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  1. 9 hours ago, 100yrsOld said:

    All great songs IMO, maybe DBD not as good... 

    they are but because they had already been used in shows for a long time it felt by adding them that it took the shine off the albums they sat on. highlighting or at least raising the question that perhaps Bruce was running out of material and when you've grown up with an artist that has put so much effort into creating singular pieces of work with a narrative that fits it felt those songs on those albums cheapened them a little. if that makes sense.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Captain Chaos said:

    Couple of random thoughts.

    I felt he looked a little blank in the eyes at times. Just not quite with it. Mostly on the earlier tracks and I thought he warmed to the performance from the title track on. Maybe a combo of the filming taking place but also a rather notable reliance on a lyric prompter which I assume was at the back of the audience. 

    At one point Patti clearly glances up at the prompter mid line when she’s sharing the mic with Bruce. May have been during MM.

    Maybe it’s just me on that slight “blankness” he sometimes has these days. Certainly didn’t notice it on the chat shows I’ve seen him do lately. 

    I've noticed that for a while now. Not all the time but its there.

    Here for my annual post :D Enjoyed the film last night in Leeds. Nothing jumped out and changed my appreciation of the album because I was 100% on board with it already but the strings were fabulous, so powerful. A couple of lines of lyrics I hadn't fully appreciated that I will look forward to finding in my headphones on my next dog walk or run but nothing else really. The vignettes between the songs were cool but nothing we haven't really seen before - the Super 8 footage in the BITUSA video and  carnival themes on the TOL video. My favourite bits were the widescreen shots of the horses and skies. Breathtaking. I could have taken a lot more of that. Some of the spoken parts were a little dark, stilted and OTT. Unpopular opinion but I think I've had almost my fill of Biography Bruce now.

    But this is easily his strongest work for years. I have thoroughly enjoyed large parts of all of his albums since TOL in the last 30 years but on many there was always a little bit here or there to have a little quibble with if you wanted to nit pick (GOTJ, Seeger, DiD aside). This is a complete piece of work stylistically start to finish and refreshingly different and while there are no Top 10 hits on it there are also no rehashed songs tacked on as well (I'm looking at you American Land, American Skin, GOTJ with Tom Morello and Dream Baby Dream). 

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  3. Album shows.....I'm conflicted. I've seen two at Coventry and Wembley and loved them both. But I loved the unpredicatability of Leeds once he'd played a Darkness and BitUSA track. I'd like to see BitUSA show though. And WIESS. Its a good concept but the danger is repeat viewings. And maybe, if the plan is an album show actually have a bit more to it. Actually barefoot girls sitting on dodge's for example? <_<


    As Does hearts of Stone

    Sorry for slacking, I'll give you an (almost) full HEARTS OF STONE from the gig in return :P

    Thanks, why do people go to a show early que to get into the pit and the talk when Bruce has come out early to play for them. :rolleyes:

    What sort of fcking people queue up for a place in the pit and then talk over the pre show?


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