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  1. The "Non-Bruce song" thread is not allowing me to post, so I just wanted to say Rest In Peace to Walter Lure., who died yesterday at 71 of lung and liver cancer. this is him on vocals and on second guitar with the Heartbreakers. https://louderthanwar.com/walter-lure-rip/
  2. Wow, a big no thank you for this release. Money saved.
  3. UK version. Happy Birthday Joe Strummer. Rest in Peace, Joe.
  4. They Live By Night (1948). One of my top ten favorite film noirs (of those I've seen). Cathy O'Donnell really elevates this movie into something that sets it apart from most film noirs. There's a real tenderness in this great movie.
  5. From a stone cold punk classic album that's unknown. Made before they immediately sucked after signing to a major.
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