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  1. Yes Nels is still with them
  2. Saw them live twice last weekend and they were absolutely tremendous. Best I've ever seen them, real life affirming stuff. Hugely talented bunch with Glen Kotche the pick of them for me. Plus they played seven songs off the new album that wasn't even released yet, and they were great also. And if there's a better song than "The Late Greats" to send you out into the night at the end of a show, I've not heard it.
  3. More good news - Jenny Lewis supporting UK dates in December.
  4. The lyrics to Loose Change sum up in three minutes the symptoms of depression better than any other song I've heard.
  5. Jenny Lewis in Bristol last Tuesday was great. Cracking little band in a tiny venue. Tonight Lucinda Williams Car Wheels in London. Very excited tho bit miffed had to travel up from Bristol where she later added a date for tomorrow night
  6. Alligator, boxer, system. In that order
  7. Anyone know of any news/rumours of UK dates in Autumn/Winter?
  8. 20 years ago when we were all getting married, rather than dressing the stag up as a woman, we had this pink sweatshirt with a white stallion rearing up on its hindlimbs in front of a magic mountain backdrop. The stag had to wear it for the whole weekend as a badge of shame. Every stag do the name and date of the wedding would be added on the back. It looked just like the t shirt for the new album.
  9. I saw u2 at the O2 in October. Cheapest seats were £120, best ones £330. If he plays there expect prices to be similar or worse
  10. Er No. Blame U2. Since they parted with Paul McGuinness their new manager has sold them lock, stock & barrel to LiveNation. LiveNation own U2.com who you have to pay £50 to get presale access to buy tour tix from LiveNation. If you are lucky enough to get Ga tix good on you. They don't seem to release that many in the presale. If not you could buy a seated ticket for £200. If not you could try for a GA on the secondary market for £300 , a site which is owned by, you guessed it Live Nation. As for Verified Fan, ck out Ticketmaster US. Look at the seats available Madison Square Garden. Half of the available seats left are Verified Fans reselling their tix at 3x face value on the ticketmaster( livenation) official site.
  11. Be interesting to see how many more shows are added given the marked hike in seat prices from the I+e tour. Don't think anymore have been added in America. NY seems to have loads of the top price tickets left. Suspect Manchester & London will have at least one more though.
  12. Got a £100 seat top tier middle of hall at the 02. Bit pricey but think this new album is best thing they've done since Aching Baby so can't wait to hear the new songs live
  13. Absolutely phenomenal. The Joshua Tree performance incredible, blu ray quality sound, Bono on great form. Atmosphere on the floor much better without a pit. Proper old school stadium show
  14. Anyone know if there will be a pit other than the Red Zone for GA tickets in Europe?
  15. Adam said the beginning of the show may be similar to the i+e set in 2015 with early material mixed with Songs of Innocence. I loved "People Have the Power" into "Ballad of Joey Ramone" to kick off those gigs. Personally, I wouldn't expect any rarities, likely be the usual suspects outside The Joshua Tree. As long as they finish with "40" I'll be happy.Last time I heard that live was the original Joshua Tree tour.
  16. richevs

    Hi J,

    Could you let me know how to get it?



  17. I saw BTR at Coventry and LImerick and would happily see it again at next show. Works the best of all the albums for a stadium show IMO. I loved Darkness at Wembley but didn't have the energising effect on the crowd that BTR has.Never heard Backstreets live before this tour , now heard it twice!!
  18. Why have you put the cover of The Stones "Sticky Fingers" on a Bruce Springsteen Website?
  19. D'you think all the dads with kids in the pit have just chucked them over the barrier and got down and boogied?
  20. Some poor kids been stood in the rain with daddy all day for no reason. Shame
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