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  1. I don’t how the story on these kids but I enjoyed watching their reactions to various songs/bands including Queen.
  2. Springsteen on Broadway was groundbreaking I believe. Not many people making Western Stars type albums or concerts either.
  3. Me, too. I was supposed to see him in Calgary last summer but he had to cancel that one to have a stent installed. He was doing better by the fall, hope it is the same this time around for him.
  4. Come see him in the Dominican in November. It was amazing last year. No full moon for 2020 but still should be fantastic.
  5. I read he had decided on the Rockies. The Kid, Gary Carter, also went in as an Expo I believe.
  6. As a Canadian I had hoped Expos but his best years were with the Rockies so I understand his decision.
  7. ...with some guy name Jeter. Pretty big, exciting news north of the border to see Larry get in on his last year of eligibility and to go in with a legend. No doubt most of the press south of the border will be reserved for #2. That’s ok, he had an amazing, storied career.
  8. George Strait - Las Vegas John Prine - Calgary John Prine Presents All the Best Fest 2020 - Dominican Republic Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - someplace I hope
  9. I just saw that I can rent Western Stars via my cable provider. Didn’t really expect that, but kind of cool.
  10. Nice to see your name pop up Jerseyfornia. The Lake is a better place when you’re around.