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  1. $36 USD. Twice what it should be, what it could be. Bruce Inc. taking advantage of his fans, knowing many will pay any price as it's Bruce Springsteen. Deplorable.
  2. Japanese SHM CD not listed anywhere, Discogs, anywhere. His fantastic second album. I love both, his first two. This guy was a hero to me. A shame he suffered so in life.
  3. Nobody on here is bummed about the price? Everybody just pays whatever it costs?
  4. I love this album so much. It's part of my youth. I love it. Had, we had a couple copies, maybe more, in the house; they'd get scratched you know. When I was a child. I miss it. "I need someone to comfort me" love this song
  5. This guy, in his teens, played SO fast he used banjo strings for part of his guitar 'cause he kept breaking the regular ones!