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  1. Disappointing there is old stuff on it. Real shame especially after Western Stars
  2. Absolutely this. Bruce just spent nearly 10 years crafting Western Stars which is a masterpiece to me. I was left pretty cold by Wrecking Ball because of the amount of old material on it. Just release an EP Bruce or a tracks CD. I hope that the tracks CD and this new release are getting conflated and that this will all be new material
  3. Bruce you sweated over the masterpiece that is Western Stars for nearly a decade. Why release an album with old outtakes. Just release an EP or tracks.
  4. Would of expected a leak by now. I'm calling BS on new BS tomorrow (hope im wrong)
  5. Stray bullet should be on the greatest hits let alone The River
  6. Bruce was also doing a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. So likely all connected. That said I would expect a leak tomorrow if the single is being released on Thursday (that happened for 'hello sunsine' )
  7. He sounds like Little Steven on American Beauty, can't remember the exact song though
  8. Thematically its Bruce, but then Brandon Flowers always is. I actually prefer his solo stuff these days.... this sounds a little like it so hopefully the rest of the album will be.
  9. Blood loss. Yes! If this was top ten Albums Elsie would be in mine hands down.
  10. This so tough. The only way I could do this exercise was to imagine it was like an executioners last meal and these were the last 10 songs I would hear. Many of them I have over listened to over the years and they don't necessarily reflect the stuff I am listening to now but damn I would want to hear them as a last go around; 1) Crush with Eyeliner: REM 2) Dignity: Deacon Blue 3) Racing in the Street 4) Mississippi: Dylan (was so close to it being Shooting star) 5) The Ship Song: Nick Cave 6) Yellow Ledbetter: Pearl Jam 7) Did I ever Love you: Cohen 8) Look on down from the bridge: Mazzy Star 9) These are the days of our lives: Queen (I was a huge queen fan as a child) 10) Dont look back in anger: Oasis (I was a huge oasis fan as a teen Many, many omissions; however which way I tried I couldn't jam in Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams, Gaslight Anthem/Brian, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, Greenday, Tom waits... the list goes on and on. Man this was hard.
  11. Is anyone making a recording? I have been on a work call an unable to tune in
  12. Please do a Dylan and release some new music in our time of need. Tracks 2 sure would be fantastic right now.
  13. Agreed, agreed. Seems perfectly contemplative for these truly bizarre times.
  14. I just saw a video of him talking on Instagram. It seemed to only be half of the video though
  15. How are we folks? This is set to be the biggest global crisis of a lifetime. The world is upside down.
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