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  1. I watched two movies this past night; the first was new to me, the movie Dressed To Kill. I wanted to see another movie with Nancy Allen, the beautiful looking and horrendous tormentor of Carrie in the film Carrie. The actress that DePalma liked so much he married. Anyway the movie, with her and Angie Dickinson and Michael Caine (from 1980), was a cheesy, "sexy and bloody" Hitchcock wanna-be, and I hope anybody who ever heard it compared to Hitchcock didn't dismiss HITCHCOCK over the film, though surely some people did. It almost stole at times from Psycho, so blatantly. And the e
  2. Youth of America Is living in the jungle Fighting for survival but there's no place to go total guitar epic, brilliant Greg Sage really starts to take off around 3:45, some incredible and very dark sounding playing
  3. I am very sad. I wish I didn't exist in this world. Too bad ideations don't do anything (and that's all I can do, as I don't have the impulses, just wishes and the survival instinct) If dreams came true, ah wouldn't that be nice....
  4. okay finished that this is maybe my fave song from Let There Be Rock (sans Overdose, which is really from Dirty Deeds)
  5. I like dem classy lyrics yeah This is AC/DC with, in the chorus, the most Spinal Tap-ish thing they'd ever done - to that point. Great music though.
  6. Classic punk rock, though the remixes here are not nearly as great as the original versions on the Something Better Change and Hardcore '81 albums (which are the real classics, actually). Also contains Fuck You but oddly leaves off the A-side Burn It Down, which I can't remember if I have the proper version of that on CD or not. Anyway, an essential band if one loves punk rock. Canada's finest - for their first couple albums. https://www.discogs.com/DOA-Bloodied-But-Unbowed/release/787126
  7. Carnival Of Souls (1962). Stunning quality Blu-ray. I love Candace Hilligoss in this, and this movie is a lot of fun. Total cheaply made movie that I'd take over tons of big-budget highly-acclaimed crap. VERY enjoyable! Also I liked on there the deleted scenes (the three included) and the 27 minutes of outtake silent footage with the organ score from this "horror" film added on to it. Beautiful!
  8. "I see black Christmas trees/barbed wire, and funeral homes/I see your face, forest fires/rats in the street gnawing at your bones!"
  9. Fucking CLASSIC!!!!!!!!! "there's nothing stopping me now while I listen to you - FUCK OFF! There's nothing holding me back I want all the truth It's your execution, baby"
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