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  1. I,for one,know where is the only place in the world I would like to be right now,no matter what the setlist will be. But it's past 4 am here,so my bed is unfortunately where I'm heading to.I'm checking SLV first thing in the morning though.
  2. Well,I am almost sure it will be Darkness in Cork and BITUSA in Belfast.Great for the lucky Irish who will do all three shows.
  3. Well,the balloon-request of NYCS in Padua was pretty cool.Unfortunately,the C was flying into the air long before the start of the concert,and the Serenade part,which was separated from the NYC letters,was also destroyed.Sadly,cause when I first saw the balloons I really hoped that we may actually get NYCS
  4. Thunder Road,on Procka Radio,Thessaloniki,Greece. It's a friend's radio show!!
  5. Point Blank,from the full River album show in MSG in 2009 Bruce's performance is incredible in this version.The way his voice sounds now that he's older matches perfectly to the pessimistic feeling of this song
  6. I'm listening to Roulette right now for the FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know why many people here love this song.I can't believe this song wasn't in one of his albums...Masterpiece!!!!
  7. Glory Days,on Proka radio,Thessaloniki,Greece!!! My friend's show!!!
  8. Unbelievable performance.He should definetely handle the guitar more often!!!
  9. Hungry Heart,in Mythos Radio,Thessaloniki!! (It's a friend's programm)
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