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  1. Pretty cool story on Randy Bachman locating his stolen guitar 45 years after the fact. It sounds like he will likely get it back after finding a suitable trade for the current owner. https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/randy-bachman-s-first-guitar-was-stolen-45-years-ago-in-toronto-he-just-found-it-in-tokyo-1.5614775
  2. Stevie is on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” tonight maybe plugging his book.
  3. Congratulations Jessica!! https://www.si.com/olympics/2021/07/05/bruce-springsteen-daughter-jessica-named-equestrain-olympic-team
  4. It was amazing. Completely different than an E Street Band show at MSG but amazing nonetheless. That said once was enough for me. I like trying new cities/venues so looking forward to something different again on the 2022 tour.
  5. I can see both sides of the argument. It is a very expensive ticket. For me it was a bucket list trip to see my musical hero in an intimate setting. I’ve never tried for the pit when I’ve gone to a regular Bruce show because my friends who go with me are more casual fans so this was my chance to get up close and personal with Bruce. By the time I added in flights, hotels, etc. the ticket price itself was, in my opinion, a reasonable percentage of the overall trip’s cost.
  6. That will be a great show Dan, I hope you have a great evening. Saw them at the Ryman a few years back and it was a wonderful show, Jason is a top notch writer and virtuoso on the guitar. His lovely wife is phenomenal on the fiddle, too.
  7. Nice to have an E Street Band tour to look forward in 2022 amongst other Bruce related news!
  8. I’m sorry that family couldn’t say goodbye, that is heartbreaking. The rules have made no sense on multiple occasions but most Canadians were against an open border until the vaccinations in the US ramped up. That being said NHL teams haven’t been allowed to cross back and forth over the border whenever they please. American teams were allowed to be part of the “bubble” used to complete the season last year under an agreement with the NHL, the NHLPA, and various levels of Canadian government. This year no American teams have travelled to Canada nor have any Canadian teams gone to the US. That will change soon though as the semi-final round begins. Hopefully the border itself will open to citizens from both countries soon.
  9. The border is supposed to remain closed until at least June 21st but I know quite a few people who have travelled south to the US in the last few months. Pressure is beginning to mount to open the border as vaccinations administered increase in both countries.
  10. Awesome that Bruce will be performing again!!
  11. Jon Bon Jovi and the E Street Band
  12. Looked like a good hit to me. Unfortunate for Tinordi but Tanev threw a clean check.
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