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  1. I like what the head of the AC/DC Fan forum, who goes by the name of Jem, wrote: Think Janey is my favourite song of the year. I have to agree. (no matter when it was written)
  2. Streamed it today; good album overall. Janey Needs A Shooter is the best for me, and House Of A Thousand Guitars the worst. It really loses momentum starting with The Power Of Prayer; I find it best to skip after Last Man Standing To If I Was The Priest; just listen to the good songs.
  3. BURNIN' TRAIN! Great song. (I even liked One Minute You're Here this time....like something off of Joad, sort of)
  4. Letter To You, on Spotify. Sounds great! (not sure if better than the mp3s, seems to have more depth, which means the CD - lossless - may sound even better) It's uploaded loader than the mp3s are (I once wanted to buy a CD by this band who decided to make their best album in decades vinyl-only, and the streaming was significantly better on you tube from the record company or band, than on Spotify. Man that was a good song there. I didn't like it on first listen (about....what, five listens ago?)
  5. A Japanese CD of this, in the reprocessed stereo version that I love so much, cannot find it on Discogs, so an LP image like the copy I grew up listening to when a kid. Elvis' Golden Records.
  6. A most beautiful song. Julie get the gun, Julie throw it in the river Let it roll far on out to sea Let it carry the confusion The hatred and the worry here in me River rolling out to sea
  7. I love this album Loved Simon and Garfunkel since I was a kid, a little kid this makes me think of my late mom and of being back home, not feeling displaced moved me to tears on a couple of songs - the title track and El Condor Pasa. A masterwork of an album, I think.
  8. Lord, I'm goin' uptown to the Harlem River to drown Dirty water gonna cover me over And I'm not gonna make a sound
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