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  1. That would be my pick from BITUSA and probably one of the best like this anyway.
  2. AONAA off, Real World in. I might just make that playlist and try it.
  3. I'm hoping that there will be a WS - LTY - New Album that will challenge the 70's to 80's combinations.
  4. If it's one portion and nothing else, then there's no story. At least in Finland it's ok to drive after one portion or even after two especially if some time has passed. Of course rather to have none but still. I hope portion is the correct word..
  5. I can see how this happened (one possible reason) : Bruce being anxious, depressed about how things are going in the world, covid restrictions multiply that feeling - gets too drunk and makes stupid decision. Drunk driving is not to be accepted anyway. But if he admits what happened, takes responsibility, we should forgive.
  6. My best to worst list now as some time has passed from the release, I think this is how it probably will stay. 1. Ghosts 2. The Power Of Prayer 3. Last Man Standing 4. Priest 5. Song For Orphans 6. Dreams 7. Burning Train 8. House Of 9. One Minute 10. Janey 11. Letter To You 12. Rainmaker 1-6 are gems. 7-11 great, and nowadays I don't skip Rainmaker. It is what it is but I can accept it as a part of the listening experience. Great songs and it tells something about how good this album is that a song like Janey is so low on my list. And I like to listen House of 1000 guitars after Jungleland sometimes as it feels like an outro to it.
  7. Tough choice between Nils and Roy. Roy's E Street piano is one of my most favourite elements of all music.
  8. Great 2 songs. Lokking forward to this one
  9. My list: 1. My Own Souls Warning 2. Lightning Fields 3. A Fire In Bone 4. Dying Breed 5. A Fire In Bone 6. My God 7. Imploding The Mirage 8. Blowback 9. When The Dreams Run Dry 10. Running Towards A Place 1-2: Masterpieces 3-8: Great 9: Really good. 10: Good. Next day I might rank 3-8 in a different order.
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