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  1. Not night 2. If it's just night 1, that would be a letdown (with this wait), esp. if not mixed by Bob Clearmountain.
  2. I now saw one of the most overrated, worthless pieces of shit I have EVER seen. Sleep-inducing crap that's critically acclaimed. Two hours of my life I'll never get back.
  3. Winterland, either one of the nights or both nights, or the C.W. Post College show, make the most sense for a release (or releases) now, for this month. And the lack of Winterland all these years....with such anticipation and a huge assumption by many that it would be released last Christmas....make those shows the best thing they could release for the fans. The most legendary shows he ever did. They've done the Agora, Roxy and Passaic, now it's Winterland's turn; releases of both nights, whose time is far overdue. But logic may not prevail with them. I hope that it does. Hope t
  4. the talking horse TV sitcom from the '60s. Nothing very good, actually. But quite famous. "A horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to a horse of course unless of course the name of the horse is the famous Mr. Ed." I wonder if I remembered those lyrics right.
  5. MASTERPIECE!!!!!! One of two masterpieces I've seen this past week. My GOD, this was incredible!!!!!!!!!
  6. Picnic (1956), starring William Holden and Kim Novac. Great movie.
  7. I'm gonna buy me a graveyard of my own and kill everyone who ever done me wrong
  8. Very well-acted movie with Susan Hayward as Lillian Roth and her battle with alcoholism. Her acting is excellent, Jo Van Fleet (who I didn't realize I was seeing again - having watched Wild River for the second time last night - only other movies I've seen her in that I know of is East of Eden and Cool Hand Luke), she plays her mother, being a whole 2 years older in real life than Susan, but it works. She was that great. This was okay. Maybe better than that; there are some great moments in the dialogue. I don't understand an alcoholic's life. A few days ago I saw Days Of Wine and Ro
  9. 9/19/78 or 9/20/78. After those, 12/29/80 or 12/31/80. Don't bother with the Roxy show, it's mixed terribly.
  10. I saw the Blu-ray of Wild River last night, just got it....two nights ago it was the HD rental... wanted to pass along what a masterpiece it is if it's the last thing I do... which I hope it ain't...
  11. thank you janeymarywendy! I;m just passing through like the phantom I am....
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