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  1. Growin' Up! What a great version. I love this '75 versions, no story in them, just a killer performance of a great song - wonderful melody, great lyrics, and man does it sound great live, or it did I mean.
  2. There is - one song, I think Sha La La, was going to be on the project Bruce started in...1994? '93? - that turned into Tracks later - with many other songs left off as well, of course (Thank you Clinton Heylin for titles that make me wonder what I'm missing there). I think it would make a perfect release this Xmas (as well as a remix of Winterland night 2 [dammit!]).
  3. I didn't read the essay, as it would just turn me off. But this one deserves raves. I absolutely love this release, which is VERY rare for me with shows in the series. I'm listening to it now for the second time, well at least some of it. This show is truly fantastic. I'd take 12/31/75 over it, I think, but I love this, and I can't even recall the last time I listened to the 2005 CD release; it's got some great moments, but overall, can't compare to this one. Just fantastic.
  4. Spirit In The Night, Hammersmith, 11/24/75 again. Have to listen to some of it again, too damn fantastic, this show. Great release.
  5. Little Queenie. Just finished submitting this release to Discogs. 5 stars indeed.
  6. Rosalita! (God, Backstreets was incredible) Photo from the show:
  7. I'd say much, much more than Jersey Girl, which still follows Tom Waits' basic melody and structure. He completely overhauled, or remade, the Jimmy Cliff song so it barely even resembles Cliff's original, with added dynamics, tension, and much more emotion. He improved on Trapped so much. (I'm thinking now of Stiff Little Fingers' remake of Bunny Wailer's Roots, Radics, Reggae into Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae, and it became something more [whereas their version of Cliff's Johnny Was is just an incredible punk cover of it]). A huge difference between Bruce covering a song (Jersey Girl, Devil With The Blue Dress On, Quarter To Three) and his remakes (Trapped, Spanish Harlem, etc). And Trapped has the most majestic solo Clarence ever did, for me - forgot about Jungleland - that's longer, and it's beautiful, but Trapped is a cathartic release, and can bring tears to my eyes, or has anyway)
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