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  1. Any chance we can get the squirrel story back up?
  2. It feels strange being here again after so long, and saying goodbye to yet another 'friend.' The internet has allowed us to both grow more familiar and more i rony I am sure not lost on MM. Last night I posted a youtube of Eddie Vedder singing Bobbie Jean - as I recall, MM was among the legions of haters of this particular song, but Eddie's version felt even more poignant and emotion-laden than Bruce's version. And I figured that Mark would appreciate the, again, irony of knowing a song he disliked had become more meaningful because of his passing. I hadn't thought about MM, or GL, or even Bruce in a fair amount of time, yet seeing one post from a 'Laker that mentioned the initials MM threw me right back here, memories of the Rising tour and my first connection with fans...and I knew immediately who was meant by the initials MM. We never met, not that I remember, but he was a BIG personality, and I expect led a BIG life. He's burned into my memory cells, as PG would say. He'll never be gone as long as long as we this day, I cannot hear the year 1978 without thinking of him <3 And I hate to sound ghoulish, but I have reached that stage in my life when I am pondering my own mortality and assessing my future prospects - do we know what happened? Somehow, I find myself measuring my mortality against others' health-struggles...which is why I ask, a purely selfish question. This phase of life for me feels like a harvest of sorts, my friends being reaped and called 'home' (wherever that may be)...a fate that awaits each of us. Enjoy every sandwich. And Mark, rest well, my friend.
  3. I can only echo what everyone else has said...I also met him at Rising tailgates, but my memory is so bad, all I can remember is feeling,amused, insulkted and extremely entertained. I remember the crack about "maybe" going into the show if someone gave him a ticket. I heard about this at Albany show last night, and could think only of him during The Rising. He's left a great legacy. Prayers and love to the family...
  4. Thank you so much for mentioning your book! It looks like it'll be extremely useful, precisely the kind of thing I'm digging towards. I've just bought a copy :)

  5. hey there -

    I did something kinda similar for my MA thesis, which was released in November in book form - you might be's called "Finding Grace in the Concert Hall: Community and Meaning Among Springsteen Fans...

    Good luck...

  6. I need to learn to stay w/ my own kind...Lakers
  7. he did the Louie Louie thang in Boston too...
  8. and I find a job... No job/no money = no shows Again, I was good and didn't go down to Nassau today. Damn.
  9. I'm hurt. I was gonna say that, but what the hell...they're just all really amped up!
  10. I'm so jealous, but... It's wonderful to hear these stories!
  11. wow, need better eyes/glasses than I made me a little seasick! >< O
  12. or on the moon...
  13. Thought I'd put FRocco's post here w/ the pics... The dude in the red shirt is Ched. The lady yelling at him is Skin. The other female in jean shorts is misadventure. P13 is the bald guy. Just Dan is also bald but wearing a black, long sleeve Vote for Change tour shirt. Wasted is in the greenish-looking Springsteen T, glasses and grayish hair that is short, in one pic he is talking to a lady in purplish-pink, not sure who that is... Magnus has the goatee and glasses and the old style Springsteen T with a shirt tied around his waist. I think Cheatham is wearing a light blue shirt. 53E has jeans and either a black or navy blue T-shirt on.
  14. night all, it's been surreal