it, but the whole song would have benefited if that was way up in the mix (think Dylan's 'Series of dreams'). Lastly, I don'r like that it is recorded live. Springsteen is great live (one of the best ever), we know that but if you want to hear him live, listen to his live stuff... I want a nice honed and produced studio album. As for the three old songs.... come on man, put these on tracks!! Just make an EP if you dont have enough material. Lastly, lastly, we heard from Patti that Bruce has been prolific in lock down (unlikely on this album) .We always here that he is prolific and has lost albums but the he adds old stuff to new albums (something dosnt add up). If you are being prolific, just release the damn stuff... we'll probably have to wait three years to hear it now. I feel bad complaining but I think it is because Western Stars was SOOO incredible that I don't want him to diminish that with a quick unnecessary release.
  8. Ok, the song is growing on me a little. On my drive home last night I was wondering where I would rank it amongst his other songs and I came to the conclusion that it fits in a generic mid-range of songs that are neither good or bad (a list in its own right). That said, it is growing on me. I feel it could have benefited with a bit more zip... it has a nice galloping feel to it but they missed an opportunity not making that more pronounced.... if they had produced this more like 'series of dreams' it could have been a real belter.
  9. One of my favourite Springsteen lyrics is the hanging thread on Lucky town
  10. To be honest, I think he is capable of that (he proved that with western stars).
  11. The sound wasn't outdated, so much as utterly unique. It was a late career masterpiece. Talking about outdated, this latest single just feels generic, not even dated. Elevator rock.
  12. So, they were new (never known of or heard before) and they where honed with love and affection that came through in spades. This feels throw away
  13. Its the creative wall issue that worries me. Wrecking ball was lesser for its 'old' material (including wreckingball which already had a better live version). This album sounds like the antithesis of Western Stars which was a labour of love and genius. If he is going to release a quickly made album I wish it was a sparce, lyrical and acoustic thing
  14. Shame really. Put them on tracks 2 and make this and EP.
  15. It leaves me cold becuase his last stuff was sooo good. This feels generic to me which is a bit of a shame.
  16. I like the sentiment of the song but it feels very generic. I feel it would work better as acoustic or western stars style... but that is just my preference
  17. With your ears Dunno, i can only find it on itunes.
  18. Not the most convenient place or position to pen a letter
  19. Think that is my problem. Western stars demonstrated the true genius of the man, the artist. I hope that this is not a generic effort or there is no point
  20. The vocals are pretty bad. I can only listen to a snippet of it though on Itunes store
  21. Suppose I am comparing to western stars which was a cut above the rest. Genius . This just sounds like cookie cutter dad rock.
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