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  1. The Fever (studio version). I saw Brucebase made an error, they credited an early bootleg 7" as being a real release, and also didn't mention Santa Claus Is Coming To Town being on the single.
  2. I hope so; I planned to never again pay money like I did for the last...few bootleg series ones. I'm sick of all the "super deluxe editions" that wind up being a huge waste of money (or not enough value for the money).
  3. Yeah I figured on passing on it too, no excitement from me about it, but that price is certainly reasonable. In fact I'm kinda shocked; I assumed another 6 CD set in an oversized box for $150 list.
  4. Keep me alive I can't accept my fate I need help before it's too late It's hard to survive Don't know if I can do it I need to belong I need to hang on
  5. If they don't issue 8/20/81 (as more unstated proof that it's seemingly not available), maybe they can issue one of the Meadowlands '81 shows? The closing night perhaps. Or the opening one? (but then there's no version of Trapped) (I wonder if either Stockholm show was recorded; 5/8 is fantastic. I'm guessing not though - but then, no one knew the Wembley show was recorded) Unless they go back further and issue something from say '75 or '76.. The only way they could arguably top Passaic is to put out the Winterland broadcast, or else some other incredible 1978 show we haven't heard in good quality. And they probably won't do 1978 shows two months in a row (though I sure as hell wouldn't mind). I'm guessing 1981 Meadowlands. It wouldn't top Passaic, but could still be totally great.