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  1. Great show and good to see whilst lots of other artists are offering free stuff or reduced costs to their hardcore fanbase Bruce Inc is charging full price for this. Wilco put up exclusive free content on their website and slashed the price of their downloads as soon as coronavirus hit. I'm pretty sure Bruce & Landau have more money than Tweedy
  2. That was in Dave Hepworth's review. Never forgot that quote. Cracking writer
  3. How can anyone who loves music hate somebody that wrote "One"?
  4. Well that's about one of the saddest songs ever written anyway. The line "somewhere a baby is crying for her mom" in the context of the song is heartbreaking. But you're right, that is tremendous.
  5. Mojo magazine this month quote sources saying late 2020 for tour
  6. Yes Nels is still with them
  7. Saw them live twice last weekend and they were absolutely tremendous. Best I've ever seen them, real life affirming stuff. Hugely talented bunch with Glen Kotche the pick of them for me. Plus they played seven songs off the new album that wasn't even released yet, and they were great also. And if there's a better song than "The Late Greats" to send you out into the night at the end of a show, I've not heard it.
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