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  1. Did you watch it Jimmy? I was at that show, my buddy is a huge PJ fan. I liked this presentation, especially the last 2/3 or so. Too bad once you purchased it it wasn’t in your library for good instead of just the 3 or 4 days. Great cause too although sadly it doesn’t sound like homelessness has improved much if any in Seattle. Still a cause well worth supporting.
  2. Hockey - 1. Wayne Gretzky 2. Gary Roberts 3. Jerome Iginla 4. Mike Vernon 5. Sidney Crosby Football - 1. Doug Flutie 2. Joe Montana 3. Larry Fitzgerald 4. Warren Moon 5. Bo Levi Mitchell Baseball - 1. Gary Carter 2. Joe Carter 3. Tim Raines 4. Ken Griffey Jr. 5. Ozzie Smith
  3. How cool would it be able to just show up and have drinks with Bruce and Patti on their porch?
  4. I don’t think so. I read that they have agreed to be the team’s official rum.
  5. In only two cities though with no travel amongst the teams once they arrive. Quite a different model than what MLB is using.
  6. That was awesome. Thank you for sharing. It is always interesting to hear Bruce talk about his work, he always seems so introspective and able to express his thoughts in a way that is easy to understand. I’m not really like that so I find it fascinating. I wonder who won the contest. And man did Patti ever make that little black skirt look great.
  7. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/john-prine-last-days-beautiful-life-tribute-family-friends-bonnie-raitt-981646/
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