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  1. 55. first one was June 20 1999 Arnhem, last one Gothenborg 3 2016
  2. Nope. First one was in Syracuse 1985
  3. that Fenway show has one hell of a setlist. and thankfully no Johnny 99 or that dreadful version of Open All Night
  4. that female voice at the end ruins Trapped for me
  5. really digging Gloria's Eyes on this release
  6. the other 2 shows sound better in my ears
  7. It's Boston Dec 13 1992, just announced on E-Street Radio
  8. For You (full band) Lucky Town Roulette
  9. For me this was also my last show. Ofcourse it's nice to hear the fulltime album, but i was dissapointed about the setlist choices after it. I expected a lot more than Candy's Room followed by She's The One. And the rest of the set wasn't any special too. Especially if you look at the setlist of the other two shows in Gothenborg that tour, which were awesome.
  10. why is Ain't Got You combined with She's the one? clearly two different songs.
  11. I think the American leg of the TOL tour has been covered enough now. Next one hopefully Europe again.
  12. according to Pete on BTX there will be a release tomorrow, and presumably a good one...
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