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  1. https://www.discogs.com/release/1193447-Bob-Dylan-Live-At-The-Gaslight-1962
  2. Caged (1950). Fantastic movie mislabeled as "camp classic," I suppose because it takes place in a woman's prison? Have the DVD, had to see it now the last chance it was on TCM On Demand, started before midnight you know. Only SD otherwise. Great cast: Eleanor Parker, Agnes Moorehead, Ellen Corby, Hope Emerson, Betty Garde, Jan Sterling, Jane Darwell.
  3. I watched Judy Garland in Broadway Melody of 1938. The greatest singer of all-time IMO. Superb version of You Made Me Love You (even with the spoken part in it). I forget what "risque" song she innocently wanted to sing before this was chosen instead...(or where I read it)
  4. Dead Ringer (1964) My first viewing of this Bette Davis movie, I think my 23rd movie I've seen of hers (one of my favorite actresses, though Ida Lupino is my favorite). Good movie. Her second dual role movie, the first being A Stolen Life. This I would not put up there with Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte, or What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, but it's good.
  5. https://www.discogs.com/release/2589833-Iggy-Pop-James-Williamson-Kill-City Some things I listen to all the time. When the Replacements' Sorry Ma box came out, it was nothing for that so much I'd wake up with songs from it in my head most every day; then the Heartbreakers' "found" masters (copy) came out of L.A.M.F., and that was it for awhile. I always go back to this album, a lot. It's a great melancholy, down and out album. The original mix was destroyed by James Williamson, to the late Ben Edmonds' dismay (as he produced it, financed it). Edmonds wrote that the original lost mix "rocked like a mother." This still doesn't have the original mix, but it's "restored" - should have in parentheses "(to an extent)". The mix of Kill City on Nude and Rude and A Million In Prizes is much more guitar-heavy and rocking, and the outtakes/alternate of three songs show a harder mix also - like Johanna with no sax on it. The songs I got to see from this live were amazing, with Night Theme being the biggest revelation, it was so POWERFUL, I never would have believed it. (Unfortunately that song, and its reprise, the master tapes were lost of those two tracks and could not be "restored." It could never have sounded like what I saw in 2011 anyway, but still...). I absolutely love this album. A bit Stones-ish. A great album for down-and-out people like me.
  6. The '96 remix (issued in '97) is my go-to, I never listen to the original version anymore. This RULES! https://www.discogs.com/release/673814-Iggy-And-The-Stooges-Raw-Power
  7. CD-R of vinyl rip of the original UK version/mix of Powerage, by AC/DC.
  8. I can't remember where I heard Johnny Thunders cover this, what album or band (Gangwar?)
  9. *on you tube (3 different uploads) (I can't edit my post above anymore, or I'd just add the review and delete the spoilers - best to be surprised by this movie, if one watches it) an IMDB review I liked now 10/10 One of the Best Movies I've seen Ever MovieLoverToo8 June 2015 This is definitely one of the best movies I have seen all through out Cinema history. It had me on the edge of my seat from the first frame to the last. Brilliant direction by Fritz Lang who times and measures every nuance and emotion of this movie like a master conductor. The cast are equally brilliant with Edward G Robinson taking us through this journey like a close and trusted friend. The timing and pace of the movie is a work of art and genius. This is extremely rare to get all the elements so right in a movie. And Fritz Lang has done it. This is an all time classic that stands the test of time. A Truly great masterpiece. (i'm done, going to sleep. I've seen this movie so many times I'm surprised now at how blown away I was by it is all.....and so I'm obsessing instead of sleeping....)
  10. Ride The Pink Horse (1947). An absolutely wonderful film noir that is very different in atmosphere than any other I've seen; it's been described as an "anti-noir." This could be true. Starring Robert Montgomery (Elizabeth's father) as Lucky Gagin, out to blackmail this man (played by Fred Clark) who was responsible for his friend Shorty's death, who is in New Mexico. Gagin is an ex-GI. Montgomery is assisted in this by Thomas Gomez as Pancho, but MUCH more so, by Wanda Hendrix as PILA. PILA RULED. I see now once again first time in ages an IMDB review titled "One you can't stop watching" and that holds true for me with this. Three great movies in one night - the first two both very different from each other but having something similar happening in them, ironically. This a different sort of film. Beautiful regardless. Wanda Hendrix, 18 years old, co-starring as Pila. IMDb synopsis: WW2 veteran Lucky Gagin arrives in a New Mexico border-town intent on revenging against mobster Frank Hugo but FBI agent Bill Retz, who also wants Hugo, tries to keep Gagin out of trouble. (they sum up better than me; I am too tired to try and quote from the booklet that came with the Blu-ray of the MAGIC in this movie)
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