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  1. https://www.hungryheartevents.com/ Who else is listening/watching? They've raised 10K already.
  2. they are but because they had already been used in shows for a long time it felt by adding them that it took the shine off the albums they sat on. highlighting or at least raising the question that perhaps Bruce was running out of material and when you've grown up with an artist that has put so much effort into creating singular pieces of work with a narrative that fits it felt those songs on those albums cheapened them a little. if that makes sense.
  3. I've noticed that for a while now. Not all the time but its there. Here for my annual post Enjoyed the film last night in Leeds. Nothing jumped out and changed my appreciation of the album because I was 100% on board with it already but the strings were fabulous, so powerful. A couple of lines of lyrics I hadn't fully appreciated that I will look forward to finding in my headphones on my next dog walk or run but nothing else really. The vignettes between the songs were cool but nothing we haven't really seen before - the Super 8 footage in the BITUSA video and carnival themes on the TOL
  4. Shave them eyebrows

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