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  1. Darlington Fucking County, every fucking time. That song should be stabbed, shot in the head, weighed down with lead, loaded into a welded trunk and fucked overboard whilst over the Mariana Trench and it'd still be too merciful for it.
  2. Wages of Sin Iceman Hearts of Stone Man at the Top Ain't Good Enough For You
  3. Hi Neil 

    That payment should be gone through.

    Will you send the ticket to the

    Damien Barrett 

    C / o Novotel Hotel

    Wilson Lane



    CV6 6HL


    1. interlocked


      Sorry should read Longford

  4. Great night, never seen Bruce so energetic. I had the sign for hearts of stone. He was looking over and he said that he,do play it with the band and then he looked over at it again and decided to give it a go. God bless you Bruce for having the balls to go for it and making a great job of it. Am still in disbelief. It would never have happened without my buddy getting me some cardboard in his house at the last minute before heading for the final roll call and my neighbours on the rail. Helen and Soren? who voted for it over the other option on the back of the sign(Breakaway!), just proves that if you bring a sign, that faith can be rewarded. Happy days!
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