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  1. Didn't like the single. Love it on the album. it fits perfectly and I was actually moved the other day when I pondered the theme.
  2. Dont know why it posted twice.... Twice the backlash I guess.
  3. Me too... people saying its his best since magic.... yeah if magic is like a 3 and this is a 10 (but I never could quite find the appreciation others have for magic). I just keep wishing that this is the first instalment of a double album.
  4. I was listening to this on the way to work this morning. A couple of observations. Does anyone pick up on the subtle message of "Children be careful how you play"; Its not sung as an observation but rather imbued with a wisdom which feels as though it is guided towards young lovers (children) and how they should be careful how the interact with one another because these connections can have life long consequences, good and bad. Also, this brings me to tears every time; 'your whispered secret I promised I'd never tell'
  5. Does this mean more Springsteen music/videos or are these old tweets?
  6. Listening on the way to work AGAIN today I had a realisation; The character from Chasing Horses is Frankie from Highway Patrolman (or at least in my head he is). Now ever since we was young kids it's been the same come down I get a call on the short wave Franky's in trouble downtown Ever since I was a kid Tryin' to keep my temper down is like It was out at the crossroads down round Willow Bank Seen a Buick with Ohio plates behind the wheel was Frank Well I chased him through them county roads 'til a sign said Canadian border 5 miles from here I pulled over the side of the highway and watched his taillights disappear Left my home, left my friends I didn't say goodbye I contract out to the BLM Up on the Montana line
  7. I'll say it, its a masterpiece; as vital as he has sounded since The Rising and the most coherent since Tunnel of Love.
  8. I was thinking about this song a couple of nights ago. I have not gone down a Bruce rabbit hole for a while... the new album has whetted the appetite
  9. Welcome Declan. We're all riders on this train.
  10. I think Western Stars should have been the last single perhaps; it is fantastic that the first gimps we got was on the record but the greatness of that song is somewhat overshadowed by the album release. It should have had its own moment in the sun, its the best song he has produced since i have been a purchasing fan (first Bruce album i bought was Magic, although my dad bought them all prior to that).
  11. So I was contemplating the album and liked the thought that the songs were natural couplets (an interesting theme for an album which warns against ones own isolation). So here are my musings on the songs/characters that could be linked; The young hitch hiker, who sets off so full of spirit eventually, after years on the road, realises that no man is an island and that, whilst he may not want it but, he needs stability and a ‘home’ for the good of his life and mental health. He sees the proverbial sunshine and wishes it would stay. The Wayfarer, is the later incarnation of the man in Stones; The incident in Stones turned his heart to stone and disrupted the stability and bliss that he found temporarily in his, earlier, Bungalow life. The protagonist in Tucson train is very excited to see his ‘baby’ but when she arrives he finds that this is not quite reciprocated and, well… there goes my miracle. The Western Star is the man retracing his steps and former glory on Moonlight Motel… hell these days there aint no more, now there’s just again…. He alludes to enjoying stealing himself away to the desert to watch the cowboys. It is on one of those trips that he takes the trip across the valley floor, through that dusty screen door. After a lifetime of B-list fame, he hankers for a time when two lovers could lose themselves. Sleepy Joes is the foundation for the drifters, it stands alone…. Relief is temporary. Permanent bliss is for other people like Joe and May. The stunt man is a later life version of the man chasing horses. The thrill of being a stunt man is the only thing he found to deaden his brain and quit from chasing the proverbial horses. His self-destruction is also self-flagellation for his previous, unspoken, wrongdoing. The guy drifting north of Nashville, is the same man who is wishing he had not given up his girl and that she was with him now in Sundown. Id love to hear yawls thoughts.
  12. And equally a dig at the way the elite 'take care of their own' ... its multifaceted.
  13. Yeah for sure; to me these are his best works. Sit down in a darkened room and bask in all their glories. Better than therapy any day of the week.
  14. To me, this song is the musical embodiment of the boarder trilogy. Its beautiful.
  15. Has anyone else noticed Patti's soft echoing of 'back, back, back' after the 'I shout your name into the canyon, the echo throws it back' line?
  16. I have always loved 'my best was never good enough', and I see it as wry take on the reception of human touch/Lucky town. I also wonder if this is why he never plays Streets of Philadelphia live... almost like 'you don't want Human Touch/Lucky town... well you aint having the Oscar award wining song either'.
  17. I suppose for me, unless he can make and ESB record as dedicated as WS then I wish he would park it and peruse other styles.... what im basically saying is that I already want Western Stars #2
  18. I have noticed this with live renditions of songs in the last 10 years or so. For example, 'im going down' on the full album show is super slowed down.... he aint a kid anymore. Although sublime, most people would call this old peoples music if they were only half paying attention.
  19. I suppose I was specifically referring to him saying that he was working immediately on an ESB album. It felt like this came as sense of obligation. Personally I feel that Western Stars is the 'best' (most vital) thing he has done since The Rising (although i am in the minority in loving D&D) and the most coherent thing he has done since Tunnel of Love. So I would love him to go in whatever creative direction he wants to rather than our of a sense of obligation.
  20. I was thinking exactly this yesterday; I would describe this as a cowboy (western) album rather than country.
  21. I would be inclined to agree. And whilst I do love the song, I find it to be slightly contrived/forced. For example, everyone loved 'if we were vampires' on the last Isbell record but I felt that it was self conscious/manufactured. MM doesn't feel quite that way to me but I find chasing wild horses and stones to be more emotional and heartfelt.
  22. I hated the single and was really worried we were in for WOAD #2..... But I love the song on the album.... fits perfectly within its context.
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