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  1. This is me trying & inivisible string my favourites so far. All the songs are pretty good. Needs more listenings.
  2. Could you find all the words you need from other handwritten Bruce lyrics and combine them?
  3. It's sad to see all that violence and vandalism going on in the USA. There are so many other better ways to protest.
  4. The Promise, Nebraska, BTR. Followed by Live7585, BITUSA & WOAD.
  5. Bobby Jean Moonlight Motel Kingdom Of Days Brothers Under The Bridges '83 Highway 29 Real World Thunder Road Backstreets None But The Brave Save My Love
  6. Can't stay home because of my work. Working with children in crisis situations. But washing my hands like crazy. I bet Bruce is writing new songs like 'Devils And Coughs', 'Not In The Streets', 'It's Hard To Be At Home In The City' and of course 'The Fever part 2' with samples of Human Touch.
  7. Love Caution. I don't hear Bruce. I wish the new Bruce record would sound as fresh as this one.
  8. Playing new Spanish Love Songs album Braves Faces Everyone constantly. Loved Schmaltz and the new one is almost as good. Waiting for some Local Honey too.
  9. Battle Born is their best followed closely by Sam's Town. Wonderful Wonderful is the worst even though I absolutely love 6 songs from it - from Rut to Some Kind of Love it is excellent and of course the final track. Love Brandon's both solo albums - The Desired Effect more. And Keuning's Prismism is great one too.
  10. Thank you all, I've bought earlier some shows for me but nothing from 78-81 era. I don't know why.. I guess it will be 190978 Passaic as I was already leaning towards that one but gotta listen snippets from Wembley '81 too as I hadn't considered that one yet. Darkness is one of dad's favourites so there must be plenty from that one and Passaic has also Point Blank which is important one in this case.
  11. Gonna buy one show (CD) for my dad but can't decide. Any recommendations which show I should buy from 1978-1981?
  12. I've been listening to Save My Love (studio, Virginia Beach live & Florida live versions) & Bobby Jean (London 2013). Save My Love just takes me, especially at the end of the song, somewhere far away I'd like to stay forever. Somewhere special. It's just spectacular. And that live version of Bobby Jean. Just to say I miss you.. Gets me every time and then you can just cry listening to that perfect melody.. I just wish those songs would never end.