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  1. Nearly half a million views in less than 24hrs and trending on YouTube. You still got it Brucie boy!
  2. I love it. After a particularly shitty and depressing time of my life, this echoes my thinking recently that good times are fleeting but holding onto darkness will ultimately lead to darkness. The music is beautiful too.
  3. The best thing about the track is the guitar solo, which goes some way in proving that Tom is a worthy creative addition to the set-up, especially when you add in some of his work on Wrecking Ball. People complaining that this doesn't sound like the E Street Band might need to start playing around with the idea that Bruce has realised that as a recording band they no longer have what it takes to push things beyond making by the numbers rock records.
  4. Does anyone know what the piece of music played at the very end of the show was? It went on for a while and was quite relaxing while trudging out of the pit. It was played here when the band entered in Paris -
  5. Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive If you can And meet me in a dream of this hard land A poetic end to a great tour.
  6. Sunny Day is fine in itself but I think people have just got sick of the choreographed parts and it does go on for a while.
  7. I predict that he'll leave Sunny Day to the very last song, when he goes to pick a child out of the crowd little Bono reaches up out of nowhere and gets onto Bruce's shoulder. The crowd will go insane and Bono will somehow turn the song into a political speech about the plight of Estonian cheese farmers. That's my prediction anyway...
  8. Yeah but the casual fans who think it's a one off spontaneous treat for their city really love it
  9. Set lists are relative. An album show might be deemed lazy and boring by die hards who want to hear obscure B sides but to the average fan they work very well. Bruce considers both sets of fans and I'm sure he'll play some rare stuff tonight.
  10. Pretty much any other band you see does two hours absolute max. And by the end of the two hours they've usually out stayed their welcome.
  11. There were four lads around me who were seeing Bruce for the first time. It was great seeing their reactions. They were looking at each other in disbelief and smiling from ear to ear for the whole show.
  12. This week's poll: should older fans be banned from the pit? That's just ageist maaaaann. In case someone misunderstands, let me just clarify that I'm an older fan who sang, clapped, yelled and jumped up and down to the point of exhaustion all through the Belfast show. But you probably mistook me for a young person Seriously, I'm glad you had such a good time. If you are in Kilkenny next week please come up and meet this older fan. I wasn't in any way trying to say that all older fans don't take part. I just always notice a few around me who seem to think they're at the cinema and that the concert isn't a give and take thing. The band feed off the atmosphere after all.
  13. This week's poll: should older fans be banned from the pit? That's just ageist maaaaann.
  14. That was a great show. So different to Coventry a month earlier. This felt a lot more inspired whereas Coventry felt a bit sombre and by the book (it was still great though) The pre show was a delight and really broke up the ardous waiting around in the blazing sun. In Dreams was beautiful, This Hard Land inspired and Growin' Up (a fave) just topped off a special pre show. The band all seemed very up for this. As a drummer I pay paticular attentiion to Max and noticed that he was improvising a lot and seemed to be giving his absolute all to the point he was gasping for air. Steve didn't stop smiiing either. I thought Bruce gave more than ever, it must have been even more draining for him than usual as the sun was beating down on the stage for the first hour or so. There were many highlights, one of the main ones was Bruce's intro solo to Prove It All Night. He seemed to be unhappy with the sound and angrily kept signalling to the sound tech. He then took all his frustration out on the guitar which was so loud it was ridiculous. I was grinning the whole way through that song. Just pure musical magic Taking in everything Bruce does on stage really does nail home how unique he is. He can be fooling around, performing ridiculous dance moves, then have the crowd in silence a few seconds later as he sings songs like Nebraska. No one can or will ever touch him for the scope of his perfromances. The crowd was the strangest I've ever been in. They seemed to be going crazier for We Take Care Of Our Own than Born In The USA, a hard bunch to judge. The parcipitation was great though. One thing I'm sick of seeing is older fans who seem to think clapping, singing and taking part is beneath them. It happens everywhere I've seen Bruce. Just becuase you've seen him 59 times doesn't mean you can't put in a bit of energy. Anyway, great show. Awful venue apart from great sound. There were pot holes everywhere and going for a piss required what seemed like miles of trekking. Worth it though
  15. They didn't over fill the pit anyway. https://twitter.com/NiShuilleabhain/status/358025187565895680/photo/1/large
  16. The perfect Belfast pre show preparation. Pre show Ulster fry. Pre show Guinness. That should see you through the show. Guinness is quite sustaining.
  17. BBC Radio Ulster are having a two hour Bruce special right now for anyone interested - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_ulster
  18. There seems to be an awful lot of chitter chatter and disinterest during Drive all night. It's a horrible stadium song. I notice that the greatest peformances of DAN are always in arenas. Ullevi, Gothenburg, July 27 2012. Just saying. You can hear a pin drop. An there's 65 000 people in the stadium. I was going to reference that too.
  19. There seems to be an awful lot of chitter chatter and disinterest during Drive all night.
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