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  1. Thought just about the same thing when I heard You'll Be Comin' Down. Not significant in any way (maybe just interesting - to some), but Magic was released almost exactly 20 years after Tunnel.
  2. Not a huge fan, but even if it sounds almost cheerful, it's maybe the least sympathetic song on the album. It's possible to hear it as that. Even though he says that it isn't hard feelings or nothin' that makes him sing the song, I'm not entirely sure that's the truth. The chorus repeats that when you're alone, you're alone (I don't think he's talking about himself, either - but it's somewhat ambiguous, too; sort of like Stones on WS.) and in each subsequent chorus more and more people chime in and hammer the point home; he's not alone, but she sure is. Don't know how significant Clarence's sole contribution on the album is, but one sure can assume (and over-analyze). That's just one way of hearing it, I just heard it from that angle a few years ago. But if you base your hearing of the song on that, this song can be heard as the most bitter, the meanest and least sympathetic song in Bruce's catalogue.
  3. Roulette Saint In The City All That Heaven Will Allow Racing In The Street (piano) Dream Baby Dream (pump organ only)
  4. Listening to (especially) Walk Like A Man from the latest Archive release, I was agaon reminded of how much Bruce's use of synths and Bruce's synth sound from 1988 and into the Nineties (think Missing, for example) is very reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti in especially the Twin Peaks soundtrack (but also earlier). Not an original thought, I was first made aware of a connection by user SmokeyJoe on the Stone Pony London forum 15+ years ago. And he was spot on. Interesting that especially Walk Like A Man in the outro sounds not out of place on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, released nearly a year or two after the Tunnel Express Tour (1989, was it?)
  5. No, it's not that bad and you should absolutely get it. Solid early tour show.
  6. Thanks for setting it straight. In English, at least
  7. Thanks, that's logical. Then there's the "hearphones" variant as well...
  8. Enough pissin' and moanin' now, I've been listening to the show while making dinner and I've gotten used to the mix a bit more. The horns are fine and present on Cover Me and Rosie to name 2 songs, that is they're not too hidden. The show itself is enjoyable (of course), like Bruce starting singing the wrong lyrics after the guitar solos on Roulette but getting it right quickly. I'm just a prisoner of the Tunnel of Love Express
  9. Wasn't Toby replaced with Altschiller not too long after Rome 2013? I remember that Toby mixed a few of the first shows, before First Friday.
  10. Completely agree, the original Stockholm mix is the gold standard, really. Yes the horns are there on the Detroit show, but they are so hidden. Listening to Adam now, and the horn melody is barely audible. A real disappointment, because as you say, I also believe Bruce intended the horns to be up front. I mean, this is not the same issue as if, say, Clarence's finger cymbals on Worlds Apart had been mixed down.
  11. Btw: is it earphones or headphones? We're confused in Norwegian as well
  12. Have to try with other earphones/speakers, because with the ones I used last night, the horns were barely audible. I do hope it's the earphones and not the mix.
  13. Tunnel, Adam, Light Of Day, Hungry Heart, Glory Days, Rosie, Detroit medley...to name the most obvious. Compare them to the MSG show, which I think is the show where they got the horns the best.