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  1. I'm writing this while listening to it and just got through Western Stars (the song). It's a relaxing album. A good friend of mine said "hanging out on your deck at the end of the night" and you put this on. After reading some bad reviews I had low expectations but as I'm going through it, it's kind of fun. I'm not driving down to my Jersey Shore home 2.5 hours away with it on (that's usually reserved for concerts), but when I'm hanging on my deck sure. It's a good listen and I think it is far superior to WOD and HT. Sleepy Joe, Western Stars, TT, The Wayfarer
  2. Out of the first three, this is the best one yet. I'm playing it over and over again. Well done!
  3. Couple of comments. 1) I do agree with a lot of other comments that this is WOAD part 2. I consider WOAD my least favorite Bruce album of all time so that doesn't excite me. 2) Hello Sunshine did take me a while to get used to. It's ok. 3) However, There Goes My Miracle did grab me right away. I give him props for his voice range and for me, it does sound a little like Girls in the Summer Clothes. I'm wrestling where this album will ultimately be played. I don't think I'm cruising down the Parkway to my Jersey Shore home with it blasting. I don't think I'm playing it on the beach. Maybe hanging out at the house late at night for some quiet moments. Hopefully there is a gem on here, somewhere.
  4. any chance you have the Hershey Show from 2014? Jungleland doesnt have it
  5. Hi, As per a previous post, Apple ate all of boots and thanks to a few helpful Lakers and some burning CDs on my own, I got most of my music back. I also learned my lesson and now have the files backed up to Dropbox. I'm still missing a few key shows that are very personal since my kids were there and up close. Does anyone have the following shows? Newark May 2, 2012 (that's the Bishop Danced show) Izod Center April 3, 2012 Izod Center April 4, 2012 Met Life Stadium Sep 19, 2012 Met Life Stadium Sep 21, 2012 (I'm downloading 9/22 show right now) Thanks. I did try Jungleland and couldn't find audios of those shows. I think I downloaded them from Jungleland back in 2012.
  6. thanks - i'll ping you for the missing downloads.
  7. I'm seriously upset and have spent hours tryings to recover lost bootlegs. Some of them were from original CDs over the years so those are good. However, a lot of stuff downloaded or bought on Bruce's site are gone and I'm not sure where to begin because it has been years since I've been doing this. Long story short is that when I subscribed to Apple Music a few years back it replaced a lot of my non-studio recordings with studio recordings. I was able to recover a lot and some of it was on my iPhone but a few iPhones later I'm missing a lot of my downloads. A few in particular are heartbreaking for me (Wrecking Newark from 2012, the earlier Izod shows from 2012 and then the MetLife stadium shows) and then I'm missing like 3 songs from Upper Darby, etc. I've learned my lesson about relying on Apple but I don't even know where to start. I've been on the Lake for years (even though my profile says 2003 it's longer than that) and traded with a lot of you but don't know where to begin again. Is Jungleland still a thing? How do you guys store your music? Any help to get started would be greatly appreciated.