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  1. You're welcome. I appreciate your message, too. Marshall
  2. Hello all, First of all, JustDan, I'm glad your dad is home and may he have a speedy recovery. In the much less important news, my latest web review/article was published online two days ago. It's a review of the Paul McCartney Flaming Pie Archive Collection Deluxe Edition box set. It's made up of 5 CD's, 2 DVD's, an 128 page book, facsimile copies of hand written lyrics, etc. The remastered Flaming Pie CD sounds good, a warm sound I'd say, in comparison to the original 1997 disc. The link to the review is below. It'll be interesting to see if the Tracks 2 Bruce box set will re
  3. Honestly, it's not one film. It's several. I've just finished watching the new Blu-ray set titled Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Restorations. It's a four Blu-ray set (or six DVD set) made up of two L & H feature films (Sons of the Desert and Way Out West) and 17 short films (The Music Box, Helpmates, The Midnight Patrol, Hog Wild, and more). It's a fun collection, that also includes eight hours of special features, which is over 2,500 images of L & H still photographs, posters from around the world, scripts, and more. It also contains, for the first time on video, The Battle of
  4. It's so interesting how Laurel & Hardy singing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine was a number two UK hit single in 1975, with the number single at the time being Bohemian Rhapsody. BTW, if any Greasy Lake members are Laurel and Hardy fans, there's a great, new region free BluRay or DVD set of L&H films called Laurel & Hardy: The Definitive Restorations. There are two feature films on there (Sons of the Desert and Way Out West), and 15 short subjects. Plus, there's eight hour of special features. I reviewed the Blu-ray, and the web article was published yesterday. Here's the li
  5. Eileen, What a story! Thanks for sharing it. It's nice to hear that you enjoy Roy Orbison's music, too. Marshall
  6. Eileen, you had a chance to see The Beatles in concert? I'd enjoy hearing the story. JustDan I like The Beatles Anthology covers in yourmessage. Marshall
  7. You're welcome, MacBruce. They did have some great songs.
  8. Hello all, Sorry for the shameless plug once more. I recently interviewed Micky Dolenz about the new The Monkees-The Mike (Nesmith) and Micky Show Live album, and other subjects. I enjoyed speaking with him. BTW, the album is really good. I couldn't find any Bruce connections to Micky, but Stevie attended one of his shows at Feinstein's/54 Below supper club in New York City three years ago. Although, I wouldn't mind hearing Bruce and the E Street Band cover (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone in concert. Here's the link to the interview: https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Micky-Do
  9. I'd definitely recommend purchasing the box set, or at least the single or double CD's. Here Comes The Sun sounds excellent in the new set. Two days ago, a web review/article of mine of the Abbey Road Anniversary CD box set was published. Here's a link to the article: https://hubpages.com/entertainment/The-Beatles-Abbey-Road-Anniversary-Edition-Super-Deluxe-Box-Set-Review BTW, a newly created Here Comes The Sun music video is included with the review. Marshall
  10. Yes, it's interesting how he uses the melody of Rockaway the Days for Seeds. So, the song is just a little bit different from what we're used to. Marshall
  11. Oops, should have checked out my reply better-"the Bruce". No big deal.
  12. It's Nils playing an acoustic guitar not a mandolin, as Dr. Zoom mentioned. Bruce is also playing an acoustic guitar, and hitting a tambourine with his right foot. No harmonica. Danny's playing the accordion. I like how the Bruce uses the melody of Rockaway the Days at this concert for Seeds, versus what we're familiar with from the 1985 and 1988 tours and the LIve 1975-1985 recording. Marshall
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