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  1. I think the first round seems to have the best hockey generally speaking. What a heartbreaker for Jets fans. And how exhilarating for Blues fans. The agony and the ecstasy.
  2. Not unhappy the Islanders won. They haven’t had much to cheer about since the glory days.
  3. Lightning are gonzo. Regular season means nothing if you are one of the 16 teams that make the dance.
  4. Isles/Pens game has been pretty good so far.
  5. Club - never Theatre - Walter Kerr. NY, NY. October 26, 2017 Arena - Pepsi Arena. Albany, NY. November 21, 1999. First Brice concert for me. Stadium - Camp Nou. Barcelona, Spain. July 20, 2008
  7. I went to the August 31st show. I had a stroke in April of that year which caused me to miss the 2 Canadian dates I had tickets for. My friends all chipped in on tickets and flights to see Bruce in his backyard. It was a beautiful late summer evening. Met some Lakers that night but I’m not great with the names. One was Soul Fairy and the other that I remember was JoeZap. He gave my 3 friends and I a ride back from the after concert party in the parking lot to our hotel in midtown Manhattan.
  8. Where grandma keeps the peanut butter?
  9. Michel Bergeron, Le Petit Tigre. The Nordiques and Hans had some amazing playoff series, pure hatred just like the Battle of Alberta. I wish they hadn’t left town but it was a different league back then, especially for small market Canadian teams struggling with a low dollar.