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  1. Meowww. Patti looks stunningly beautiful and she and Bruce have a smouldering intensity. The mighty one is just a force on drums. Fantastic.
  2. No but I have thought about buying some of those as t-shirts. A cool quilt.
  3. So beautiful and talented!! What a great career she’s had to this point. Enjoying watch her boy play for the Rams this year, too.
  4. Wow, there are some names from the past. Including yours. Nice to see your name pop up ryancoke.
  5. My sense is that it was a corporate/calculated decision by the folks associated with hosting the CMAs.
  6. After hearing of Charlie Pride’s passing due to COVID-19 complications and the possibility he was exposed to the virus at the CMA’s in November, I just hope this doesn’t come back to haunt Bruce and the band. I think Garry and Soozie made the right choice in skipping this one.
  7. Jimmy Fallon isn’t a great interviewer. I would imagine it’s a bit uncomfortable to be interviewed by someone who is such a fan boy/ass kisser. Very odd. I thought Bruce looked good. Looking forward to SNL Saturday.
  8. Been lucky enough to see shows in both those venues Jimmy and they were both incredible and remain fond memories. I’ll be doing my utmost to get to another show somewhere when this is all over God willing.
  9. I hear some Warren Zevon in this one. Or maybe just the Bob Dylan influence on Warren’s song writing?
  10. Two listens for me so far. A great album, my favourites are the old songs. His best album since Western Stars.
  11. Nice review, although I disagree about it being the finest 1 hour and 25 minutes of Patti’s career. Maybe I’m missing something but I think her solo albums deserve more credit than that. I did like what she contributed here and the joy she seemed to have singing back up. I thought the documentary was outstanding.
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