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  1. What if you stole a song from Steve Earle and released it as your own composition? What Bruce did seems a LOT worse to me than just having the music files early - hell, 99.9 percent of people who wanted to hear it early, hear it that badly, have either pre-ordered it, or will buy it when it comes out.
  2. A Patch Of Blue (1965), starring the late Elizabeth Hartman, who should have been top billed in this movie, and on all covers for it. Magnificent drama I've always loved. Sidney Poiter's character is second to hers in it (and he's excellent as usual - as is Shelley Winters, the disgusting, vicious, horrendous mother). But it was Elizabeth's film, as the completely neglected and abused blind girl, Selina D'Arcey.
  3. Another movie (based of course on the Ray Bradbury book) that's all too much about this dystopian, totalitarian nightmare world we've entered (in certain ways): Fahrenheit 451, from 1966. A very good, sometimes great movie.
  4. Nah Amazon sucks here too in the U.S. They're terrible and best avoided at all costs. No need to make the richest man in the world richer (Jeff Bezos could actually end world hunger, since it's 11 billion a year to end that, and he has over 175 billion dollars. He's evil, has no heart. All the smaller businesses went out of business while Amazon stole what would have been their money basically. He's gotten 74 BILLION dollars richer while people lost their businesses and got poorer.)
  5. I wonder when Janey Needs A Shooter and Rainmaker were recorded.
  6. The '97 version! https://www.discogs.com/Iggy-And-The-Stooges-Raw-Power/release/673814
  7. https://www.discogs.com/Iggy-And-The-Stooges-Metallic-KO/release/3967128
  8. When, at 12, I discovered the complete exhilaration that is Rosalita on The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle. I thought it was the greatest thing I'd ever heard in my life.
  9. It has a harmonica part instead of the killer guitar solo we had in the '79 version. You can hear Steve playing some guitar really low in the left channel.
  10. Nobody Lives Forever (1946). A very good film noir I'd never seen before. Early on I had to get out of my mind how incredibly affecting her performance in The Pawnbroker was (not why I chose this film). Very good one here, not a classic but good.
  11. Oh yeah; well same arrangement. Didn't hear the incredible guitar solo though in it. The vocals sounded good, great even. Only 40 years-plus he re-records it! Another song that should've been on The River...
  12. Janey Needs A Shooter! over and over and over! I fucking LOVE this!!!!! (I must now have been listening to this for close to an hour now it seems, this track. Jesus.)
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