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  1. Only bought Dublin since I have all the others already. Got it in the mail today, and it's a beauty. Made me listen to the Seeger Sessions studio album while making dinner, I haven't listened to it in a long, long time. Pay Me must be Bruce's most enjoyable studio recording ever. I'd completely forgotten how fun and loose it is. The studio album also shows how good - and in my opinion better - the songs were when done live.
  2. Yeah, I thought about adding "official" I miss bootlegs and to an extent (and very brief periods), crappy sound.
  3. Yes, 3rd one is The Train Song; "Locomotive number nine/all the way to New Orleans..." A bit short for a stand-alone release, but hey-one can dream. Doesn't really matter, since an official release probably would sound only a slightly bit better than the versions on The BS Story 3.
  4. Steel Mill's recording session in California. An Archive release should be a no-brainer, provided the tapes still exist.
  5. ...and the single River album - a vinyl release of that would be great.
  6. Agree, and not. I'm of split mind here, because to me, the show at times got more...serious, maybe, than it needed to be. Further On...is a great reimagining, but to me it seems as if Bruce slipped back into serious-Bruce-as-we-kbow-him-mode for this song. And that seemed a bit at odds with much of the rest of the show. Not that How Can A Poor Man or Mrs McGrath or Eyes...weren't "serious", but in a different way. Haven't seen Live In Dublin for a while, so maybe I'll change my mind. But it seems to me as if the show was brighter and seemed more fun before too many Bruce originals entered the set list. That said, if Bruce hadn't started redoing his own songs, we'd never have had Blinded, for instance. And that would have been quite a loss. Yeah, bring on a new SSB tour!
  7. Absolutely, but big scale doesn't have to be something very physical, Drive All Night or Frankie at Nya Ullevi worked immensely well. That said, Bruce can't be doing 3-hour-shows with only slow songs - that'd be boring. I've had too many great stadium experiences to disregard stadiums altogether, but at the end of the day, if I had to choose between stadium and arena/theatre, I'd choose indoors.
  8. True, but I'd rather he - and we - accepted that the Energizer-bunny days are long gone and be content with that, than having Bruce and band members trying to put on a show not fit for their age. That IS what they have been doing anyway, slowly scaling down the physical stuff. Just watching Tempe now leaves ME in a light sweat (sort of)...I'll admit that Bruce was in better shape in his Sixties than I was in my Twenties, but still...
  9. I always thought With Every Wish, Blood Brothers and Brothers Under The Bridge are musically (or rather melodically) cut from the same cloth (as someone put it very well).
  10. If Bruce really thought whistling could save Workin on a dream...no further comment... He whistles - not very well - on If I Should Fall Behind in 1996-7. Best version of the song, save for the whistling.
  11. I know some of you love SS too, more or less...
  12. True, I forgot those. I guess what I was aiming at was that until there's an officail announcement, we can't be sure of anything.
  13. I dunno, Bruce isn't actually very fast when it comes to releasing albums (with a few exceptions, and only once with an ESB album, in 1973), so expecting him to whip out an album in a matter of months and then touring it? I know I didn't. The album will come when it comes, and so will a tour.
  14. Love the 5-song PBS thing too. I had it d/l'ed somewhere but haven't found it in ages. Digression: Am I the only one who feels a bit apprehensive typing "I love SS", but then I do it anyway because here, people know what I'm referring to (hopefully...)?
  15. Absolutely, great, great version. That way, we can also get All That Heaven Will Allow.