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  1. I strolled all alone through a fallout zone and came out with my soul untouched.......
  2. Listend to BITUSA this weekend. Murder Inc. after BITHUSA would have been so powerful. They should have gone for it.
  3. Would have been very powerful after BITUSA. Perhaps they feared making it an overly political album.
  4. Those lyrics though man... how does he come up with that stuff. Combined with the delivery. Absolute perfection. I blazed it loud with my windows down on the way to work today. Imposed it on the sad grey commuters.
  5. The delivery of those lyrics blows me away every time and demonstrates the depth of his musical repertoire and abilities. I cant think of another Sptingsteen song where he delivers lyrics like that and it makes me wish he mixed it up more. The clipped lyrics and delivery are perfect and build with the power and the tension of the song. Beyond this, the song is superb; lyrically it highlights his empathetic excellence as a narrative song writer, with perfectly refined detail that speak a thousand worlds. I was also thinking today that the sax solo has to be on of the best and most powerful .
  6. Yeah, I think he would be utterly lost without it. Reading his biography I wouldn't be at all surprised if he offed himself one day (not saying he will just that I wouldn't be surprised). I suspect the likelihood would rise if he lost her.
  7. Incredible lyric. Probably the most impactful on the album. Unfortunately, i feel this way at 33.
  8. 'Had a coat of fine leather and snake skin boots but that coat always had a thread hanging loose, I pulled it one night and to my surprise...' Perfectly sums up emptiness of acquisition and the continued longing for something more ethereal and sadly, how we can tire of our situation and our loved ones . How we seek and will always do so.
  9. Absolutely ridiculous. Its the best and most consistent thing he has done in 30 years.
  10. At this point he has eared the right to do what he wants, but my hope is that he does it with conviction not out of any sense of obligation. Following up on WS is going to be a tall order. If he is doing an Estreet record I really hope if it is as well crafted as WS with the same attention to detail and production. A rushed effort now would really knock the wind out of his prior efforts the last few years. I dont think we will see shorter shows, but perhaps more downtime in between shows (the moment he cant do 3 hours is the moment he will stop rock concerts). His narrative and more acoustic based albums have always been my favourite. Bruce also seems to have acquired his true voice in the last few years. We know he has always been a sage but now it seems to come with ease... he seems to have evolved into his one true self that we knew was there all along. To that effect I would love to see him hone this futher with some sparse and cutting acoustic records and intimate theatre shows (but perhaps he thinks he can do that at 75+). Also, watching the WS movie the other night I couldn't help but notice on 'Sleepy Joe's' that Bruce wanted to let loose almost as though muscle memory was kicking in... you could see him wanting to add energy to the song, the same with Rhinestone Cowboy. So if the guy wants to rock, let him rock. 'Sundays I take my El Camino, throw my saddle in and go'.... maybe 2020 is his Sunday of all Sundays
  11. Do you think we will ever see the other ~30 songs he wrote for this album? Maybe a bumper xmas package of CD, Film and additional songs?
  12. Watched the film. Loved the live performances and the SOUND man the sound! Loved the reverberating vocals. I was a little disappointed that the vignettes were so short... in some instances they were like one minuet long. I have to say I was hoping for more in that regard. The most striking introduction was for Stones, I felt as though I was in purgatory. Re. Stones.... I cant believe that so many are saying they don't like it on the album, it is probably the song I play the most.
  13. To me it is even more coherent than the Rising. It really is a masterpiece. The masterpeice we all knew he was still capable of. Im hoping as he slows we will get a stripped back 'Cash like' masterpiece. One more for the road.
  14. Is Western Stars just showing today only in most places in the UK? I had assumed it would run for at least a week. I cant go and watch it tonight
  15. Infinetly better than Graham Norton and absolutely the kind of platform he should have been given on TV in the UK.
  16. Hi songs are ALWAYS semi-autobiographical
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