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  1. Don't like this version very much, but: it does give me som pleasant flashbacks to milling around the stadium grounds flooded by lights just after the show, the stage being disassembled, people in yellow vests sweeping crushed plastic beer cups, masses of people streaming for the exits and fans just standing around discussing. Ahhh, good times, come again for sure.
  2. Not a big fan of the studio or live band versions, but the piano version on the D&D tour...wow.
  3. Bruce played a Strat on 5.7.78 - don't know if it was for the whole show (probably not). May have been Steve's.
  4. If one only needed one song to justify releasing Asbury Park '96, this one is it.
  5. Never heard of the box containing the cd single; cool!
  6. I guess Atlanta would be good too, but no show will be more fitting on this Friday than MSG 1 2000.
  7. If it became Bruce's "Blowin' In The Wind", I'd be okay with that.
  8. I know it won't be the show, but since tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the (probably) most publicised and famous playing of American Skin, and seeing that current circmstances are what they are...I wouldn't be surprised if the first NYC 2000 show was released.
  9. I didn't like JG being the closing song of the set for so long. It wasn't a typical concert ending (the antithesis of one, really), I didn't like the song THAT much, etc. I felt Bruce's explanation of why it did end the set didn't make very much sense either. But...time goes by, favorites change, explanations suddenly make (more) sense. I think it's a very, very good song to end the set with. Better than TR from '85, even. Why? Well, I'm not completely sure - it just may be nostalgia - but coming after that great performance of Tenth, it is just what Bruce said it was kn the Glory Days doco. The boardwalk, late summer, a girl...and a sax solo, so Clarence is very present - he gets to end the live box. It's very much what Tenth leads up to, it's Bruce and the band in 1985, they've achieved what they dreamed of. It's so E Street Band that it's no wonder most think it's written by Bruce, it has the distilled spirit and the sound of the ESB all the way from 1973/WIESS up to 1985. Can't pinpoint exactly what parts, but it just feels like it. Still, it's far from my favorite cover. But once again, Bruce did know what he was doing.
  10. JG is out of place only if one thinks the box is representative of, and is emulating a concert. Which it is not. Cadillac Ranch is a weird one, because the intro makes it drag, compare it to the 80's Archives shows (and LA 85).
  11. Agree about 2000 % with that the BTR on the box is the ultimate version. BTR and TR really reached their peak in late Summer / Autumn of 1985. The first song I played after getting it, was Born In The U.S.A. (side 5 of the 3 cassettes). Rewind, once again. And one more time. Gigantic song. I always thought that some of the versions on the set were the definitive versions, or at least, one of the very best versions. Badlands, Darkness, Born To Run. Tenth Avenue. Racing In The Street. Most Darkness songs sounded the best on the River tour, to my ears. Despite its flaws (mostly concerning the 3rd disc), it holds up exceptionally well. That first disc with the Roxy performances...how good is that, short the actual full show? TR into Adam is just one of the best transittions ever. Again , to my ears.
  12. I didn't know this until you mentioned it a few years (?) back. I love these kinds of details.
  13. Livin' In The Future in 2007-08?
  14. I read somewhere that the solo on American Skin (in 2000) was noteworthy for its abstractness (can't remember where I read that). Incident from the War 12" is definitely one that should be included. That solo would be an overdub, as well, no? Not that it matters, because it's entirely amazing. I also think Shut Out The Lights (studio) Darkness (live) and The Promised Land (live) should have been mentioned as examples of acoustic playing - not flashy or showy, just extremely efficient.