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    Andy Murray

    Olympic Gold is the biggest achievement for seeded player than Grand Slam,because there playing TOP- 64
  2. Definition of boring totally ordinary rock music. rockmusic "sexpert"
  3. I know you think Bruce has made a big mistake here. Tom kicks ringpiece. Morello is a one trick pony scratching on the guitar. It gets old REAL fast. You obviously know nothing about him. . All I know about Morello is his stuff with Rage Against the Machine, which was an utter crap band in my musical opinion. Yep
  4. I've noticed Europeans tend to dominate the Bruce forum but Americans dominate the Underworld / Fight Club where they debate and argue US politics type stuff which no one else understands or really cares about. Americans, and Cozmic Kid. Yep, US bitch
  5. Gimme a break. It's not like Springsteen is losing any money over it. 99.9% of the people that are on this site and download it will buy it I am 0,1%
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