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  1. I'm sure by tomorrow this will have proved to be a huge misunderstanding just like every time Alex Ferguson was caught doing 120mph on the M62
  2. I wonder if when he walks into the courthouse and the gallery start booing him for being a drunk driver he'll think they're shouting "Broooooooce"
  3. Julien Baker is another good young singer songwriter in similar style if you like Phoebe
  4. Yes I like her a lot. That track "Dylan Thomas" on the Conor Oberst is a belter
  5. Another great download on bandcamp of 11th October 2020 full band show. Reunions stuff live for first time
  6. The acoustic show he did with Mike Cooley & Paterson Hood in 2014s now on his bandcamp site. Great setlist and fantastic audio quality
  7. Does absolutely nothing for me. Love the rest of the record
  8. Absolutely, that's what's so magical about music. Despite all the rave reviews it's not gripped me like Magic did on first few listens
  9. Good solid E street album. However The House of a Thousand Guitars is so bad I'm wondering whether the footage of Landau sobbing was actually filmed after Bruce played that track back to him for the first time.
  10. How can you watch apple TV on your TV? Would I need chrome cast?
  11. Why have they announced 2 dates for London Hyde Park next July when there is absolutely no chance of this event going ahead?
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