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  1. Cabaret (1972). My third movie of the past 12 hours with Liza in it, the 4th in the last couple days. Done for now. My first time seeing this (only Arthur was not new to me). This was with some moments; her acting is great her singing is great and she's very beautiful, but the whole idea of enjoying the decadence of Berlin then and all the Nazis I just couldn't take. This was best when it was the personal issues of her and Michael York's characters. And her singing, esp. liked Maybe This Time (though she hits some amazing notes in the title song).
  2. woops it copied what I said above, as a quote, when I went to edit it - very odd.
  3. Arthur. On an old, cropped to fullscreen, DVD. Best not to analyze the obscene wealth (750 million is now 2.223 billion, something like that), or the alcoholism, or the lack of chemistry felt between Moore and Minnelli; this is great is you just need a laugh like I did, tonight. The first half mainly. But it's a very good movie. Sir John Gielgud is very good in it too, with Moore providing most of the laughs of course....... I hate that tagline used in the poster above (image taken from Wikipedia, but...) I was going to watch another movie I'd never seen and rent
  4. A couple lines from this song came into my head while watching a movie today, so I had to hear it. A classic to me.
  5. A movie that moved me to tears. The Sterile Cuckoo (1969), starring Liz Minnelli and Wendell Burton, with Liza winning and Academy Award for her incredible performance as Pookie Adams. Wow. I can't even put it into words, this movie. This person can and did (also did with New York, New York), with spoilers galore [i.e. only should be read by people who've seen the movie]) https://lecinemadreams.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-sterile-cuckoo-1969.html What a film. And I guess I love Liza Minnelli now. (do I?) I wasn't expecting this......
  6. I finished watching a movie I started on last night, before watching Mystery Train, and got a whole 98 minutes into it, before giving up, as 1) it was too damn boring and long and 2) But I finished it now. From 1977, it has Clarence Clemons in it - playing a sax player - wow, what a stretch. I was too bothered by this movie to enjoy his presence in any way. This movie I just could not recommend. I loved Liza Minnelli in it, but otherwise, no thanks. I was interested in seeing it because it was inspired by a movie I had loved, and still like, starring Ida Lupino called The Man
  7. Mystery Train starring Screamin' Jay Hawkins on Blu-ray. Just got this Monday, upgraded. Saw it in the theater back when it came out. Good movie.
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