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  1. I fall in love with Diane Lane every time I see her. She’s still gorgeous.
  2. I always thought that lyric was about their different backgrounds growing up but maybe the same sentiment.
  3. He walked away that particular day. Who knows what happened after.
  4. When I first heard the song, I thought maybe it was the mechanic reminiscing about an affair with the trophy wife from « I’m on Fire ».
  5. Congrats Jimmy!! Your goalie stood on his head in the first! O’Reilley’s dropping f bombs all over the place on live tv. So cool to see the emotion.
  6. What a lovely thread. I don’t post a lot but I’ve been here since 2003. The Lake is a wonderful community to be part of. RIP FireRich
  7. Looks like something from ‘78
  8. I first came to know of Bruce Springsteen because of the Born in the USA album so I guess I’m one of the ones who came along and ruined it for « real » fans. I think I was in grade 8 and I fell for all the marketing; the cool factor, the muscles and bandana, the drums on BITUSA, the leather lunged voice, the videos, all of it. I was the target audience and I fell hook line and sinker. I didn’t know any of his history or the importance of the E Street Band. To me it was just Bruce Springsteen, so when HT/LT came out they were just new Bruce Springsteen records to me and I enjoyed them both. That being said, it was the live box set that I got for Christmas from my sister that turned me into a lifelong fan and made Bruce my favourite and most meaningful artist. The Nebraska songs in particular. My only negative on HT/LT is that I can remember watching the SNL show with 57 Channels and thinking it was awful. I was extremely disappointed in that performance, I just thought he had way better songs that he could have chosen. But what did I know, I was just a 20 year old kid.