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  1. Have to add Craig Finn's I Need A New War to the list. Just great, great album.
  2. Bruce sounds a bit like John Beasley telling the story of Everwood at the start and end of the episodes. I loved Everwood and John Beasleys voice.
  3. Aimee Mann: @#%&*! Smilers, Mental Illness Amy MacDonald: Under Stars Billy Joel: Turnstiles, The Stranger, River Of Dreams Brandon Flowers: The Desired Effect Brian Fallon: Painkillers, Sleepwalkers Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Nebraska, Born In The USA, The Rising, Magic Darren Hayes: The Tension & The Spark; Secret Codes & Battleships Frankmusik: Complete Me, Between Joseph Arthur: Our Shadows Will Remain, The Graduation Ceremony Patrick Park: Everyone's In Everyone Panic! At The Disco: Pretty. Odd. Rachel Platten: Be Here Savage Garden: Affirmation The Gaslight Anthem : Sink Or Swim, The '59 Sound, American Slang, Handwritten, Get Hurt The Hold Steady: Boys And Girls In America, Teeth Dreams The Horrible Crowes: Elsie The Killers: Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, Battle Born The Menzingers: After The Party The War On Drugs: A Deeper Understanding Spanish Love Songs: Schmaltz and many others probably (left out some albums with Finnish lyrics).. Many great albums left out from this list because of one (mediocre/meh/irrelevant) song. Many of Bruces or Frank Turners albums are like that for me.
  4. Streets of Philadelphia - single edit; I hadn't listened this one for ages so it was very moving experience.. .. and This Hard Land from Tracks continued the emotional ride.. .. and then it got worse.. Studio Thunder Road.. Can't believe my luck so far. What a trifecta! Studio WOAD - Really like the song but felt like a breather after those 3. And the ending was one of the worst possible for me.. Studio High Hopes...
  5. Chasin' Wild Horses There Goes My Miracle Moonlight Motel Stones Tucson Train Sundown The Wayfarer Somewhere North Of Nashville Western Stars Hello Sunshine Hitch Hikin' Drive Fast Sleepy Joe's Cafe 1-4 have been favourites for me. 5-10 are all great songs. Hitch hikin' is the one I'm liking more and more.. from ok song to good song now. Drive Fast.. I like it but it takes me to the The River album.. it still fits but somehow it hasn't grabbed me the same way as the other songs. Sleepy Joe fits the album too but it's a bit boring. I'm not sure yet cause I've listened the album as a whole so far every time but I'm gonna try it without Sleepy & Drive a couple of times and see how things settle.
  6. Does anyone think that the character dies at the end of the song?
  7. Hitch is a good opener. The thing is that Bruce has all these great openers on other albums so it will be one of the worst even though it's a good one. But I think it's better than High Hopes and Old Dan Tucker. Although those are not written by Bruce.
  8. First listen - 8/10. Better than Seeger, HH, D&D. Even with WOAD. A bit worse than Magic and The Rising. But it was the first listen, we'll see. Tracks 1-5 do not flow as great as from 6-13 I think. And I really enjoyed listening 6-13... Stones, Miracle, Motel and Sundown are early favourites.
  9. Add me to the 95% group, I wish I could tho.
  10. Love all 3 songs! Miracle might be slightly better than other two for me. TT has a great story and atmosphere. In Finland we do not usually say Helsinki Train as we use conjugations like train from Tampere to Helsinki (juna Tampereelta Helsinkiin) or we might even say TampereHelsinki- train. I have a feeling that this could be just a great great album for my taste.