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  1. Summer '17 Tour Photos

    Spirit in the night met life night 3
  2. A friend sent me this - sorry if this was already posted but I looked around and didnt see it This is s super great read. At the Springsteen Book Interview I attended he was asked a similar question - basically, the plight of the steelworkers in Ohio were immortalized in the awesome (much better live) song Youngstown and Bruce was asked how he feels that a lot of these people are supporting Trump. Of course it's Trump and Springsteen but it's not as much as a political piece; it's more of a discussion of how he correctly identifies their plight and feelings 20 years ago but nothing has changed for these people; now they are turning to Trump who they believe can offer change. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-ca-springsteen-trump-20161019-snap-story.html
  3. First show, how close were you?

    Lower upper deck at the old Giants Stadium in East Rutherford NJ for a stadium Born in the USA show. Interesting enough, my 16 year old son had to bail on Met Life #3 because of high school soccer practice. I called about 20 people and the friend I took - likes Bruce but never saw him live. His first show was MetLife #3 at the stage. I told him - look it will never get any better than this show....
  4. Funny - I thought about the same thing and I went to all three NJ shows - two in the pit with the last show right against the stage which include my Summertime Blues sign request. I'm always torn about seeing MORE and what was my all time favorite show (it's now MetLife #3 replacing closing night of the reunion tour at MSG. His shows are so awesome night after night that I think it really comes down to is - who you see it with and if there really was something special about the night. MetLife #3 clearly qualifies as unique, my spot in the pit, the sign request (we agonized for days about which song to go with and then the design of the sign), seeing it with my girlfriend and my 14 year old daughter (second time against the stage), a lot of friends and family in the audience. Really really awesome night, but I've missed some great shows over the years elsewhere in the world - I guess we all have our favorite moments and nobody should be pissed that they missed one in particular; unless of course you are my son who had to skip MetLife #3 because of high school soccer practice. :-P
  5. MetLife GA info is posted

    On Wrecking Ball tour I had GA for all three nights at MetLife. Night 1 - I believe I got there at the opening and I was shut out for bracelets. I believe they tightened the process for the next two nights. Night 2 - I got there around the same time, got bracelets, ended up in the pit but not close. Night 3 - I got there a little later but my relative saved me a spot in line (I believe you aren't allowed to save a spot). Got bracelets and ended up one of the first 30 people in where I took that awesome picture of "the guitar" that's in my thumbnail. On working on a dream, I walked in late and ended up in the back of the pit.
  6. MetLife GA info is posted

    While the openness is all true , i was at MetLife stadium today for the Kenny Chesney show and asked several security And they all send the same thing "nobody is allowed in the lots until 2pm and anyone there will be escorted off property". Not sure I believe them but that's what they all said to me
  7. MetLife GA info is posted

    As I recall they were pretty strict about letting cars into the lot prior to the gate opening (maybe 10 minutes earlier). Some people were able to walk into the parking by parking outside. Anyone have any thoughts on whether getting there at 2PM would work fine or do we need to figure out a way to get in..
  8. Hi - I have the following GA tickets available. Kids can't go with me due to high school soccer 1 GA August 23 2 GA August 25 (these are no longer available) 2 GA August 30 Please send me a PM if interested.
  9. Apple Music Overwriting Downloads

    Some are - it's a mess...
  10. Apple Music Overwriting Downloads

    Yes - it would but when you do Apple Music for streaming, iTunes match is baked into it :-(
  11. Apple Music Overwriting Downloads

    Yeah - I've seen those types of numbers too. I have a friend that has an under appreciated Americana band (Brian Fitzpatrick and the Band of Brothers) and the payments are ridiculous. I buy CDs for Bruce, Brian, and a some of my other favorites. I especially like trying out. My biggest problem now is that it is hard to mix the music. iTunes is better at playing the non-iTunes music (spotify is a mess). I'd buy my music on iTunes and then import the files over to Spotify. Seriously it's a pain
  12. Apple Music Overwriting Downloads

    I turned off Apple Music - mostly on your iPhone you do that under settings.
  13. Apple Music Overwriting Downloads

    When you turn on apple music it, it also has to have iCloud music. So what happens is when you upload it to the cloud it "matches" the tracks and then redownloads them onto your devices with the official versions. I think someone above made the suggestion I'm thinking of doing: Spotify for streaming music and official recordings. iTunes for my bootlegs and non-iTunes music. https://blog.vellumatlanta.com/2016/05/04/apple-stole-my-music-no-seriously/