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  1. Still waiting for the official release. Luckily the first two singles have been a treat - especially Ghosts so the days have gone by nicely. Don't know yet how I'm going to listen this one and where for the first time but it needs to be well planned as it might be last or close to it anyways.
  2. I love to listen Springsteen as albums too. That's why I rarely listen to Lucky Town, If I Should Fall Behind or Better Days (which are great songs) because I don't care much the rest of the LT album. On the contrary I listen to She's The One a lot (which feels quite mediocre) as I listen to BTR album a lot.
  3. Chapter & Verse - haven't listened the new old songs. Live 75/85 - have listened some songs, not all of them. Still have not finished Spr on Broadway.
  4. Ghosts & Better Days best ones so far. Maybe The Rising might work too.
  5. I guess there is no clear answer to what the song means.
  6. Even if you just mostly read. Feels like I 'know' many of you even though I don't write much. Funny.
  7. My dad told me that he got properly frightened first time he listened State Trooper in the 80's.
  8. I actually really like the lyrics and the song and the video - it just felt like it's all good and we're still here and they are. Felt like home.
  9. I bet I'll like or love the album but I will hate The Power Of Prayer. The name already takes me to Heaven's Wall.
  10. Nice little song on the first listen. WOAD + LT. Hopefully not the best song on the album tho. Loved seeing band members there too.
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