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  1. He was a total musical genius. It was just natural for him - he could play ANY instrument he touched. He could play it on first attempt. (A great book on them is Van Halen Rising, the best on them) I'll never forget how it was seeing them, in 2012 - I was sitting where I was totally in line with Eddie's amps, Dave was a bit low in the mix, like when he gave this monologue before one song while showing slides of his dogs or something, I couldn't make out all his words; I later found out, via a bootleg recording, that I was lucky, as he was hitting some wrong notes that night, stretchi
  2. Double Indemnity (1944). Starring Fred MacMurray, co-starring Barbara Stanwyck. With Edward G. Robinson as Fred's character's boss. Also Jean Heather as Barbara's character's stepdaughter. I watched a couple nights ago the classics The Postman Always Rings Twice and Out Of The Past. I watched the latter instead of this one. So it was sitting there to the right of the TV set and I watched it - too nights too late. Sometimes you just have to really BE in the mood for a kind of movie, you know? Or ANY movie. But it's a good one anyway.
  3. One of the best rock and roll albums EVER. Perfection (sans the defective mastering on the original, I have the deluxe CD box set for this, the "Track LP Restored" is my go-to. I had a couple copies of the original years ago, as well as the Revisited one. The original one restored is the one).
  4. He was one of the best rhythm guitarists EVER. All anyone pays attention to are is his leads, his lead playing, when the greatest thing he did was the killer riffs he came up with (basically on the first six albums, though the seventh, he still had it [though with the production, the tone was lost]) and his massive, unbelievable rhythm playing. I saw Van Halen only once and his tone was absolutely the best I'd ever heard, though that gear didn't hurt anything. The only guitarist I thought *maybe* better on rhythm was Link Wray. I can think of a few I personally like better for l
  5. Man, NO ONE on here likes or loves Van Halen, just me. Listening to City Drops Into The Night by The Jim Carroll Band.
  6. I bought it; a total fucking waste of money. There's nothing wrong with it if you don't have it from before. If you have the JEMS version, there's no need for it. On this, the drums are MUCH weaker, the sound is drier (not horribly so, but it's noticable), and Danny's organ is buried. A fucking waste of money for me. I hate that. There's samples from someone on you tube, a few songs, I wish I heard them first, I wouldn't have bought this, I just wanted to cheer myself up, am very depressed today, tonight, wanted to hear it...oh well.........down the drain again. FUCK.
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