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  1. The Pawnbroker on Blu-ray. From 1964. Rod Steiger in the most powerful acting anybody's ever given in a movie. As Sol Nazerman. Pawnbroker traumatized by the past, by the Holocaust, by what he lost. The movie is filled with pain. Pain and loneliness. And TRAUMA. Nothing tops this in those areas, not Taxi Driver, NOTHING.
  2. The live version from expanded Metallic KO version (Metallic 2xKO)
  3. https://www.discogs.com/Heartbreakers-LAMF-Definitive-Edition/release/4172891 Disc 2 - The Track LP Restored
  4. Peter Laughner (who Bruce hung out with mentioned in an article of Creem, Bruce driving the car like a maniac, blasting the Swingin' Medallions I recall.....) The late great Peter Laughner This is an incredible box set.....
  5. Sadly prophetic, and a masterpiece. Soylent Green (1973). With Edward G. Robinson in his last film, starring Charlton Heston.
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