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  1. Great idea brilliantly executed by you guys, well done.Bobby jean on the reverse ;-)
  2. Thats uncalled for really people are just stating an opinion.He played many of those songs in Cork and Limerick so it makes it a little easier for me to miss the concerts this weekend.Other fans will feel the same.If he played a new full album then we would be gutted we werent there.Agreed, makes tonight slightly easier for me. Half of me wants him to pull something else out the bag tomorrow like WIESS but the selfish half of me really hopes he doesn't! Still would rather be in KK tonight bouncing to BITUSA!
  3. Row H of 329 too! See you Wednesday :-)
  4. Correct Tim, as I said only think they had 1 available, gone by time I tried to buy. Just goes to show they are still dropping.
  5. Level 1 tix were available at 4am this morning! Think it may have just been 1 as I missed out!
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