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  1. https://www.discogs.com/Teenage-Head-Teenage-Head/release/6036004 (original LP version on CD)
  2. The Manchurian Candidate (1962). A truly outstanding movie. Starring Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey; with Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury (most evil villain), James Gregory, Leslie Parrish, and more.
  3. The Man With The Golden Arm. My 4th or so time seeing this. This one has to have my favorite acting performance by Frank Sinatra. (also a great performance by Eleanor Parker....and maybe by Kim Novak too, who looks SO great in this, I....) Anyway Frank stars as a heroin addict named Frankie Machine but known to most as Dealer (cause he knows how to deal a crooked game of cards - hence his other nickname, the title of this movie), with Eleanor Parker as his wheelchair-ridden wife, Zosh, who depends on him and gives him so much guilt it...reminds me of someone I knew....and also Kim as the girl, woman, he loves, but can't see, because of Zosh... with Arnold Stang as his friend, Sparrow. And a couple very familiar actors as members of the whole drug-dealing and gambling scene out to corrupt Dealer. Just a really powerful movie, painful at times (a lot of times!) to watch, really hard-hitting, I love this movie. Saw it via HD stream, another mystery of those missing-from-being-on-Blu-ray movies (there's dozens of them for me). Directed by Otto Preminger. Great score too. This is just a flawless film to me.
  4. and the best CD title today of the three I just got: Esp. disc 1. Disc 1 and the first three songs on disc 2 would have made a great comp. in itself. https://www.discogs.com/Sam-Dave-Sweat-N-Soul/release/3464720
  5. Finally got these on CD, was listening to the mp3 leaks on CD-R meanwhile.
  6. Blue Velvet. Well the upgrade of the Criterion version, thanks to the half off sale this month, was really nice, great depth, but I've seen the movie too many times now, 3 times in the past 5 weeks app. I still do like the movie, but no movie has the same impact when seeing it this much, let alone in a short period of time. Isabella looked spectacular under the lights onstage (beautiful lighting) while singing Blue Velvet (what else?) - and in the previously lost footage, that dog onstage a that club, the Slow Club, still would have been the best part of the movie!
  7. Kick-ass song! Kinks-influenced, plus other '60s garage bands, and Link Wray always. A great anti-love song.
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