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  1. I bet it's the last. Both Winterland shows. In December. Appropriate timing be it this week or then - an appropriate time of year for the shows. And it's the biggest most overlooked shows yet in the series (The Bottom Line would be the other one, though that and the 8/20/81 show may not be in what they consider good enough quality even if we'd love something they have). Makes sense to just finally do it.
  2. And there's pro-shot black and white video of at least some of 8/15 show if not all of it (I think it was in "Legends" that I saw it in).
  3. I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time originally by The Third Bardo.
  4. Not night 2. If it's just night 1, that would be a letdown (with this wait), esp. if not mixed by Bob Clearmountain.
  5. I now saw one of the most overrated, worthless pieces of shit I have EVER seen. Sleep-inducing crap that's critically acclaimed. Two hours of my life I'll never get back.