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  1. Yeah, but to me at least, it's the music that makes it so amazing, so I give Bruce 10 points here (instead of 12...)
  2. I think I'll have to mention Darkness, Born In The U.S.A. and Because The Night as masterpieces. Oh, and Saint In The City and Candy's Room.
  3. Incidentally (...) listening to Incident from Nassau right now, so that one, Thunder Road, Born To Run, Jungleland, Racing In The Street, The River...Brilliant Disguise...The Ghost of Tom Joad...and possibly Western Stars. There are a few others, still.
  4. Thank you, that was really interesting. I'm no audiophile, but I do sort of hear what you mean. A while ago, I played some tracks from Stockholm and then played some tracks from Passaic. Even I noticed a difference, the Stockholm show sounded sharper (as in say, edgier or perhaps more shrill) than the Passaic songs, which just sounded more...well, pleasant and fuller. I've also noticed the same on NYE 75 vs Hammersmith. It doesn't bother me too much, but once you've noticed it, you can't unnotice (is that even a word?) it.
  5. This is where I will awaken the wrath of J.
  6. The 2nd Manchester show was really good, not just because I was there (6th row, even!) and it was my first Jungleland, and they played Rendezvous...but Bruce opened with Badlands, which gave the middle part, "the five-pack", a new twist with Prove It appearing in the middle of the set rather than at the start. Plus, there was the - it seemed - spontaneous first verse of Chuck Berry's Promised Land at the start of Workin'. Not Milan #2 or Stockholm #2 great, but nonetheless quite an excellent show. That's why you (and I) would want it released officially. You're welcome.
  7. ...and John Wayne was so annoyed by the sound of the piano that he shot the piano player towards the end of the movie.
  8. I've always felt that the Darkness songs sounded best on The River tour and The River songs best on the Darkness tour.
  9. To my ears, it IS the best, and it's one of the very best released live tracks Bruce has released. If not the best.
  10. Yes. I have Coliseum Night, and was until today my favourite bootleg. Well, it still is, but it's been made redundant. I've always preferred the show on the 29th to the NYE show, though the latter has a slightly better Cadillac Ranch (with the inserted No Money Down) to name one particular thing. And Prove It is ever so slightly more intense. But the 29th has Incident. And that alone trumps everything else, so... it's definitely worth the 13 dollars (I almost chose the HD version and I regret it a little bit).
  11. Excellent ideas! The person sleeping should be sleeping in a 1949-model Mercury and what if he passes a sign that says Edge Of Town and beneath it: "Canada 5 miles". A video could be extremely packed with little details.
  12. "the hydriotic acid / could burn right through your skin". Hm. If anyone should write smooth lyrics about producing meth, it should be Bruce. .