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  1. None of these. I liked when he was a rock and roll musician and performer.
  2. and recently also, I saw for the first time in too many years, a bigger masterpiece, one of the greatest and most beautiful films ever made: Sunrise from 1927. Considered by many the greatest silent film ever made and one of the greatest films period. Janet Gaynor won the first Academy Award ever for a woman, for a leading actress in it. A story with real heart and beauty. Dreamlike in its visual beauty at times. A must for any film buff to see in their lifetime. An absolute must.
  3. A masterpiece. Jane Eyre. From 1943, starring Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine. With Peggy Ann Garner as Jane as a child, and also an uncredited young Elizabeth Taylor. Gothic, beautifully filmed, and a classic film for the loveless and unfriended.
  4. YOUNGSTOWN!!! Love the full-band versions of this so much that was an awesome yell it always is.
  5. Take 'em As They Come, 10/23/99, Prodigal Son In The City Of Angels mix