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  1. Carrie. Stone classic of course (even if Sissy Spacek is so pretty, not as the character in the book is) One of my favorite movies about the hell that high school is, was for me. I envy her powers. And love this movie. Always has been a personal favorite.
  2. I'm a total AC/DC fan, have all their albums on CD, saw them 5 times (wish I could say I saw them more), the last in 2015, the most spectacular show I'd ever seen in my life, and am glad the album's coming out. Also judging from the single Shot In The Dark, it's likely gonna SUCK! Hopefully I'll be surprised and it will be good, but their past few albums....Rock Or Bust had a few good songs, Black Ice a few (with a couple truly great, esp. Rock N Roll Train), Stiff Upper Lip had 2 or 3 decent songs, Ballbreaker had a couple....hopefully this will have a couple good songs at least (the chorus i
  3. It's such a long way down Maybe the floor down below could ease the strain......
  4. Mark Prindle's review: * Fair Warning - Warner Brothers 1981. * 10/10 On this one, I proudly stand alone. Many a critic and fan have called this album a "misstep" or "goose egg" or "not a very good record," but it is easily my favorite of this band's many fine records. Every record they made with David Lee Roth should be considered a guitar rock classic, and I love them all, but I cannot deny that I find this underappreciated gem to be the tiniest bit more interesting than the others. And why? 'CAUSE IT'S SO FRIGGIN' DARK!!!! Party hearty band? Why the hell would a party
  5. Went back, listening to this over and over (on CD-R; this has a count-in, and I think a slightly different mix) My very favorite vocal performance by Bon Scott, maybe my favorite AC/DC song period. I just love the lyrics. A broken man......
  6. CD-R of original UK vinyl rip https://www.discogs.com/ACDC-Powerage/release/1117766
  7. The members of AC/DC (well, somebody in that band, or their organization), in the late '80s, wanted to SUE people who were taping their albums for friends, like Back In Black. Fucking insane. Later on in 2015, a little after I'd seen them that year, I read of them hiring extra police to specifically bust the people selling the crappy bootleg t-shirts on corners! My God, don't RICH rock stars have anything better to do or care about? Aren't they rich enough as well?!? If someone buys a crappy shirt for 10 bucks or whatnot, they get the poor shirt they paid for - instead of the insanely pri
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